Papers, Please
人気の Steam ガイド 作成されたガイドとリファレンス、攻略
Papers, Please. North Korea mode (동무, 려권내라우)
作成者: 대포동
Papers, Please. North Korea mode (동무, 려권내라우) Description and Install Guide (소개 및 설치 가이드)...
Inspector's Reference Sheet
作成者: Griffith
Hello, I made this reference sheet so I don't need to check the pages of the Rules & Regulations book all the time. You can place this image on your secondary monitor or on your mobile phone. I designed this in 9:16 aspect ratio so you can view it on your ...
Reference-Sheet & Windowed Mode/Desktop Wallpaper (multi-language/resolutions)
作成者: Axendo
Printable PDF quick Reference-Sheet and Windowed Mode/Desktop Wallpapers in various languages/resolutions....
Papers, Please日本語簡易ガイド
作成者: DameNegi
*公式に日本語対応したのでこのガイドは御役御免だヨ!* A simple guide and translation into Japanese early in the game. Papers, Pleaseの序盤の日報の翻訳や操作の説明などを記述します 「どうすればいいかわかんねぇ!」ってなった時に読んでネ!...