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TimmyCarbine  [developer] Jul 28, 2017 @ 8:58pm
Please read though before posting your suggestion to ensure it hasn't already suggested.

While I love feedback and suggestions to improve this mod, remember that I created this mod to fill a space that I felt was missing in my PvE experience so ultimately it's my decision whether I add a feature or not.
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TimmyCarbine  [developer] Jul 30, 2017 @ 5:33am 
I am contemplating having a specific colour scheme for the creatures that are summoned. I like the idea of them being distinguishable from the regular creatures and make them seem like a united force all fighting for the same purpose... to destroy you. I will leave this up to you all though.

a: Keep the random natural colours
b: Create a custom colour scheme

Either way, I will be creating a custom particle system because I don't want them to get confused with actual Alphas
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i love the sound of your mod and find it would be a great adition to our server.
One question, is it possible to anounce(broadcast) like how when a warden is defeated in Annunaki(broadcast the winning tribe defeated etc etc) Just a suggestion, enhance the bragging
Aegyptus Aug 1, 2017 @ 5:43am 
For the color scheme idea, my vote would be to keep them random natural colors. I like to play it off in my head that I am being actively hunted because my base is creating noise, cooking meat, chopping down trees, etc. A custom color scheme might make it feel more like the aliens are sending these beasts after me, which is cool, but less... immersive.

I have two questions/suggestions:

1. Will there ever be a way to have an alternative control unit? I run a primitive server and I can hide the unit easily enough with a small thatch hut, but any plans to offer a primitive version?

2. How much ini customization will you be building in to control what can be spawned in for waves? I ask because my server doesn't spawn in any fantasy creatures, so things like wyverns and golems might take away from the immersion. I know those aren't spawned in until later levels, but just curious!

Aboslutely love what you've done so far!
TimmyCarbine  [developer] Aug 1, 2017 @ 3:15pm 
@Aegyptus I understand what you are saying, it would take away from the idea that these are wild creatures. I think I could still make it work, the colours I had in mind were earthy tones, which would still look "natural" but they wouldn't be random. Maybe I should try a few and post some images to give better idea of what I had in mind. Either way, thank you for your input.

1. The Tek Generator is actually only temporary. I want to make the control unit a giant horn. Sadly I'm not comfortable with modelling yet to do it myself so I'll need to find a model online and import it. Which is going to take some time. Until then, I could have an INI setting to change the mesh to better suit primitive servers. Which in-game object do you think would be alright to use for primitive servers?

2. I will be adding a few more INI settings over the course of the mod. One of which will be a way to build your own waves of creatures, but with the way I have setup the system at the moment there would be a lot of data for the user to fill out and think about to get it balanced corretly. So I need to figure out an easier solution for users. How about a simple "Blacklist" INI setting that allows you to remove certain creatures from the waves?
Aegyptus Aug 2, 2017 @ 5:32am 
1. Gotcha! I think the easiest might be the Wardrums, or even something like the Manticore or Spider flag would be interesting too. My wish item would be something like a Large Crop Plot that could grow some kind of exotic seed, which produces a limited amount of some kind of rare resource, like oil, rare flowers, mushrooms, etc., but the scent of the plant in full bloom is what attracts the waves of rabid animals. I know that would make this already awesome mod even more complicated, but it would definitely incentivize players on my RP server to take the risk. But I could see how others might think that is silly or a cheat item. Just a wishful suggestion though!

2. That would be amazing! A blacklist INI would make absoultely the most sense and would probably be the easiest of any option to implement for server managers.

Question for you -- the creatures created by this mod, are they vanilla clones? I'm wondering if a dinosaur is changed through another mod (like Survival Plus or Balanced Evolved), does this mod summon a wave of the modded creatures? Or would they all be vanilla creatures? I'm assuming it is the latter, and if so, is it within the boundaries of the mod and your plans to make that happen?
TimmyCarbine  [developer] Aug 2, 2017 @ 4:22pm 
The wardrums would make a great temporary model and should be fairly easy to implement. I absolutely love the plant idea where the scent attracts the creatures, but just thinking about the logic involved in that is intimidating. Definitely an idea for the future though, cheers.

I'll be working on the blacklist for the next major update.

Yes, and no. They are clones of the vanilla creatures but the reason I copied them is so I can change a few things to make them do what I wanted. I need to change them so they couldn't be tamed, can't take torpor and obviously make them aggressive towards players and player owned objects. So they are vanilla in terms of stats but they have a few tweaks to their behaviours. To make it summon copies of other modded creatures would be ideal, but I'm unsure of how to go about that. So for now they are just vanilla with their levels scaled with the level of the server.
Dampback Aug 2, 2017 @ 10:18pm 
Would it be crazy to ask if you could make the crafting a little more costly? maybe not higher level but idk... make us work for it?
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Could it be possible to have the normal amout of dinos spawn but have a weighted option to added modded dinos? Be nice to add in there extinction core dinos or Ark Eternal dinos or even Dragonpunk: Mythical Creatures << the Dragon Rexs are quite op and obliverate the waves.

These are some of the mods on our server that would be really nice to have that option at each wave to include some of them.
TimmyCarbine  [developer] Aug 2, 2017 @ 11:22pm 
@Dampback I actually made it extremely cheap to suit my playstyle, see the way I designed it to work is you are meant to place it as soon as you start building your base. While you are low level in your thatch hut, the Wave Rank will be low, spawning weaker creatures. As you level up, the Wave Rank also levels up with you and starts spawning in more difficult creatures to defeat. If I made it expensive to build, the weak waves would be pointless.

@ChaoticCroc That would be amazing and the ultimate goal to be able to have it spawn modded creatures from other mods, but unfortunately for now I don't know enough about modding to be able to intergrate them... if it's even possible.
Lycanshifter Aug 3, 2017 @ 4:29am 
firstly i think keep the colours the same.

just a few suggestions.

1 option to have species specifc waves. woulndt make sense for a rex and spino to team up.

2 other parameters to start wave. etc noise heat etc. maybe make a specific carnivore have a preferred prey and if you have several species of that prey it has a higher chance to spawn that carnivore. example. raptors like to eat dodos and having several dodos increases raptor attack. rex likes parasaurs etc

3 turning off the reset after dying 3 times. if i die alot i should lose everything. just like if im being raided.

4 a nice but probably hard to implement idea. team up with the auther of dinos nests and make it so whatever egg you steal the parent can track you back to your base and attempt to recover it.

i have no idea about modding so i apoligise it my ideas are stupid or not worth dooing
someday (when your better at modding) make a total conversion thats just spaced around this

1 crafting defences (aka different kinds of turrets)

2 make the color of the creatures red and name thim rabid(creature speices)
also make it so the waves spawn quicker (or add a option to change it)
would be neat if wave 18 would spawn broodmother with all the chitinous creatures in the game (even eurypterids and trilobites) , 19 spawning megapithecus with all the monkey like creatures and the alphas being the yetis from cave , i mean not just mesopitchecus and gigantopithecus , anything that relates to monkeys , and wave 20 having just wyverns , alpha wyverns and the dragon boss , that would be neat , and hard :coolsam:
TimmyCarbine  [developer] Aug 4, 2017 @ 1:55am 
@DJ Boi I had a similar idea when I first started the mod. So I already have the framework in place to do "special" waves like Only Alphas or Only Poison Creatures. I just need to get the core mechanic running smoothly and then I can start adding things like this
Get bamboozeld Aug 4, 2017 @ 4:34am 
Maybe give the summoned creatures "ghost" models like on haloween.
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