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How to unlock ENDLESS MODE
by ­­Δ👽 Louna 👽Δ­­
This guide will show you how to unlock endless mode....
Cómo conseguir todos los tokens.
by ErreKrbo
Guía en castellano para conseguir los siete tokens del juego....
[FR] Underlay pour mode fenêtré + feuille de référence
by *Noom*
Il s'agit d'un layout en français , regroupant toutes les informations que l'on peut trouver dans le livre des "Règlements et Consignes" tiré du jeu. Ce layout a été originellement créé par [url=
Концовки и достижения игры
by My Way / My Rules / My Profit
Здесь описаны все 20 концовок игры и все достижения Steam(так же и скрытые). Осторожно спойлеры! ...
Papers, Please -Steam achievements
by Ar No Ld
The following is a list of all of the achievements (Hidden and Visible) earned in the Steam version of Papers, Please....
Получение достижений Papers, Please [RUS]
by Archibald Haze
В этом руководстве вы найдете подробное описание всех достижений в игре....
Ending Guide
by SilentMarine
Guide to all 20 endings. Spoiler Warning FOR APPROVED WORKERS ONLY Mouseover screenshots for text. The endless unlock code is in the final screen of ending 20. The squares in the upper right of the saved games menu change to ...
Nations quick reference sheet
by kingdatoro
A printable quick reference sheet. Contains the regional map, passport images and issuing cities for all countries, districts of Arstotzka, diplomatic seals of all other countries, and valid entry permit and work pass seals. Everything uses the game's ori...
Collecting all Tokens
by †The Gman†
How to collect all the tokens in the game keep in mind that you have to pay attention to the dialog and not names. The names are random. ...
Windowed Mode 'underlay'
by Perjoss
(update: new compact version added below) This is a layout with information you can find in the 'Rules and Regulations' book in game. The idea is to play in windowed mode with this image diplayed underneath so you can quickly see info like Issuing citi...