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Aug 16 @ 7:38am
In topic No Japanese?
No purchase.
Aug 14 @ 8:06am
In topic Is this game exclusively for weeaboos?
Of course. It's a 100% weeaboo game. Made by non-Japanese devs but tried to look like a Japanese game while it's not Japanese. Zettai wiibuu gemu deshou?
Aug 10 @ 10:58am
In topic No Japanese?
No buy.
Aug 9 @ 11:08pm
In topic LOL They censored the game?
White supremacists are acting like that because of the liberals were going around trying to control everything and taking away their rights. Not saying that what they're doing is right but it's not good to be too extreme in either way. Extreme liberalism can destroy your country as well (see Sweden, current Germany, France).
Aug 9 @ 10:14pm
In topic No dub, no buy
They should just dub the opening cutscene, and mute the rest of the game. Then they can say that the game is dubbed and you people will be satisfied.
Aug 9 @ 12:34pm
In topic Game won't "start" details in thread.
Don't know... it seems to be a normal WMV type, but I've seen other people having the same issue. So if you search the forum, you'll probably find other threads and a solution.
Aug 9 @ 12:30pm
In topic Game won't "start" details in thread.
Probably because your OS lacks the codec to play those movie files.
Originally posted by Nysch:
I may not have much say here - seeing as this OP was aimed at women, but it's just my opinion that you're taking this waaaaaay too far. For one thing - I don't know where you heard BR was "aimed at men" but I can tell you from completing the first 6 chapters (only to have my game fail to get past the intro (which is why I originally came to the discussions)( that the game is definitely NOT Yuri or Aimed at male audiences; It's not any worse than Sailor Moon in that regard. Ofc - There are certain resemblences to Sailor Moon in the first place but that's also because they tried to "Cater to both Male and Female Audiences". Long story short: The Game is about 3 magical girls who fight against some kind of world ending evil - that is the base-line plot without going into too many spoilers; don't worry about the VN parts if you don't care for it :P

Edit: P.S. - Gust is a terrible company for their price gouging - but that's a different issue than target audiences - I would NOT pay full price for BR again if i had the choice - knowing what i know now.

I agree that the game caters to both male and female audiences, including gays.

But the game actually features yuri though. You only played 6 chapters so you probably don't know about it. One character clearly is gay and even tries to♥♥♥♥♥♥the MC.

PS. It's not Gust. KT is the one pricing these games.

And it's the same price as the console version... so there's nothing terrible about the price.
Can you tell the dev team to let us choose between PS4 and Xbox buttons? not forcing them on us based on the controller we're using?

I'm using DS4Windows, which is emulating my DS4 as an Xinput controller, but I want the PS buttons to show in the game instead of Xbox buttons.
Aug 5 @ 1:29pm
In topic Resonance of Fate
And make sure it has Japanese audio.
Aug 5 @ 1:25pm
In topic lol ''real yakuza's uses gamepads''
They knew some people will complain about how KB&M controls aren't perfect.

They just need to understand that most Japanese games were designed to be played with a controller. PC can use controllers as well, buy one FFS.
Aug 4 @ 9:02pm
In topic WTF? No Japanese voices?
Well I'm not from England. Why should I be happy that the game is voiced in English?

It's like telling people to be happy that there's an English restaurant in your town, serving disgusting fish & chips and stupid baked beans. Go there and eat them, stop asking for something else.
Aug 4 @ 8:04am
In topic Traduction Française
Real Yakuza don't speak French.
Aug 4 @ 7:59am
In topic more languages please
Real yakuza don't speak French or German.
Originally posted by Seamus:
Originally posted by Monterossa:
Yakuza games shouldn't be dubbed in the first place. They dubbed some early games because it was a trend back then.
Oh ♥♥♥♥ off weeb boy.

You play Japanese games, you're the weeb.
Yakuza games shouldn't be dubbed in the first place. They dubbed some early games because it was a trend back then.
Aug 3 @ 11:31pm
In topic [PC Texture Modding Guide] (LONG)
Denuvo can't stop you from modding if Denuvo itself was modded out.
Aug 3 @ 12:32pm
In topic [PC Texture Modding Guide] (LONG)
Which file contains the Xbox and PS buttons? I want to make a PS buttons mod.
Aug 3 @ 10:58am
In topic Bad translations
I already said in the OP that I want to play with JP text, and now I know that it's possible. So no need to tell me to do that. I will.
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