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Reference-Sheet & Windowed Mode/Desktop Wallpaper (multi-language/resolutions)
von Axendo
Printable PDF quick Reference-Sheet and Windowed Mode/Desktop Wallpapers in various languages/resolutions....
Gameplay Basics, Documents and Inspect Mode
von Rhonda
This guide introduces you into the gameplay basics of the dystopian document thriller Papers, please! It will neither spoil parts of the story nor how to unlock tokens, certain endings or endless mode....
Papers, Please. North Korea mode (동무, 려권내라우)
von 대포동
Papers, Please. North Korea mode (동무, 려권내라우) Description and Install Guide (소개 및 설치 가이드)...
Inspector's Reference Sheet
von Griffith
Hello, I made this reference sheet so I don't need to check the pages of the Rules & Regulations book all the time. You can place this image on your secondary monitor or on your mobile phone. I designed this in 9:16 aspect ratio so you can view it on your...