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Toxic Frog  [developer] Sep 25, 2017 @ 4:43am
- Enhancement: added tool panel back (can be disabled in options menu) for compatibilty with mod that does not extend specific menu classes, such as Allies Unknown.
- Enhancement: added global option to use a single appearance per soldier, instead of one per armor
- Regression: removed NewArmorEquippedBehavior setting
- Enhancement: Exposed ConfirmWholeAppearanceModification to MCM
- Bugfix: editing body parts no longer remove their icon (not retroactive)
- Bugfix: only transfer outfit to new armors.

- Enhancement: NewArmorEquippedBehavior new default is "Transfer" (since it's easier to randomize character than copy/pasting their appearance from another armor)

- BugFix: revert copy/paste/randomize/import buttons
- BugFix: imported character pool characters are no longer randomized

- NEW: Store one appearance per gender/armor couple.
- NEW: 3 behavior when equipping armor for the first time: Vanilla, Randomize(default), or Transfer current appearance.
- NEW: In game settings using ModConfigMenu
- Enhancement: ShowOnlyBlacklist setting shows only parts blacklisted by user
- BugFix: edit menu now allows to remove parts from backlist.
- BugFix: Call existing onEquipArmor handlers when armor equipped
- BugFix: Fixed incompatiblity with CustomizationCameraControl mod (zoom didn't work due to collision with older version of mouseguard class, removed it)
- BugFix: hopefully fixed black bar issue when disortion effect kicks in.

- Enhancement: Show changelog when starting the game with a new version.
- Optimization: Limits voice preview tries to 10 (was 100), fallback to "dashing" line.
- Bugfix: Tooltip intercepted mouse event, preventing to interact with randomization options

- Bugfix: consider XComMecSoldier and SkirmXComMecSoldier as spark character template (should fix compatibiliy issues with Mec Troopers mod)
- Bugfix: use suittable charset for chinese localization file

- NEW: Unrestricted voice selection
- Enhancement: Voice preview button plays random line (vanilla always plays the same basic ones)
- Enhancement: Chinese localization (kudos to zxc2008)
- Bugfix: Spark parts are no longer filtered out for spark soldiers in randomization and part list (should fix compatibiliy issues with Mec Troopers mod).

- NEW: Gamepad support.
- NEW: randomization: draw chance setting for forearms.
- Enhancement: UI tweeks.
- Bugfix: Character created from charpool won't appear with kevlar-only body parts.

v2.1.4 :
- Bugfix: impossible to change spark colors.

v2.1.3 :
- New: Added Hero underlay M/F

v2.1.2 : N/A

- Enhancement: template name localization uses XComGame.xxx with same syntax as vanilla (except that it also works for torsos and legs)
- Enhancement: move pawn to the right in body menu (so it doesn't cover filter panel)
- Enhancement: added icon property for template (allows to create code-free body-part mods, no more unecessary compilation \o/).
- bugfix: separate ini file for mod's template definition & blacklist (since the game load ini from workshop before user profile, config revision was set to 0 and so configpatcher reserted everything to default)

- Enhancement: caching dlc weights (increase perf when using randomization with "use only one DLC" option)
- Enhancement: body part templates can correspond to multiple BodyPartTypes.
- bugfix: dlcweight depended on the number of torsos only (instead of torso+arms+legs)

- NEW: Faster camera rotation (in customization menu), soldier can be moved up/down, and zoomed out/in (overrides UIMouseGuard_RotatePawn).
- NEW: body parts metadatas (name, tech, arnor type, etc.) can be edited in-game.
An icon is displayed when a body part has probably (but not necessery) incorrect metadatas.
(for example a part defined as both conventionnal and alien tech ; while not forbidden, it's most likely a typo)
These should be edited to fix (or confirm) metadatas.
- NEW: body parts can be blacklisted using the "edit" screen.
Blacklisted part will not show in the list and will never be used for randomization.
Character wearing blacklisted parts will continue to wear them.
- Enhancement: Torso can be invisible (for floating head / flying characters).
- Enhancement: Customization menu's buttons are replaced and/or added instead of overriding the whole menu.
This maximizes compatibility with other mods (as long as they also expland the menu instead of replacing it)
- Enhancement: Import from character pool opens a listmenu to easily select appearance from any soldier.
- Enhancement: added option to limit randomization to one package only, selected from package that contains legs, torso, and arms.
Each package has a chance to be selected depending of its number of body part.
- Enhancement: added ini-setting to create a custom color palette for randomization purpose. By default it contains all non-flashy colors.
- Enhancement: Added more powerful filters
- Enhancement: Randomize and Uniformize are now merged in a single submenu.
- Enhancement: randomization uses bodyparts metadata to filter incompatible parts when "PartsMustMatchArmor" is enabled.
- Enhancement: randomization can add shoulders.
- Enhancement: added draw chance settings for randomization.
- Enhancement: Randomization and Importation can be cancelled using right clic or the 'go back' button (at the bottom left corner).
- Enhancement: Does not modify vanilla templates (reduces the risk of unpredicted side effects from vanilla code).
- Bugfix: Setting "both-arms" part does not remove shoulders and forearms.
- Bugfix: model properly updated when setting invisible helmet/upperface/lowerface.
- Bugfix: prevented to modify spark appearance under certain conditions.
- Bugfix: Fixed vanilla bug that prevented to change spark torso when current torso did not exist anymore (ie: from disabled mod).
- Bugfix: Fixed bug that prevented to change spark torso (different bug).

- BugFix: Fails to infer tech level of kevlar hero classes props, thus they only show when "show all tech level" is checked
- BugFix: Selecting "none" face crashes
- BugFix: disabled checkboxes have correct checked state in charpool.

- BugFix: Filter checkboxes' state is persistant.

- NEW: Allows to use male props on female and vice versa.
- NEW: Allows to use sparks' arms on human soldiers.
- NEW: Allows to filter per tech level and per gender
- NEW: Randomize appearance (except face/race) button.
- NEW: Uniformize button: use a single body-parts set (from vanilla or a single mod) that matches the armor.
- NEW: Copy/paste appearance buttons.
- NEW: Get appearance from character pool soldier (each click cyle through the pool).
- NEW: Checkbox to filter props by armor type (ie: light, medium, heavy).
- BugFix: Character pool's tech > 1 props are no longer replaced with tech1 props.
- BugFix: Character keep one appearance per armor (if you want to keep the same appearance on all armor, use copy/paste buttons to transfer it to the new armor.)
- BugFix: new rookies get incorrect body parts (invisibles, etc.)

- NEW: Prevent armor change to mess with player's customisation.
- NEW: Added "set default appearance" button in body menu to rapidly fix ridiculously generated rookie appearance.
- Half fixed: Setting UnrestrictBodyParts to true prevents character pool appearance to reset.

- NEW: allows to use civilian/central/tygan/shen outfits.
- NEW: Generate friendlier parts name based on template name.
- Bugfix: alien hunter DLC body parts don't show in the list.
- Bugfix: fixed log warning spam due to trying to remove non-existent Thighs

v1.0.1: (hopefully) fixed pre/post mission crashes
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PathFinder Oct 6, 2017 @ 4:18am 
I love your work... I have a request..can you make a mod that copy and paste only... I hope you know what I mean... :)
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