Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
April 8, 2012
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Terion Oct 12, 2015 @ 3:23am
The Builder Rank
As the name suggests builders are meant to build stuff to improve our server, such as dungeons, new spawns and other things. In order to do that, builders have access to some helpful commands and items and are provided with building materials by admins.
Also, they get access to a special build area in the world which is automatically transfered to the next world aswell as access to a second server where we built new stuff.

The rank of builders is also their reward. Every builder has full access to every SVIP feature.

These following additional rules apply to builders:
  • At least one contribution in form of a build must be made every week, except the builder is on vacation. Not building a new structure in this time span might immediately result in a demotion. Large or massive projects will last multiple weeks of course. The builder might also take a break of two or more weeks after large projects has been completed.
  • Staff may request certain structures to be built, these requests should have a high priority for the builder. If no structure is requested, the builder is meant to build anything the server could benefit of. When requested, the builder might also get access to modify existing structures of the server. We can copy these into your build area for this purpose.
  • The items provided by admins for building purposes shall not be given to players.
  • Builders shall not abuse their teleport commands to enter locked areas such as an active lunar event or the dungeon when it is not opened yet.
  • A builder shall not grant regular players access to builder-only locations.
  • All SVIP rules also apply to builders.

Builders can also rank up to become builder+. Those are even able to spawn items on their own, have access to some more command and can setup signs with commands on them.

To become a builder, you can apply for it in the How to Become a Builder discussion.
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