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Toxic Frog  [developer] Dec 13, 2017 @ 6:53am
How to create UnrestrictedCustomization-friendly mods
Mods should NEVER publish XCom_UnrestrictedCustomization.ini (without _Mod suffix) or it will revert user's settings to default values.

Body Part Categorization

If within XComContent.ini you defined multiple templates for a single part archetype,
you need to declare the proper categories for filtering pupose.
(eg: so "heavy armor" filter wont show your fabric shirts, etc.).

The easiest to do so is to use the in-game edit button on the body parts.
Then, copy/paste the corresponding lines from profile's XCom_UnrestrictedCustomization.ini
to XCom_UnrestrictedCustomization_Mod.ini under [UnrestrictedCustomization.uc_BodyPartLoader] section, eg:
;Config\XCom_UnrestrictedCustomization_Mod.ini [UnrestrictedCustomization.uc_BodyPartLoader] +BodyPartTemplates=(ArchetypeName="ShantyBodyParts.ARC_Torso_M_A", ArmorTypes=(uc_EArmorType_Light), Styles=(uc_EStyle_Civilian)) +BodyPartTemplates=(ArchetypeName="ShantyBodyParts.ARC_Legs_M_A", ArmorTypes=(uc_EArmorType_Light), Styles=(uc_EStyle_Civilian))

Replacing existing Body parts

UnrestrictedCustomization allows to remove/hide body parts from vamilla or another mod.
For example I used this to replace some vanilla "all-in-torso" parts by separate arms + legs + torso: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1221459828

example of XCom_UnrestrictedCustomization_Mod.ini file :
;Config\XCom_UnrestrictedCustomization_Mod.ini [UnrestrictedCustomization.uc_BodyPartLoader] +BlackListedArchetypeNames="GameUnit_Civilian.ARC_MaleCivilianShantyA" +BlackListedArchetypeNames="GameUnit_Civilian.ARC_MaleCivilianShantyB" +BlackListedArchetypeNames="GameUnit_Civilian.ARC_MaleCivilianShantyC" +BlackListedArchetypeNames="GameUnit_Civilian.ARC_MaleCivilianShantyD" +BlackListedArchetypeNames="GameUnit_Civilian.ARC_MaleCivilianShantyE"

Node: This can also be used to remove invisible parts (if you include some with your mod) when UnrestrictedCustomization is installed (since it already provides invisibles parts).

Part Naming & Localization

Just like Vanilla, UnrestrictedCustomization uses Localization\XComGame.xxx (where xxx is int or 3 letter country code) to localize body parts.
Except it also localizes torsos, arms and legs.

The syntax is the same as Vanilla, using DisplayName field under [TemplateName X2BodyPartTemplate] sections, eg:
;Localization\XComGame.int [Shanty_Torso_M_C X2BodyPartTemplate] DisplayName="Tattered shirt with scarf" [Shanty_Legs_M_C X2BodyPartTemplate] DisplayName="Shanty C" [Shanty_RArm_M_C X2BodyPartTemplate] DisplayName="Shanty C" [Shanty_LArm_M_C X2BodyPartTemplate] DisplayName="Shanty C"
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