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Portal 2

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The Best of Demon Arisen (30+ Fun & Logical Puzzles)
A collection of my very best fun and logical test chambers, in order from easiest to hardest. Bear in mind that "best" doesn't necessarily mean "really difficult" - in fact, the first few are quite easy to gradually get you used to my way of thinking - but I am proud that I designed every single one, and all of them received hundreds, if not thousands of players, and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

If you want to learn how to make tests like these, check out my Youtube channel

Enjoy! :)
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Created by Demon Arisen
You must return to places you have already looked in this fun, medium difficulty logic puzzle.

But that is not the only reason I named this chamber "Return". This is the first chamber I have made since November, and so this marks the return of Demon Arise...
Created by Demon Arisen
I'm back! I'm not dead! Yay! Welcome to Refraction,
my first test of 2016. I know, it's May, sorry, I've been really busy getting ready to go to university, preparing for exams etc.

So what did I miss while I was gone? WOW, over 100 followers!? That's a...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here, reminding all test subjects to apply a generous coating of Aperture brand sunscreen all over your body before entering any test involving a Hard Light Bridge. And I mean all over your body. Eyes. Hair. Teeth. Yes, even your... gentleman'...
Divided v2.0
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Huge, dark, and smelly cave. What? No, I'm not talking about myself! I am literally inside a cave right now and I have no idea how to get out. Seeing how I don't exactly have many creature comforts in here, I'll probably be rat food very soon. C...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. According to those uptight snobs in the PR department, my pre-recorded messages have been getting a little too... inappropriate lately. Apparently test subjects have been seen sat in the corner sucking their thumbs at the mere mention of that ac...
Created by Demon Arisen
Use a light bridge and a laser to complete this deviously compact test chamber.

UPDATE: Thanks to RectorRocks for the new title <3...
Created by Demon Arisen
Easy-ish difficulty laser puzzle. Have fun! :)

If you are stuck and need a hint: Look up the definition of the word "elide". Also, Demon Arisen veterans may recognise the solution from two previous puzzles I've made.

EDIT 1: Fixe...
Created by MisterLambda
Difficulty: Medium

Puzzle by Demon Arisen and recreated by MisterLambda in the Hammer Edit...
Dual Inverse Helicoidal Infundibuliforms
Created by Demon Arisen
Medium difficulty Excursion Funnel puzzle.

(Title translation: Two Opposing Helix-shaped Funnels) :P

I'm really proud of this one. It's not my hardest but I think it's a pretty fun puzzle with very clean design. Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enj...
Created by Demon Arisen
Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Cave Johnson, founder and CEO of Aperture Science, and I am proud to present to you Aperture's latest innovation in quantum tunnelling: the Aperture Science Handheld Mono-Portal Device, or Monoportal Gun for short. Why is i...
Stranger than Friction
Created by Demon Arisen
EDIT 1: Exploits people have pointed out (thanks, people) should now be fixed. However, some people have told me they've found four solutions or whatever, but then haven't told me what these solutions are! I can't fix unintended solutions without knowing w...
Outside the Box
Created by Demon Arisen
How to Make Great Test Chambers - Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snZAq2GMOMU&ab_channel=DemonArisen

A tricky laser and funnel puzzle, Outside the Box tests your lateral thinking skills as you struggle to get everything you need across the po...
Created by Demon Arisen
Hello, Test Subject, it's Cave. You may have heard that we recently acquired a little extra budget after yours truly fired that idiot Jeff from the engineering department. So, as a celebration of Jeff not being able to provide for his family anymore, we th...
Cyan and Vermillion
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. For this next test, we've put deadly nanomachines in the oxygen supply. If you feel your lungs being agonisingly ripped apart by nanoscopic robots, that's normal. Just take a deep breath, and... Actually no, that'll make the whole thing ...
Fluid (V2.0)
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Now, I know you're here to solve brand new tests but our design team went on strike the other day due to "unsanitary working conditions" just because there's a little radioactive fluid here or there... or everywhere. So since they're off protest...
Created by Demon Arisen
Accelerate is a complex yet fun logic puzzle for those who want a challenge.

A much larger and more complicated chamber than my usual tests, this medium-hard difficulty logic puzzle focuses on fun mechanics such as repulsion gel, flinging, turrets, and ex...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Apparently one of our employees was out "walking the dog" the other day - at least that's what he told me - when their dog just happened to dig up a lump of fossilised amber. Now, if you ask me it sounds like he was doing an archaeological dig w...
Created by Demon Arisen
"Good morning, employees! Cave here. Welcome to yet another Fairly Advanced Robotics Training Seminar, or FARTS for short. Yeah yeah, I know, get your laughs out now. I don’t make the acronyms around here. But I do the FARTS! So, without further ado, it’s ...
Marathon (v1.1)
Created by Demon Arisen
CAVE JOHNSON ft. Himself
Huge Dark Cave (Radio Version)
Aperture Records Inc.

* * * * *

Cave Johnson here
Yo, it's Cavey J with a brand new rap
Aperture Science
Man oh man. Wow.

Shoved my girl all up in a computer
Got my kicks with a ...
Created by Demon Arisen
One of the best puzzles I've made recently, Skybox is a medium-ish difficulty faith plate and funnel puzzle, where which portal goes where is key to reaching the exit door in the box in the sky.

Hope you all enjoy it!

Created by Demon Arisen
A lone turret guards the exit from afar. Can you outsmart him?...
Created by Demon Arisen
Demon Arisen is back with his most difficult laser puzzle yet....
Access Denied (v2.0)
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. Just a reminder that I'm your boss and I have the power to fire your butt whenever I please. And by your butt I mean you, because to be honest I can't even tell much of a difference right now. That's right, I am NOT happy. Some wise guy ...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. I've just been informed that a Mr L.B. from our programming department has been unwell recently. Sorry about that, it's probably the micro-parasites we put into your keyboard. Don't worry about it, all they do is make you feel unwell but...
Created by Stract
Difficulty: Pleasantly Prickly Cactus

Puzzle by Demon Arisen, Hammerized by Stract
A puzzle about cube transpo...
Illuminet Tenebras
Created by Demon Arisen
Hello Test Subject, it's Cave. Not gonna lie to you, this test is pretty difficult compared to this moron's usual chambers so you'll probably be in here a little while. So, if you need to go to the bathroom, just find a quiet little corner and keep it neat...
Created by Demon Arisen
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Aperture Science Multiverse Olympics. Alien Athletes, Mutated Horrors, Interdimensional Monsters from the Depths of Hell, you're here because we want to test. And you are fit.

Now, you all met each other on the Tra...
Created by Demon Arisen
Ahoy, me hearties! Cap'n Cave 'ere, just wanted to let yer know that since all yer young scallywags are gettin' all miserable over not bein' able to do yer usual testin', we've installed a swashbucklin' test chamber right 'ere on the ship. Aye, the ship ai...
Created by Demon Arisen
Hello, soldier. Welcome to the Extraterrestrial Combat project, or XCOM for short. We are Earth's last and only defense against the alien invaders who have taken over our governments and convinced humanity to obey them using widespread propaganda and dubio...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. Introducing the Aperture Science Personal Energy Shield. This pocket-sized gizmo projects a sphere of energy around the wearer, shielding them from any wayward projectiles that get too close, including debris, bullets, intercontinental b...