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Update: Jan 14 @ 3:23pm

Minor Update v1.26.2
  • Fixed an issue with the Control Unit & Hologram Display becoming invisible on server restarts (Thank you, Orionsun)

Update: Dec 7, 2017 @ 8:33pm

Minor Update v1.26.1

New INI Settings (defaults shown)
MaxLevel=Your Server Difficulty x2
    INI Setting For KeepProgressAfterFail
  • The Control Unit now has the option to keep your Wave Rank progress if you hit the Death Limit. Please note: the progress will still be wiped if the Control Unit is destroyed or picked up.
    • true = Keep Progress
    • false = Clear Progress

    INI Setting For BypassTerrainCheck
  • The Control Unit does a "scan" of the terrain in the spawn zone to get the correct elevation to spawn creatures with out them spawning under the map. However, the scan will take structures as terrain meaning they would spawn on top of structures which was undesirable for people wanting to spawn the creatures inside a closed roof arena. This option will bypass the scan and spawn creatures at the same elevation as the control unit. Please ensure your control unit is the exact same height as where you want the creatures to spawn in at.
    • true = Bypass the scan and spawn creatures at the height of the control unit
    • false = Do the scan to ensure creatures will spawn on top of terrain

    Dimorphodon Nerf
  • Reduced speed by 50%
  • Low level players will be able to out run the dimorphodons but they still hit hard so don't get cornered by them

    Dreaded Client-Kicking Bug
  • The Display Unit introduced in v1.26.0 had a bug which kicked all clients after a random amount of waves, this has been fixed.
  • The bug was caused by the array in which stores all the data to be displayed getting too large to replicate to all clients resulting in time outs.
  • As a result, I've had to reduce the array to a single variable which only stores the current wave.

    Many more optimizations and small rare bug fixes

    That’s is for v1.26.1, I'm really sorry about how long this update took but I didn't want to push the update until I fixed the client-kicking bug which was a game breaker. Due to the nature of that bug and the random nature of my mod, it took a long time to track down the bug and fix it. From here on out I will be continuing to plan the loot system and applying small tweaks as I see fit.

    Thank you again for everyone being active in the CotW community and helping me track down that bug.

Update: Oct 11, 2017 @ 7:09pm

Major Update v1.26.0

New INI Settings (defaults shown)
MaxLevel=Your Server Difficulty x2
    INI Setting For Creature Decay Time
  • CotW Creature Corpses will despawn after the set time.
    • -1.0 = Corpses will stay for as long as your default corpse time is set (disables the CotW increased decay)
    • 1.0 = 1 second after the creature is killed, it's corpse will disappear
    Creature Level Progression & INI Settings
  • CotW Creatures now spawn in at a certain level (INI set) and will increase in level as you complete waves, up to a max level (INI set)
  • The rate at which they increase can also be set via INI settings

    Secondary Creature List (No Exotic Creatures)
  • Choose between the normal list of creatures or the secondary which removes all Wyverns, Deathworms & Rock Golem.
  • Please read the config thread for more info on the INI settings.

    Water & Air Creatures Stage 2
  • Control Unit spawns appropriate creatures depending on the spawn location it has chosen
    • If location is in water; A suitable water creature is chosen to spawn there
    • If location is in the air; A flying creature is chosen to spawn there
  • Land creatures will no longer spawn off the side of a cliff or directly in water

    New Item - Hologram Display
  • Stores & Displays Stats From Current & Completed Waves
    • Wave Number (Each wave now has a unique number associated with it)
    • Wave Rank (Rank of the currently displayed wave)
    • Time Completed (Shows how long the wave took to complete)
    • Result (Shows whether the wave was successfully completed or failed)
    • Player Name (Only shows players who participated in the wave)
    • Kills (How many killing blows this player achieved)
    • Damage Done (The total damage done to CotW creatures by this player)
  • Lists All Turrets & Other Structures Together as “Base Defences”
  • Lists All Allied & Owned Dinos Together as “Dinos”
  • Engram learned at level 1 (dependant on user feedback)
  • Cost 1 Thatch to craft (dependant on user feedback)
  • Radial Menu Option to Cycle Wave
    • Cycle the display back to previous waves
  • Radial Menu Option to Sort Players
    • Player Name
    • Kills
    • Damage Done
    Plus a few small bug fixes

    That’s is for v1.26.0, I'm really looking forward to seeing the feedback from everyone regarding this one. I feel like the "scoreboard" will be a great addition to the mod, especially for multi-player tribes.

    Thank you again for everyone being active in the CotW community and especially telling your friends about the CotW.

Update: Sep 18, 2017 @ 10:07pm

Major Update v1.25.0

New INI Settings (defaults shown)

    INI Setting For Error Logging Amount
  • Controls how much data is written to the log files on servers
    • Debug = Logs everything, this is what I use to debug issues, very useful to me if you are having an issue with something
    • Error = Only logs errors, something that shouldn’t break but I have a catch in place anyway to see if it does
    • Off = Doesn’t log anything
    Creatures Damage Structures
  • All creatures can damage up to wood
  • Medium - large creatures can damage stone (Starts around wave 10)
  • All alphas and some ‘regular’ creatures can damage metal & tek (Starts around wave 14)

    Special Waves
  • Exotic Wave 0.001% Chance (All exotic creatures, Deathworm, Rock Golems, Wyverns, etc)
  • Alpha Wave 0.003% Chance (All alpha creatures, Alpha Rex, Alpha Wyvern, etc)
  • {Type} Wave 0.01% Chance (eg. All Flyers)
  • {Single} Wave 0.05% Chance (eg. All Jerboas)

    Creatures Only Target Summoning Tribe
  • Creatures ignore everything except the tribe which summoned them (TargetSummoningTribeOnly=true)
  • Creatures attack whoever is closest; still ignores wild creatures (TargetSummoningTribeOnly=false)

    Stasis Kills Creatures
  • Creatures are now destroyed if they enter stasis (Stasis kills are counted towards illegitimate kills)

    Sonar System
  • Use radial menu option to ‘ping’ creatures (30sec cooldown, resets when wave complete)
  • Shows a beam of light at creature location (long range spotting)
  • Shows outline of creature and ‘pulses’ when behind an object (short range spotting)

    Creature Count on Holographic Display
  • Remaining creatures now display on the holographic display
  • Only active when wave is active
  • Disabled if IsTimerInvisible=true

    Hide / Show Display
  • Radial menu option to show / hide display (Timer & Creatures Remaining)
  • Disabled if IsTimerInvisible=true

    Fixed Rock Golem
  • Rock Golems were spawning inside ground, trapping them. They should spawn on the ground now

    Fixed Megatherium
  • Megatheriums were not aggroing at all unless took damage. They should now aggro instantly

    Removed Trigger Radial Menu option when UseTimer=true

    Check Spawn Location For Water
  • Control Unit now checks for water and will not spawn dinos there. Important: DO NOT use this unit if there is no land available for spawning
  • 1st stage to getting water creatures implemented

    Fixed Creatures Elevation Targeting
  • Creatures were incorrectly not targeting players if their elevation exceeds a certain point

    Stage 1 Anit-Cheat System
  • When TargetSummoningTribeOnly=true, creatures need to be killed by the summoning tribe to count towards legit kills
  • Creatures entering stasis now count towards illegitimate kills
  • Legit kills need to be greater than 50% of the total creatures spawned for that wave
  • All illegitimately killed creatures are instantly removed from the world
  • If illegitimate kills are 50% or greater, the wave is aborted and you are called out for cheating (I’m joking lol but seriously the wave is aborted and wave rank will not progress)

    New Particle Systems & Sound Effects
  • Starting a wave has a ‘charging up’ sound and visual effect
  • When a wave ends there is a ‘winding down’ sound
  • Creatures spawning in have a new beam/explosion sound and visual effect
  • Hide/Show Display has a new sound effect

    Plus many small bug fixes and optimizations

    That’s is for v1.25.0, this was another massive update hence why it took so long. From here on out, I’ll be only including one feature at a time to make it a bit easier on myself when it comes to alpha-testing and bug fixing.

    Next update I have a really cool surprise for you all, a new item to place in your base… what could it be?...

Update: Aug 13, 2017 @ 8:57pm

Update v1.2
Re-upload, a few changes didn't stick the first time apparently

Update: Aug 13, 2017 @ 11:22am

Update v1.2
  • Fixed Hyaenodon - Now correctly aggro when spawned
  • Temporarily Removed Compy - Were spawning without aggro
  • Temporarily Removed Giant Bee - Were spawning in stasis
  • Temporarily Removed Meganeura - Were spawning in stasis
  • Temporarily Removed Titanomyrma - Were spawning in stasis
  • Fixed Targeting - Creatures will now aggro players without the need of line of sight (this is a massive improvement in how fun the mod is)
  • Fixed Creature Spawning - Creatures should never spawn underground now, even in mountainess regions
  • Increased Creature Tracking - Completely rebuilt the way creatures are detected by the mod. It will now correctly count when creatures die
  • Improved Reliability of Aborting - When picking up, demolishing the unit or hitting the death limit will now correctly cancel the wave and remove all CotW creatures
  • Added New Visual Timer - Displays the remaining time until the next wave begins. It will dynamically change colour from green to red as it counts down
  • New Game Mode - Now choose between 2 ways to use the device. Either automatically launch waves with a timer (perfect for survival) or manually launch waves with an option menu on the device (perfect for server events)
  • Added INI Settings for:
    • Visual Timer
    • Use Timer
  • Removed Console Commands for:
    • Debug
    • SetTime

All old Control Units NEED to be picked up and replaced. Please check the Config Thread for more info on the new INI settings, they are important to how the mod works now.

Other Notes: - This was a massive under taking, the patchnotes don't do it justice, I have basically rebuilt half the mod. It is a lot more efficient and stable now. I'm happy with where Call of the Wild is at this point and feel confident to start adding some new features. Thank you for all the support.

Update: Aug 2, 2017 @ 10:28am

Update: Aug 2, 2017 @ 10:27am

Update v1.15
  • Fixed INI Error - INI settings now work correctly
  • Fixed Thylacoleo - Now run forwards
  • Fixed Small Error In Level Checking - No longer advances Wave Rank when not intended
  • Fixed Massive Error In Level Multiplier - Creature Levels are back to multiplicative instead of being exponential... woops
  • New Notification - Getting wiped during a wave now displays server wide that you were defeated.
  • Removed Inventory Component - Can no longer use the Control Unit as a storage box.... hopefully this time

Update: Jul 31, 2017 @ 6:02am

Update v1.1
  • Fixed Placement - Can once again place the Control Unit within range of a regular Generator
  • Fixed Rock Golem - No longer spawn in their rock form
  • Fixed Megalosaurus - No longer spawn in their sleeping state
  • Fixed Purlovia - No longer spawn underground
  • Temporarily Removed Baryonyx - Were spawning without aggro
  • Temporarily Removed Vulture - Were spawning without aggro
  • Temporarily Removed Deathworm - Were spawning invisible
  • Temporarily Removed Titanosaur - Were the source of a crash
  • Added Difficulty Scaling Per Tribemate - 20% increase in creature spawns per tribemate, capped at 100% (5 Players)
  • Added Difficulty Multiplier - Range 0.25 - 4.0 (default 1.0) Note: Tribemate Scaling is added to Difficulty Multiplier before applied to wave for a maximum of x5 the amount of spawns
  • Changed Notification - Wave Defeated is now broadcast across the server for added bragging rights
  • Rewording - Wave Difficulty is now referred to as Wave Rank as to not get confused with Difficulty Multiplier or Tribemate Scaling
  • Reworked Calculations - Optimised some of the wave initiation to improve spawning in creatures without unnecessary calculations
  • Added INI Settings for:
    • Tribe Death Limit
    • Minimum Time
    • Maximum Time
    • Difficulty Multiplier
  • Added Console Commands for:
    • Debug
    • SetTime
    • SetWaveRank
    • SetDifficultyMultiplier

Other Notes: - I had another go at getting the creatures to target only the summoning tribe, unfortunately, it looks like I will need to rewrite some of the behaviours, which will take some time. This mechanic is extremely important to me now seeing as so many of you are using this on a server with multiple tribes, so I will continue to do my best to get this implemented in a future update.

Update: Jul 26, 2017 @ 11:42pm