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Alternate Start - Live Another Life
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Jun 8, 2012 @ 6:59pm
Dec 14, 2014 @ 3:44pm
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Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing daylight you no longer know what month it is anymore. The dungeon is cold, damp, and worse still, you're running out of food. At least you have that leak in the wall for water. It seems as though you've been forgotten, soon to rot away and die. The eight have forsaken you! Or... have they?

Live Another Life provides an alternative means to start the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen. You will be given the opportunity to choose your race and then choose a new life for your character to lead. A wide variety of choices will be available. What you choose will have a lasting impact, so choose carefully or the gods may forsake you again!

Alternate Download Locations

AFK Mods[afkmods.iguanadons.net]
Skyrim Nexus[www.nexusmods.com]
TES Alliance[tesalliance.org]
Dark Creations[www.darkcreations.org]
The Assimilation Lab[www.theassimilationlab.com]

Live Another Life Bug Tracker[afkmods.iguanadons.net]

Installation Requirements

Official Skyrim patch or greater. Using earlier game versions will result in CTDs and other problems. Just don't.

You will need to turn on subtitles to see the text for the startup quest.

Alternately, download and use Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice[www.nexusmods.com] to see subtitles only on those NPCs with no voiced audio. This requires SKSE.

Full documentation available.[www.nexusmods.com]

The ini file will not install to the correct location. In the Workshop's infinite wisdom, that ends up in the following location:

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\alternate start - live another life.ini

It needs to actually be placed in the Data folder, on this path:

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\alternate start - live another life.ini

Load Order

Due to the sensitive nature of the mod, it should be loaded relatively late in the load order. A lot of other mods may seek to make modifications to Helgen and the charactergen quests. Moving this further down in your list will likely help, a lot. I highly recommend going with the order BOSS specifies since it is now compatible with Skyrim's new load order system.

Known Issues

The Thane offer won't be available in every city right away if you use a property owner start. The quest interaction makes doing so impossible without sacrificing too much of the content to it.

When picking the Companions guild start, you need to go watch the fight before Vlikas will go outside to train you.

When choosing one of the two civil war starts, you are strongly advised to let the Jagged Crown scene play out. If you don't, the quest may fail to start and the entire civil war quest line will get jammed.

There may be some unfound dialogue that references Helgen. If you find some and have NOT witnessed Alduin fly overhead yet, please report those with as much detail as possible.

Some quests in a major city you pick a start for may not be available until after you've left that city and returned later. This is normal. It's due to how Change Location events work in the game and there's nothing that can be done about it.

Starting the Main Quest

Skyrim has a lot more flexibility in pursuit of the main quest, even when playing the default Helgen scenario. Alduin's appearance does not force one to pursue the main quest beyond Helgen. So this mod is mainly providing a mechanism to bypass Helgen and not encounter Alduin either. The game will patiently wait for you to follow along. So there's no special effort really needed to avoid it, just don't do it :)

For most of the starts, it will appear as though your "Live Another Life" quest has stalled. You will not have an active objective telling you where to go next. When you are ready to begin pursuing the main quest, talk to an innkeeper and ask them for rumors. You should get your next objective at that point and can then follow things to their conclusion.

Of course, you don't strictly NEED to follow the quest to the letter and can just show up in Helgen any time you want and the main quest will pick up with Alduin leaving the area for his initial flyover.

Choosing the campsite start skips the startup quest, you will begin immediately with the encounter with Alduin. Choosing a civil war start bypasses all of this, by necessity, so you won't need to deal with Helgen at all.

Using this mod to follow the default Helgen sequence will play out the same as the vanilla game.

ATTENTION: If you are downloading this and it comes up in Russian, you need to contact Steam Support and let them know about it. This is NOT an issue I have any control over. I deal only in English files with an English copy of Skyrim and the CK. There isn't a lick of Russian anything on my system.

Donations welcome.[www.paypal.com]

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Kain Fayiar 2 hours ago 
This is Great !!
Breaded fish 2 hours ago 
when I and Hadvar gets out of the cave he just stands there and I cant continue the quest
leannaray 12 hours ago 
Hi! Live Another Life is wonderful, isn't it! But you often start without things you need, don't you! Personally I would like each alternate beginning to start with a torch, a Clairvoyance spellbook, and a pickaxe. These are important things that you can get from the Embershard Mine at the beginning of the game, but you can't get them when you have an alternate start. I wonder if we could have them added to our inventories when we click on the bed at the start?

Until they are added, we can use a bat file with the text:
player.additem e3c16 1
player.additem 1d4ec 1
player.additem ff7d1 1
TieroBattleheart 18 hours ago 
I really like how one of the properties you can choose to own is a farm just outside of Rorikstead. I have two questions about it though... 1: Is there a way I can own it if I don't start there? 2: Was it part of the original game or is it added by this mod? 1st question I really want to know because I'd like to have some of my characters start elswhere and then eventully buy/aqquire the farm. 2nd question is just curiosity because I never really hung around Rorikstead before installing this mod.
mopakano12 19 hours ago 
Redid a playthrough, started like usual but once i went to ulfric but i was just floating in the air not able to move. Any fixes?
totktonada96 Jan 30 @ 11:47pm 
I have followed through the quest right to Helgen, but somehow Alduin isn't there.I tried reloading my game and aproaching Helgen from different directions.I don't use any other mods affecting start of the game,dragons as whole or Alduin in particular,have latest BOSS and SKSE running.Please help me.
XxNYANCAT51xX Jan 29 @ 3:52pm 
when ever i load up skyrim it shows the bethesda logo and then goes back to the work shop. Are there any mods that conflict with tis one?
Le Black Lotus Jan 27 @ 5:28pm 
i cant buy breezehome.......
Kapiut Jan 27 @ 1:40pm 
This one has a problem. This one picked a starting point, and this one went to sleep. When this one woke up, This one was still in the prison cell, except with the quest journal updated to do the quest this one has to do depending one the start this one picked. This one can only use the "I want to escape this cell" option now, and this one does not want to use that option. This one would be happy if someone told this one a fix for this bug.
The Bibliophile Jan 27 @ 11:16am 
Re: Leaving Jorvaskrr and waiting for 24 hours fixes the bug.

Lol now i look like an ass after writing a two thousand word dossier on a bug that didn't even exist in the first place