The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Durante  [开发者] 2017年8月4日上午3:04
Version 1.1 (Build 2011989) patch notes
Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the game. If you are affected by some issue, I'm happy to announce that version 1.1 of the game just went online, which includes fixes to many of the more common problems encountered, as well as some new features based on feedback from the community.

It includes the following changes.

Bug fixes
  • Fix text rendering corruption issue when button prompts are displayed on some systems
  • Fix Depth of Field issue in cutscenes on Intel GPUs with MSAA enabled
  • Do not close the game when Alt+F4 is pressed and another program has the focus
  • Fixed some minor text issues

New Features:
  • Added an option to skip all movies
  • Added configurable speedup factors for Turbo mode
    (separate factors for battle and field exploration are possible)
  • Added a "Mouse Sensitivity" option to the mouse / keyboard configuration menu
    (also reworked mouse camera controls to eliminate acceleration)

If you encounter any new issues with this version, you can revert to the previous version (1.0) by right-clicking the game in your Steam library, selecting "Properties", then selecting the "BETAS" tab, and chosing "version_1.0" in the drop-down menu.

Enjoy! We will continue to do our best to resolve any issues and improve the game further.
最后由 Durante 编辑于; 2017年8月4日上午3:38
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Monterossa 2017年8月4日上午3:37 
Nice work. Thank you.
Great. The camera controls were bugging me.
StrykerL 2017年8月4日上午5:27 
Thanks for the quick patch and the camera sensitivity toggle!
DouyuTV871997 2017年8月4日上午5:43 
Excuse me the official flash track 2 is expected when can login the PC? At the end of this year or next summer.
Heatgold 2017年8月4日上午6:50 
Thanks Durante; scene skipping should be amazing for those who already played the game on consoles like me!
MEEO 2017年8月4日上午7:27 
I'm now using wine-staging 2.13 on Linux to play this game. With beta 1.1, the whole scene of Class VII Dorm has gone black, and some other cutscenes have gone red. I understand that developers may not be targeting Wine. Just trying getting you guys updated.
Version 1.0 works fine under the portable preset, so personally I hope ver 1.0 won't be removed from the betas anytime soon.
最后由 MEEO 编辑于; 2017年8月4日上午7:28
Lozzle 2017年8月4日上午7:41 
Great post launch support already. o/
DouyuTV871997 2017年8月4日上午7:53 
seedkiseki 2017年8月4日上午9:11 
Altina Orion 2017年8月4日上午9:42 
When using skills with "AT DELAY" effect, there will be "RESIST" on enemies. However it really take on effects. I think it's a bug..
sorathecrow 2017年8月4日上午9:48 
Minchi 2017年8月4日上午10:56 
Hopefully that u guys will update with Japanese voicing through a patch
Cold_Steel_IV 2017年8月4日上午11:08 
引用自 Minchi
Hopefully that u guys will update with Japanese voicing through a patch

They can't unfortunately. They do not have the rights to do that. There is a way to add the Japanese voices yourself, but you'll have to ask someone who knows how to do it since I know nothing about it. Or you can check the Falcom discord.
最后由 Cold_Steel_IV 编辑于; 2017年8月4日上午11:22
Sergei Lou 2017年8月4日下午12:26 
"Added an option to skip all movies"

Best thing ever for some of the most boring parts of the game. At least for people who have already finished the game on PS3/Vita.
Turbo mode is good. But sometime got stuck at the battle.
Killed all the enemies, but the battle doesn't come to end. So run just a way.
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