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Jun 14 @ 10:00pm
In topic Update Failed
Originally posted by blockhunt:
can you be more specific on what file to be deleted?

Just checked, it was H.Misc.toc and B.Misc_xx.cache
Jun 14 @ 7:23pm
In topic Update Failed
Originally posted by Daketey:
what I did was unticked 64bit and it downloaded a 12 mb update. Then failed at 200kb. Then restarted and saw Dx11 and Dx10 both being unticked. Ticked both and it got fixed

Originally posted by StrykerL:

I have both DX 10, DX 11 and 64 bit ticked, have cycled ticking them on and off. Still no dice. This is frustrating. Any chance you could share a screenshot of what the Sacrifice Collection looks like? Itching to see what's in it and the price

sure here you go

Thank you!

Also, found an evil solution that is now working. Went into the game files, deleted B.Misc Cache, B.Font Cache, forcing a 100 mb download. It's now working! I AM READY FOR A SACRIFIIIIICE
Jun 14 @ 7:17pm
In topic Update Failed
Originally posted by Daketey:
I managed to fix it. I had only dx11 ticked. so I ticked Dx10 and it downloaded around 100 mb update and then I was able to play

I have both DX 10, DX 11 and 64 bit ticked, have cycled ticking them on and off. Still no dice. This is frustrating. Any chance you could share a screenshot of what the Sacrifice Collection looks like? Itching to see what's in it and the price
Jun 14 @ 7:09pm
In topic Update Failed
If anyone tries a clean install after having this, please post your result here
Jun 14 @ 7:06pm
In topic Update Failed
Originally posted by KarmaComa:
Have you tried toggling the settings in the launcher for 64bit mode and dx 10/11, I recall some months back there was a similar issue but toggling one of these fixed it. I'm hoping it's the same fix for u guys.
Thanks for the hint, there was a 12 MB download, but then it went back to 208 kb > fail. No dice, unfortunately (Howls)
Jun 14 @ 6:48pm
In topic Update Failed
Originally posted by StrykerL:
Verifying cache achieves nothing
Jun 14 @ 6:43pm
In topic Update Failed
Apr 5 @ 1:51pm
In topic This poor game belongs on the Switch
Originally posted by Johnnemann:
Hey, thanks! We definitely are looking at consoles, they have been part of our plan from the beginning.

For what it's worth, I don't believe the game is a flop - it underperformed, sales-wise, and that worries me. But it's won a ton of awards and gotten a bunch of critical attention, and that means it's done SOMETHING right!

But I do agree with you about Steam.

Hey, I've been playing games for a long while, and I'm particularly a fan of narrative/choice intensive games. I bought your game the day it released because I was genuinely intereested in the premise - of walking around a world where stories are told (disclosure: I'm a small indie game maker, and one of my initial concepts was literally of a storyteller where the stories adapt to the world) so the moment I heard you'd done something on those lines I was hooked enough to dig in.

This game in its current state did not deliver on that fantasy, it was more of a game where if you tell a story enough times it levels up in a predictable way every time (and far too often into ghost stories). Behind the layers, it was a punch-clock - get story, upgrade story for the sake of completion, pay out story to recurring character and get little story tokens from them in turn. Unfortunately, the method of getting those coupons - the travel - itself is highly unfun, as is chasing every last story.

The character interaction chapters were at times annoyingly either too easy or too hard (based on how many stories you had, how well you'd predicted their character, and how many remaining stories of their type you had), movement was slow, and outside of nice pictures and genuinely good voice acting, I didn't take much away from this experience. Furthermore, since you have NO way to figuring out which type of story (ghost / thriller / other) a story is at times due to how vague the text is, and particularly so if you haven't played in a while, this game also makes coming back to it extremely uncomfortable.

Now, beyond the tough love above, I adore the artwork and the soundtrack (well, before it gets repetitive atleast, since I wander so much looking for a missing story or another) . I won't deny some of the writing also amused or impressed, but not as consistently as I'd have enjoyed..

I've played a multitude of story intensive games from text based games (I highly recommend in html or twine, to linear adventures, to telltale, to dontnod's work, to Annapurna Interactive's interesting works, to planescape torment and both kotors, the witchers, and a LOT in between. Your game does have its own niche due to the central concept of stories leveling up, and wandering around a familiar map on the way,, but that's about it. I regrettably did not enjoy your game and would not recommend it in its current state to other gamers who share my genre of preferred games. To me, THAT is where WTWTLW fails, it fails to be worthy.

Does your considerable effort deserve attention and appreciation for doing something new? Why yes, surely. However do I consider it a worthy game in this space of story intensive games that I'd happily recommend to others? Unfortunately not.

I genuinely wish you well, indie is hard as hell after all and we all wish everyone else the best, and if you've read this I thank you for your time,

Cheers and bon courage.
Also, another thing I hate is given how vague your introduction to the stories are, how often you have no idea what a story is about thematically (sorrow/thrill/horror), espeically if you come back to the game after a break. Is there any way to figure this out from a menu or somewhere? Also, for the life of me I do not understand how whistling works, do I move in the direction of the note? Help please, my enjoyment of the stories is really held back by all this.
I've had it. Story about bottles on a tree? Ghost Bottles next time you find it. A sad story about a lady? The ghost of the lady. People working hard? The ghosts that kept on working. I can go on and on about this, it feels like atleast half of the stories just become a slightly altered version with ghosts thrown in, and it just feels cheap. Anyone else get the same feeling?
Copying the text in the link here (I can't see the details of who made this list, so thanks unknown Trails follower)

Sara and Fie: If you want a little beer, get a pint glass. If you want more, a tankard. But if you want to really get smashed, pour it into a Vale-stein

Fie and Elliot: Sharon had just set out some ice cream, when Fie snuck in and absconded with the frozen treat. The melted trail she left behind was the only clue about this cold steal.

Millium and Gaius: You’ve heard it a Millium times before: nice Gaius finish last

Emma, Jusis, Fie, Gaius: Who decided to name an academy ‘Thors’? Sounds like they were pretty hammered at the time!

Laura, Machias, Gaius, Sara: It’s silly that Laura is worried about her weight, right? After all, it doesn’t look like she’s put on even Le-gram

Millium and Jusis: Millium has been doing her best to get Jusis and Machias to come play with her, but sadly, her efforts thus far have been Juseless

Emma and Alisa: It makes sense that Emma was the top scorer on the Thors entrance exam. After all, she really knows how to spell!

Elliot, Emma, Millium, Sara: Have you heard Elliot’s father published a best-selling book on the Imperial forces? They don’t call him ‘Craig the Read’ for nothing?

Elliot and Gaius: How can you tell that Gaius grew up in a pretty extreme environment? His whole family is IN TENTS!

Fie and Laura: Laura may usually win against Fie in a swimming race, but it’s no contest when they’re racing on land. After all, Fie’s always been fast on her Fiet.

Elliot and Machias: Machias and Elliot decided to open their own business. Funding was no problem, of course, because they both had a connection to some CAPITAL!

Fie and Machias: You try to open the trail chest. It claps its hands over its ears and whispers, “I can’t hear you.”

Alisa and Fie: It’s whispered among jaegers that Class VII will take out anyone… if the price is right. They’ll just charge you a little Fie.

Machias and Millium: Millium tried to run after Machias caught her sneaking food, but she stopped dead in her tracks when he shouted, “Don’t you move one more milliumeter!”

Alisa, Elliot, Laura, and Jusis: Class VII’s been working tirelessly to find a way to stop the civil war, but it’s Claire that they’re Tovally at a low on how to do it. Care to Sharon idea or two?

Jusis and Machias: Have you seen Dorothee’s book about Jusis & Machias? It started with a Noble Command, a Treasure Sword was brandished and it ended with a shotgun wedding.

Alisa and Gauis: Irina Reinford’s daughter wasn’t ready to purchase her own orbal car, but she was willing to take out A-lisa on one!

Jusis and Sara: When Jussi and Rufus decide who will inherit the Albarea lands, will they have to DUKE it out?

Fie and Millium: Fie and Millium are on a waiting list for a new product that will help them grow taller, but it’s very in demand. Hopefully they’ll get it sometime in the next Millennium.

Laura and Millium: Millium was called into Captain Arundel’s office after spilling a few secrets. With a frown, he said, “it’s about time someone around here gave you a stern Lechter!”

Alisa and Machias: Alisa asked Machias if he’d like to ride in an Achtzehn straight off the Reinford assembly lines, but he shook his head, saying, “No tanks!”

Laura and Emma: Did you hear Via Clotilde was accused of impersonating a radio show host? Yup: charged with a Misty-meanor.

Alisa and Sara: Word has it that the Imperial Army has weaponized the karaoke performances of Class VII’s instructor into a new type of munition: the Sara-nade

Machias and Emma: Whatever happens, Emma and Machias can always fall back on their bartending skills. You seldom see them without their glasses!

Alisa and Millium: How is this message like Millium? It’s short.
Originally posted by ZWabbit:

The games were originally released on PS3 and Vita, so, this isn't exactly an unknown?

Thank you! I've didn't get a chance to play the series on consoles, so I did not know this. Let's see how they adapt CS3
If you're a veteran of the Sky series, you'll remember checking every chest twice to read the puns they had when you examined them AFTER taking the loot. The puns were a feature of the English translation, because the XSEED figured out that each chest had a uniquely stored 'nothing' text when you re-opened them, and they got permission to change that into pretty funny jokes/flavor text unique for each chest. This was lost when Cold Steel 1 arrived (better coding from Falcom), but it's finally back, but in a limited and rather unexpected way.

Drumroll please: The Overdrive Challenge Chests (the Blue ones). If you DON'T have the required team members, it gives you a pun! I haven't tried seeing if you get the pun if you have the members and say No to start the combat when prompted, but the main point is I figure this out at the middle of Act Two, and realized I'd been missing oh so many puns >_<

If anyone has noted the puns down, please do list them here, they're honestly a part of my enjoyment of this fantastic series.
Nov 4, 2017 @ 3:03am
In topic Anyone annoyed about getting accused of lying?
Came across this as well. Chapter 5 was jarring as hell. If I recall correctly, the question about drinking was asked across different chapters, so I role-played my character trying a drink or two between chapters (a few months in game time, it's high school, people experiment). Got SLAMMED with that meaningless 'you're a cheaturr OMG we can't be friends gg bye' ending which just felt terrible. I adored the first four chapters, fifth was just - what the hell, where is this coming from?

E: In the current version, it's a really reductive experience, reminds me of a badly designed raid. You either do things exactly as the designer wanted you to (pure consistency), or fail painfully (and in my case fairly pointlessly). That is extremely unsatisfying design. That last chapter and forced design tanks my rating from a strong 8.5/10 to a pithy 6/10.

2nd E: Tried replaying it from chapter 1, and I honestly couldn't. It felt cheap being forced to be alert for a few specific dialogue choices in a 2 hour game to get anywhere near a 'sane' ending. Both characters just feel like moody puppets now, instead of lively renditions of some of the people I used to talk to back on AIM in the day. Yeah. Locking in that 6/10 rating.
Aug 4, 2017 @ 10:13pm
In topic Toggle for Skip
Can we have a toggle for skip? Holding a button down does get annoying, thanks!
Aug 4, 2017 @ 5:34am
In topic Initial thoughts
Alright, more time in, further impressions:
Voice acting is fine, not fantastic, but very serviceable
Depth of Field really brings a lot to the table here, loving its deployment here, the game really, really looks nice
Plot starts out pretty slow, but a few moments like the sales hidden sidequest really shine for their foreshadowing value
Everyone has the same body type, especially the female characters, and that doesn't really help trying to distinguish the town NPCs out from one another (Trails in the Sky avoided this by perhaps having a lower NPC/area density and more distinct clothing/personas for the NPCs at the same time)
Really not feeling Rean is anywhere near as interesting a protagonist as Estelle/Joshua or Kevin/Ries, and that's honestly a let down for now.
Music's good as of now, but nothing amazing yet
Using the archer to initiate overworld attacks makes sneak attacks near effortless as long as you walk the peep to the edge of their area and then wait for them to turn, haven't NOT had a sneak attack since I got her.
CTRL is your best friend. Seriously.
Aug 4, 2017 @ 5:27am
In topic Version 1.1 (Build 2011989) patch notes
Thanks for the quick patch and the camera sensitivity toggle!
Aug 3, 2017 @ 11:38pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Originally posted by Cold_Steel:
Originally posted by StrykerL:
Ambushing enemies as of now feels impossible, they turn on a dime the second you come near them, I'm guessing there'll be an ability to stun them from range soon

You can slash them, then move a little, then slash them again and repeat until you can slash them from behind, which will stun them, and if you walk into them while stunned you will gain an advantage.

You could also get them to chase you until they get tired and turn back, and then you can slash them form behind.There was another way, I think, where you can get them to chase you and then switch your character and the enemy will pause and go back. Sprinting will draw the enemy's attention, but if you don't sprint you can sneak up behind them, I think.

Been trying that, but it seems too much effort for random encounters. Let me try the not-sprinting method
Aug 3, 2017 @ 11:31pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Originally posted by Keio:
What I liked about the chest messages in The 3rd was the trivia or fun facts they included about the development history of Trails. Those were really interesting to read, and normally people don't actively look for that stuff outside the game.
Agreed, but all the funny rebukes about excessive greed were hillarious as well
Aug 3, 2017 @ 11:30pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Originally posted by UpcomingDread:
Ctrl will fastforward everything but dialogue, and i'm sure they are working on the other stuff you mentioned.

THANK YOU! I was using RMB, and that was FFing everything.

Additional thoughts: Face animations are odd, and lip syncing more so (which are problems with the move to 3D, the older trails didn't need to worry about that)
The skip button in combat (space) is a godsend
Ambushing enemies as of now feels impossible, they turn on a dime the second you come near them, I'm guessing there'll be an ability to stun them from range soon
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