Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Jul 10, 2015 @ 4:44am
Nov 29, 2016 @ 5:12pm
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Network Extensions Project

Roads and Highways pack
v. 2.7
*New* First assymetrical roads
*New* CS V1.6 support

From V2.0, Traffic++ roads are now included within Network Extensions for further support, optimizations, and evolutions.

Current support:
-1 lane Oneway [G]
-2 lanes Alley [G]
-2 lanes Road with turning lane [G/E/B/T]
-3 lanes Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-3 lanes Assymetrical (2+1) [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Small Road [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Assymetrical (3+1) [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Road [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Road with turning lane [G/E/B/T]
-8 lanes Road with median [G/E/B/T]
-2 lanes National Road [G/E/B/T]
-2 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-5 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-6 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-Road Zoning Modifier Tool
-Road Color Changer Mod support
-After Dark Expansion
-Snowfall Expansion

-[BETA] 2 lanes Busways [G/E/B/T]
-[BETA] 2 lanes Busways Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-[BETA] 6 lanes Roads with Bus lanes [G/E/B/T]

-*New* Plain Street [G]
-*New* Zonable Promenade [After Dark required] [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Stone Road [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Gravel [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Gravel Road [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Pavement [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Pavement Road [G/E]
-*New* Support for Road Color Changer Continued

(Ground / Elevated / Bridge / Tunnel)

Note: Traffic++ V2 is needed to have restrictions on the Busways and Zonable Pedestrian roads

Tested compatibilities:
-Road Color Changer Continued
-Some Roads mod
-Traffic++ V2
-Traffic Report Tool

Known issues/unsupported features (yet):
-Assymetrical roads cannot be inverted like the oneway (if anyone are up to the challenge, send us a message)
-Road Zoning Modifier Tool is incompatible with Fine Road Heights
-Reported incompatibilities with Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance
-Reported incompatibilities with European Building Unlocker
-Pedestrian roads dont allow bus stop anymore (by design)
-National roads dont have lights (by design)

Will not do:
-Tram Roads

Special thanks for the inspiration from:
jfarias' Traffic++
sschoener's Detour[]
some danny's Some Road
Jonathan Bailey's medium OneWay road[]

Source code[]


this mod is not perfect, but we are getting better each day =)
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CraZy_Rab 1 hour ago 
need to be updated. sth went wrong with it.
LINK 1 hour ago 
What is the alternative to this Mod..Because it has been 3 months since I reported the tile snapping error. My quess is it will never be fixed.
Heraclito83 12 hours ago 
Need be update!
octaviocruz99 12 hours ago 
Este MOD no sirve, no medeja poner edificios en las calles, como hare mi ciudad.
LePetitBonnetRouge 15 hours ago 
@jmeyer0911 : thank you for reading the comments
jmeyer0911 16 hours ago 
I can't use this MOD anymore...when i build...i can not snap any buildings or gives any grids to place buildings.
LePetitBonnetRouge 18 hours ago 
Mais c'est pas vrais !!
Ce MOD est HS, regardé le commentaire de GCVos plus bas, merci !!!
This MOD is dead
Read commentary of GCVos, thank !!!
gorczycakacper99 Jul 20 @ 12:27pm 
Please, update this modification. When I use it, I do not have road grids and I can not imagine the game without your modification and sorry, my english is bad buy i dont englishman.
toruk_makto1 Jul 20 @ 12:17am 
So help me the day I win the lottery I am buying access to the steam player database, then purchasing plane tickets to every single CUCK that is writing how this MOD breaks their game, because they don't read the previous comments before posting, so I can pop them each once hard in the nose!