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Dime's Quickstart
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 1:47am
Jun 22, 2014 @ 6:33pm
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Dime's Quickstart

Makes a "New Game" start at the very end of the tutorial dungeon, so you skip the cart ride, Alduin's attack, and the dungeon itself. You choose your race, are given a choice of whether you followed the Stormcloak or the Imperial through the dungeon, and then start right near the exit with a set of basic equipment.

And now, as of version 1.4 of this mod, I have mostly replicated the destruction of Helgen!
Unfortunately, the updated mod will not destroy Helgen in your current game, it will only apply to any new games you start with this mod installed. I have also enhanced compatibility with mods that modify the player character (for anyone who may have been seeing a helmet in the way of character creation).

1.5 should hopefully fix occasional crashes due to the HelgenRandomSoundScript. Will only apply to new games, unfortunately :(

This mod is also available on the the Skyrim Nexus:

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justintime39 Jul 27 @ 12:55pm 
sorry but my skyrim game hates this mod literally i got the mod got past the intro then it crashed my game and hardlocked my pc at the level 1 one loading screen. cant use this,unsubscribing
Xopic Jul 23 @ 3:29pm 
This is really helpful if you have the "helgen dragon glitch"
Gol Zin Viing Jun 30 @ 4:25am 
No...unless you talk to an imperial / Stormcloak soldier you do not get the quest to " Join" either side...Once I even followed Hadvar through the Dungeon to the point where Alduin flies overhead and as Soon as Hadvar's back was turned this Drachis grew wings on his clawed feet and took off! left hadvar in the dust and hid in the woods...Had to see Alvor later but I waited till he was alone at his forge and all he asked my PC to do is to see the jarl.....main quest Continued on after that and as long as you dont talk to troops you dont get the "join" quest.....You can even talk to Ulfric or Tulius and they wont give that to you....So you could add a third option as to WHO your PC follows they just need to stay away from Troops and Hadvar and Raloff.

Arthmoor's start is a good one but it requiewa Dragonborn and while I DO have it I'm NOT using it...Solstheim is VERY depressing and NUTSAK is more of a pain than anything....
Turn_on_a_Dime  [author] Jun 30 @ 1:46am 
@Gol Zin Viing: Yeah try Arthmoor's Alternate Start.
Though I think you might still have to make that choice if you want to proceed with the main quest.
Gol Zin Viing Jun 29 @ 8:31pm 
@ Turn....I'm SO TIRED of the cart there any way possible to NOT CHOOSE who you PC followed? (thus not getting RR'd into taking a side in the war?). I ALWAYS use a Drachis Argonian and they arent attractrd to EITHER side of this war between the Joore....I wish there was a mod were the Empire and the Stormcloaks fight BY THEMSELVES ands doont Drag the DB into this pointless war........The DB has enough Fighting Alduin (and possibly Miraak).
withertdm Jun 23 @ 9:05am 
awesome. i have no reason to have a quickstart mod on fallout 3. but i do have a reason for Skyrim. it is ecause of my many save games. i think i may ove 100+ saves.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [author] Jun 19 @ 2:10pm 
That's odd. The helmet should be unequipped in the current version. You might have another mod that's affecting the initial character equipment. Try moving this one to the bottom of your load order? Alternatively, there should be a console command you can use
Krow Jun 19 @ 8:36am 
great mod, however, i have one request. Please unequip the helmet so that during player creation I can modify how my toon looks. thanks
withertdm May 2 @ 9:42am 
how do i dable it. want to make a skyrim series n youtube. The ain quest also doesnt work. the Jarl is nt in his throne. nd everything is ut of place.
renzsweet Mar 31 @ 11:06pm 
This mod is the best. There is no way I am unsubscribing unless it breaks or gets removed.