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I doubt they will release any new game without a PC version. Ao and Zero both have those but if they release CSIII they will probably wait until IV is out so they work on both ports at the same time
May 22 @ 3:25pm
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Originally posted by Firebird:

Morality in Media or NCOSE also attacks the American Library Association, Amnesty International, HBO and Youtube as porn distributors.

How the ♥♥♥♥ is amnesty a porn distributor?
You should still have access. Otherwise you could always just put the game outside of your steam folder.
May 19 @ 6:12am
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Isn't this the same organisation that forced sex workers to start walking the streets instead of finding non dangerous customers online? Thier whole agenda is pushing womens(and mens) sexuality back 100 years.
Feb 27 @ 5:21pm
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Truely a weapon to surpass Orbal gear
Feb 27 @ 5:18pm
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The game tells you when it's going to happen.
Use WASD to navigate menus
Feb 6 @ 3:10am
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Anyone know?
I remember hearing that the president of Falcom saying he wished to see all parts of the trails series released in the west but that's all that was said
Jan 29 @ 4:17am
In topic Is The third game getting localized?
Sending a letter to Falcom from the fans would probably be the best way to ensure XSEED gets CS3.
Jan 28 @ 3:56pm
In topic Is The third game getting localized?
Originally posted by Moki:
Hatsuu (XSEED's producer with the Kiseki games) said a while back that she was worried about their chances of getting CS3 now that NISA was working with Falcom.

I hope the mess of Ys has helped XSEED.
I have some doubts that would happen. XSEED has tl'ed the previous entries which is a huge plus since the series expands even on the most minor characters and has several minor characters making appearances in later entries(such as Anton and Ricky) and from what I understand NISA kinda fu*ked up with YS.
I can't decide between my original Laura save and my perfect rank Fie save.
You have no idea of the things I've seen girls put in their bras...
Originally posted by ZWabbit:
I object to the Divine Knights and Soldats being called Gundams. They are in fact Knightmares.
I half expected C to be lelueche...
Originally posted by Valyrian:
Originally posted by Helvetica:
That's dissapointing. Are you sure they're in Trails in the Sky though? I don't remember there ever being a robot in FC.

Let's see... (spoilers for the Liberl arc)

The numerous robots who aid the antagonists, such as the mecha dogs and mecha lions.

The Reveries, which are straight up super robot mechas. Loewe even pilots one in SC.

The Storm Bringer, the most ridiculous looking mecha in the entire series (seems to be a prototype DK)

Pater Mater, a semi-sentient house-sized robot which is neural linked to it's pilot. Also up there for the title of most ridiculous robot in the series.

The pilotable Orbal Gear in the 3rd.

And that's just from the first ARC of the series.

Not to mention Crossbell... *shivers*
When did the stormbringer apear? don't remember which boss that is.
Originally posted by 「尊 周防」:
Originally posted by Wilq:
Calm down. I know that lots of people are waiting for Persona on PC but this is not gonna happen anytime soon. All I read is about Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and they won't be released on PC anyway.

Hypothetically speaking - if Atlus is going to make PC version of Persona 5 they won't release it, at least, within year of Playstation version (4/04/2017)

It's good to hear that ;) I might be able to finish Trails in the Sky the 3rd just in time.

3 or 4 would be nice for me for now since i want to revisit them too
I would love to see a pc port of P3 and P4. one can only hope...
I need an answer to thia question
Aug 26, 2017 @ 9:24am
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Originally posted by That's ich!:
Originally posted by jlawleraz:
Write a story pairing up your favorite character from Trails of Cold Steel with your favorite character from Trails in the Sky. That will help pass some of the time.
Fie x Estelle?
It shall be called Stregashipping
I was personally thinking Olivier x Olivert, which roughly translates to an idiot infront of a mirror and an annoyed Mueller I suppose.
I may have visited the literature club one time to many...
Aug 26, 2017 @ 12:19am
In topic How can I make 4 months go faster?
Originally posted by Doc.Stairs the Crook \m/:
Originally posted by Garm the Wolfhound:
I don't. It's just the month that has been speculated on.
ah ok.. do you know if it'll have additional voices? i wanna know if i should get it on Vita if it doesnt have additional voices ( i just beat the first game right now)
From what I've heard, they are currently recording additional voices but don't quote me on that.
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