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May 15 @ 7:21am
In topic [1.3.1] BGM and Arts support Problem

Erpy says:

- Whenever the "Arts support" link ability is used in battle (the linked character strenghtens the offensive art just before it's cast) a cut-in appears that's supposed to show the character gesturing while saying something like "allow me", but the character isn't shown or shown a little, it's like the camera in the cut-in is off.

- During the intermission on the Pantagruel after Rean transforms into his Ogre form and sprints away, "Blue Dstination" is supposed to play during the entire running sequence, but for some reason it's not playing and the scene feels weird due to the lack of background music. Some players also say they "when died in the battle and hit retry, the music will stop, and only to play without battle theme".
I think that's a problem about playing same bgm in nearby scenario script.

I also got these two problems, and only these two. Hope they can be fixed.
May 15 @ 7:13am
In topic ToCS II HD Texture Pack v4.37 (4/4/2018)
Originally posted by Hopyoprop:
Oh yeah Bighead, any news on the Arts Support glitch when using the pack? :D

I have tested and it's the problem of the original game.
May 15 @ 7:09am
In topic Two glitches I noticed while playing:
That's also the problems I caught.
L1--Q Q1--LShift But it does not work for acceleration and auto voice
Can use Input Mapper. But the UI cannot be changed
Aug 4, 2017 @ 9:43am
In topic Known Issues & workarounds
When using skills with "AT DELAY" effect, there will be "RESIST" on enemies. However it really take on effects. I think it's a bug..
Aug 4, 2017 @ 9:42am
In topic Version 1.1 (Build 2011989) patch notes
When using skills with "AT DELAY" effect, there will be "RESIST" on enemies. However it really take on effects. I think it's a bug..
System Request: Windows 7 or later
Patch developper:

Packed by Sora no Kiseki Baidu Post Bar:
Main Chinese program, translated scena and system data by the original developper
Japanese voice data
Pictures in Chinese (imcompatible with Hi-Res picture mode)
Config program in Chinese
Swichable Evolution Ver BGM with loop information (without OP/ED/Logo)

Download Address: Code: 9ax

Download the package, and run “安装配置文件和继承存档.exe” to modify the configuration data so that the game can show pictures in Chinese. Then run "ConfigCN.exe" to switch resolution.

EVO/Original Ver. BGM can be switched by the program provided.

The patch may have problems and please send feedback to
But the problems may be difficult to be solved.

Patch for SC is not for plan at this time.




下载地址: 链接: 密码:9ax

2017.2 加入了战斗中带英文的AS脚本的对应中文脚本(如助威的“大家,加油啊”。由于不是直接从英文版制作而来,而是从中文版同名文件而来,可能存在问题,希望战斗遇到问题可以反馈)以及PSV进化版的音乐切换程序和带有循环点的BGM本身(不含进化版OPED、LOGO)。

使用方法:下载覆盖到游戏目录下,然后运行“安装配置文件和继承存档.exe” (请务必运行,否则需要自己研究设置来变成中文图片,当然Config文件我也大致汉化过了,覆盖的存档为991,如有同名请自行备份)。可以在运行完“安装配置文件和继承存档.exe” 后再运行配置程序修改分辨率等属性。

Mar 5, 2017 @ 10:59pm
In topic EP Cut 1 vs EP 1
EP Cut 1 Better
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