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Arrowhead Valley (Official Map)
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Sep 22, 2016 @ 5:47pm
Sep 24, 2016 @ 1:45pm
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Arrowhead Valley (Official Map)

Arrowhead Valley is a map created for a Cities: Skylines collaboration including myself, Strictoaster, and Freshpopcorn called "Arrowhead Junction". The map is designed to be used with the Arrowhead Valley map theme as well as the "Arrowhead Junction" LUT. This map relies heavily on the textures in the custom map theme in particular, so without these two, the map will look very strange. Arrowhead Valley is a desert/arid map set in a dry empty valley with one lone river flowing through the middle. This map has full airplane/train/traffic connection functionality (minus boat connections, for obvious reasons) but we highly recommend the use of the 81 tile mod for full control over where on the map you'd like to build.

What is Arrowhead Junction?

Arrowhead Junction is a Cities: Skylines collaboration project that aims to bring a new type of series to the city building community. The series features a totally custom map and map theme featuring 100% unique textures and a hand-picked selection of assets and mods from the Steam Workshop, which complement the style of city that is being built. Each player has total control over their respective episodes, but the final outcome is the sum of all three builders efforts. While the basic plans for the region are in place, the endeavor will be completely inspired by each individual's creation per their episodes. We certainly hope you share our enthusiasm for this project!

Arrowhead Valley Map Theme:
Arrowhead Junction Collection:

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Fluxtrance -
Freshpopcorn -
Strictoaster -
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Aug 6 @ 6:09am
Map Theme has wrong colour.
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Sheriff Sep 22 @ 8:53pm 
Hello guys! My first map, please rate and comment!
=DRK=TheFury Aug 30 @ 6:25pm 
somehow the map is blured out, its such a good map, hopefully it will be fixed someday
Nicolus Aug 22 @ 8:45pm 
i installed all of them but this isnt working
Vibagz Aug 1 @ 12:58am 
the map aint workin
Kleppo Jul 26 @ 11:05am 
Is the map supposed to use Tropical base theme? It feels weird that its constantly raining in the desert.
TheSovietBunny Jul 10 @ 9:09am 
Desperate for a desert map that looks good so im going to risk all the required items :/
Scorpio Jul 10 @ 7:17am 
InFamousKiller37 Jul 9 @ 6:21am 
too much required items I'm not gonna risk it
shinx Jul 1 @ 8:13am 
The map doesn't load with the theme.
Legion, Duke of Rockford Jun 17 @ 6:09pm 
Also, since the NEP is no longer maintained, with new one now having been created (Network Extentions 2), you may want to update this map for that.