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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Dime's Quickstart
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 1:47am
Nov 20, 2016 @ 7:11pm
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Dime's Quickstart

Makes a "New Game" start at the very end of the tutorial dungeon, so you skip the cart ride, Alduin's attack, and the dungeon itself. You choose your race, are given a choice of whether you followed the Stormcloak or the Imperial through the dungeon, and then start right near the exit with a set of basic equipment.

And now, as of version 1.4 of this mod, I have mostly replicated the destruction of Helgen!
Unfortunately, the updated mod will not destroy Helgen in your current game, it will only apply to any new games you start with this mod installed. I have also enhanced compatibility with mods that modify the player character (for anyone who may have been seeing a helmet in the way of character creation).

1.6 should hopefully fix occasional crashes due to the HelgenRandomSoundScript. Will only apply to new games, unfortunately :(

This mod is also available on the the Skyrim Nexus:

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lianas world Jul 19 @ 4:38am 
OH Bother - !! I meant to add that it already had been deleted - it's literally 'haunting' me Like I said it is a great mod, just kinda spooky how it won't go away.
Thanks for quick reply
Turn_on_a_Dime  [author] Jul 19 @ 1:11am 
Try deleting the quickstart esp file from your Skyrim\Data folder.
lianas world Jul 19 @ 1:10am 
Hmmm I seem to have an interesting turn. I have unsubscribed, checked and restarted several games. Yet still have this amazing start. - Please understand it is not that I do not like this, just that I like the full sequence too.
I cannot play, the original, start anymore - Any suggestions welcome - Please -- !! ??
XxM3GA10RDxX May 28 @ 12:40pm 
umm its not working
Wolf Apr 9 @ 6:30am 
wont work
YinYangYakuza Mar 27 @ 8:19am 
I should bhe shot down like Lokir for my shitty pun....
YinYangYakuza Mar 27 @ 8:19am 
You should have named this, "Start on a Dime."
Turn_on_a_Dime  [author] Jan 16 @ 11:41am 
It's possible, but I am not going to be doing it
BrayBray54321 Jan 16 @ 10:06am 
and not the dungeon, The aludin attack is fine to be skipped it is quite anoying, but i like the dungeon
BrayBray54321 Jan 16 @ 10:05am 
This sounds great, but can you make one so it just skips the hour long cart ride? is that possible, please tell me if thats even possible