Sernix Coop Insurgency SCINS
Sernix Coop Insurgency SCINS
January 29, 2015
United States 
ABOUT Sernix Coop Insurgency

Sernix 24/7 Coop Insurgency Group

This is a group for people who enjoy playing on the Sernix 24/7 Coop Server.

Intro to our heavily modded server. Visit Here to find more detailed features.

Over 3 years and tons of community effort has gone into curating and balancing Sernix coop to what it is today. Everything has been balanced and modded to feel more realistic but also balance gameplay with whats fun.

This community is mostly for Insurgency but we also currently host and plan to host other fun coop games that support modding so please feel free to check out our servers below and open a discussion on any games we host.


To get a taste of what Sernix Insurgency Coop looks like check out videos by some of our community:
Whiskey's Youtube
Blueshy's Youtube
Also check out:
Sudocode's Youtube

Insurgency (Source Engine):
Server #1:
Live Server Status[]

Insurgency Sandstorm:
Server #3:
Live Server Status[]

We also host a highly modded Mount&Blade With Fire and Sword Coop server with fully rehauled server code, 20+ custom maps, Custom AI code, loadouts, stats, Boss AI, Mini-Quests, and battles of up to 200 vs 400 AI. No external downloads necessarily.
Server is called Dynamic_Squads_vX_X via in-game server browser and has been active for over 4 years now

Our Arma 3 Group currently inactive

Donate to help server costs and development HERE

If you're wondering what mods we run and want to use them, all are mods can be found here
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New/Fixed Checkpoint Maps Added to Insurgency 1 Server
  • Movement is faster (no friction bs) especially with weight perks.
  • Enemies (and jugs) are no longer bullet sponges.
  • Bombers/Jugs are fewer overall, especially lower player counts(AI director adjusts them more optimally)
  • AI Director improved and will respond better to how well the team is doing.
Server IP Addresses:
Insurgency (Source Engine):
Server #1:

Insurgency Sandstorm:
Server #3:

Maps Added:

Last but not least (Images won't show so I linked):

Italy Redux


Theater Player Speeds, Weapon Drop, AI Director & SlowMo Updated
Theater Player Speed changes:
  • Increased base run, walk, crouch run, prone. Some still slightly less than vanilla.
  • Sprint max speed is the same but sprint itself has been tweaked.
  • Weight acceleration increased, you'll notice acceleration much more significantly if you weigh less. Making training perks much more important. Also increased on higher weight values as well.
  • Weight deceleration change closer to vanilla settings
  • Weight Friction changed slightly lower than vanilla at lower weights.
  • Sprint speed based on stamina has been increased. You won't notice any speed drop off until you've depleted 40% or more of your stamina and it drops off less more than it did before.
  • Max stamina by weight increased across the board.
  • These changes affect enemies as well so we'll see how it plays out.
  • Fixed bug with MG weapons clips being reduced when selecting quick reload with them. You should now be able to quick reload an MG.

Weapon drop mechanic:
I literally didn't test this but its pretty simple and reused proven code.
  • Player now has a 25% chance to "drop" primary weapon when dying with a prompt letting the player know if this occurs.
  • If player "drops" weapon: when player is revived they don't spawn with a primary weapon and are switched to knife, also notified of this.
  • If player resupplies or respawns on a reinforcement wave or captured point, they should spawn normally with gear aside from no grenades on counter attack reinforcement.
  • If weapon is still around I imagine they should be able to pick it up.

AI Director Info Guide and Minor changes
  • Sernix AI Director Feature Info
  • Counter-attack chance is now factored into AI director. Chance of counter can be reduced or increased +/- 10% based on how well team is doing.

SlowMo changes:
  • Reduced slow mo frequency from 10 to 20 minutes to 8 to 16 minutes.

SlowMo in testing seemed to occur a couple times on average per map with 6-7 people playing. It would only last 20-30 seconds. I think this will help it appear at least 3-4 times per map and since it last so little, it shouldn't feel over the top and annoying. Let me know what you guys think.

If you're relatively new to Sernix and care about all the mechanics we added, check them out Here. Some of them may have been tweaked since like the player speeds today.

As always, report bugs!

Sernix Coop Insurgency reviews
"If you're looking for a similar coop experience found here on Sernix, check out our recommended games that we eventually plan on creating servers for. Some of which servers already exist."
Here are a few recent reviews by Sernix Coop Insurgency
Hitman Apr 3 @ 5:30pm 
Hello there! Just checking in because the Sernix Insurgency server is stuck crashing on a map called Payback.
Oxide Mar 5 @ 11:12pm 
Hey admins, on the OG Insurgency server, the map Warehouse_coopv3b3 isn't available on the steam workshop anymore which makes the server unjoinable when its on that map. Any chance it could be removed? My group of friends still use your server. Thanks in advance!
Reksuro Nov 29, 2020 @ 11:20am 
good memories
Hyloth Sep 21, 2020 @ 6:18pm 
A remembrance. Daimyo added juggernaut bots. To combat this change to sernix, I would get sniper loadout and with a M95 Barret as my primary. Run up to the jug bot and rapid fire it into his face.
ButterBro Sep 10, 2020 @ 2:58pm 
Man this place has been quiet for a while now. Is anyone still active on the servers or did we all instead set up shop in Sandstorm?
Hitman Dec 12, 2019 @ 4:10pm 
Hey Admins! Just letting you know the map ShellShock_v1_1 is broken. is puts the players on two different teams, has source errors instead of player models, and each round ends as soon as the startup counter hits 0. It cycles 3 rounds and goes to map vote.
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