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Add Part Names
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Mar 6, 2017 @ 3:29am
Mar 7, 2017 @ 2:12am
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Add Part Names

Base mod to allow other mods to add localization to Torsos, Arms and Legs.


There is a quirk in the base game that doesn't allow Torsos, Arms and Legs as Body Parts to have their own display names like Helmets do, for example.

This mod adds a way to add those names, given proper input via localization files.

If you are a mod author who has added Torsos, Legs or Arms in a mod and want to add localization for them, you need to create a file called "AddedPartNames.int" (or whatever localization extension you need) and add your localization there using the method described below (also in SteamApps/workshop/content/268500/878158600/Localization/AddedPartNames.int).

[X2DownloadableContentInfo_AddedPartNames] ; these are examples. ; every entry consists of a ; .*Template="TemplateName" ; and a ; .*Name="DisplayString" ; without semicolons of course ; * can be Torso, Arms, Legs ; order is important. to not get confused, you should arrange them like this: ; failing to have one line registered (for whatever reason) ; results in ALL subsequent ones being shifted by one, so all parts after that will have the wrong name ; TL:DR it is CRUCIAL to always pair these entries ; parts that don't have entries at all, or have the .*Name Empty will get the old style "Torso 1" thing, for example .TorsoTemplate="CnvMed_Std_A_M" .TorsoName="Conventional Medium Kevlar A" .TorsoTemplate="CnvMed_Std_C_M" .TorsoName="Conventional Medium Kevlar C" .TorsoTemplate="CnvMed_Std_D_M" .TorsoName="Conventional Medium Kevlar D" .LegsTemplate="PltLgt_Std_Legs_A_M" .LegsName="Light Plated A" .ArmsTemplate="PWrHvy_Std_A_M" .ArmsName="WAR Armor Arms A"

You can then make my mod an (optional) requirement, and if people are subscribed to this, these Part Types will show Display Names.
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foxcommander2 May 25 @ 7:31pm 
guyz, this should work with wotc even if it says incomp. when i first downloaded this, worked perfectly for my clones vs empire playthrough. not sure if it has issues with other mods than the ones i use in my collection though.
Flex May 23 @ 8:32am 
this Mod dosnt work with wotc at my pc
Action Bastard May 21 @ 6:37am 
is there a wotc version or do I run it anyways?
Dragon32 May 9 @ 2:09am 
Dunno what you mean by "its showing incompatibility", how can a mod do that?

Have a read of those mod troubleshooting links I posted in May last year.
LimpWeiner May 8 @ 5:23pm 
I had it working the first time around, but now its showing incompatibility for both base game and wotc
Dragon32 May 3 @ 4:27am 
@Abe tha supá gangstá
It works fine in both the base game and WotC.

Mod was made with the base game's SDK so is missing the little bit of text the Firaxis launcher looks for.
Abe tha supá gangstá May 3 @ 4:06am 
In the Firaxis launcher it says that the mod is not compatible. Is something conflicting with it or is it something else?
Online Addict Apr 30 @ 9:59pm 
If, by 3rd Party Launcher, you're referring to the AML (Alternate Mod Launcher) then I can attest that this mod works fine. Been using it for ages. And you're right, just simply to keep them organized, it's best to use the AML over the standard launcher, but it does also help in situations such as load order and mod conflicts.
AlphaAshIsAWeenie Apr 30 @ 9:19pm 
Does not work with 3rd party launcher any armors that require this only show up when resistance warrior armor is equipped.
3rd party launchers are a must when running more then 10 Xcom2 mods as the game is deathly slow with out
時處暑 Feb 27 @ 5:03pm 




如果您是国防部作者,并且已在国防部中添加了Torsos,Les或Arms并希望为其添加本地化,则需要创建一个名为“ AddedPartNames.int”的文件(或所需的任何本地化扩展名)并在其中添加本地化 使用下面描述的方法(同样在SteamApps / workshop / content / 268500/878158600 / Localization / AddedPartNames.int中)。