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Cities: Skylines

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Network Extensions 2 (Updated for Sunset Harbor)
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Dec 4, 2016 @ 5:22am
Apr 6, 2020 @ 12:31am
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Network Extensions 2 (Updated for Sunset Harbor)


Attention 8/24/2018
I have been monitoring your responses to the Future of New Roads for Network Extensions 2[] poll over the past 1 year and 9 months and 14 days (6/23/2018 - 4/6/2020) and based on your overall responses I have chosen to roll in that mod's roads into this mod. There is a lot of work to do to get these roads up to snuff (many are broken or incomplete). I am about 50% complete with the integration process but have been recently diverted. I will try to have it done and out ASAP. I do appreciate your patience and feedback.

This is a place for development to continue. You must unsubscribe from Network Extensions Project before subscribing here (do not just disable it). This mod has all the goodies from Network Extensions Project with some additional fixes and enhancements. Until further notice, I plan to put all future upgrades here.

What's new
-Fixed Mod Menu
-Added back missing roads One Way Road with Bicycle Lanes and Cul De Sac (disabled for now)

-Fixed zoning issue
-Fixed elevated/bridge misalignment for 2L 2 way national road
-Fixed stretching textures on certain elevated roads

-Fixed highway streetlights not showing up

-6L Avenue with median
-1+2 Asymmetrical National Road
-2+2 National Road

-Fixed asymmetrical road direction switching

-Performance update (Reduce load times)

-Fixed Mod
-Added Small road with median (striped, concrete, grass, trees)
-Added trees back to promenade

For a full listing of updates, click on the Change Notes tab toward the top.

Current Stuff
Listed Here

Future Stuff
-Rework and integrate New Roads For Network Extensions (that mod is now broken)
-Road customizations menu and bridge selection
-Fix Ped Road vehicle restrictions (longer term...lots of work)
-4+3 and 5+3 asymmetrical avenues
-Cul De Sacs (?)
-Divided highways (?)
-More tram road options I have decided to make a new mod for this as eventually it is going to copy a lot of the same roads...but with tram. This mod is huge and there is much more to add. Stay tuned ;)


Follow These steps if you believe this mod is causing you problems:
  1. Open Content Manager and go to the Mods Panel, disable all except "Network Extensions 2"
  2. In Content Manager, go to the Asset Panel and disable all except the assets listed in the "Required Assets List" under the Discussions tab on this workshop page.
  3. Quit to Desktop
  4. Verify game cache
  5. Launch the game
  6. Start a new game 100% vanilla - DLC allowed but no other mods other than specified.
  7. test thoroughly the mod to see if it presents the same problem (yes you may have to play and build a quick test city to do so)
  8. If the problem still persists, please upload the same vanilla save file you tested in making sure you have not used any other custom assets (so they don't disappear when I load it) and paste a link to the savegame in the discussion thread "Troubleshooting Savegames". Savefiles uploaded on third party servers will not be accepted.
If you do not complete these steps and submit a savegame we cannot help you and any comment requesting help will be deleted.
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Epic Games compadibility
< >
Sir SheikhsPears May 12 @ 8:53am 
@UKFA This mod was not updated from a long time, so your request might just as well have spoken to the wind.
[Read some comments below to understanding what's goin on]
UKFA May 12 @ 8:20am 
Having two size options would be great as well, either one tile or two. I don't know if this is possible but the ideal would be a 'paint' type thing as you have with zones, which just fills the gaps between buildings. The vanilla behavior is to have buildings with grass between them but in most cities everything is paved, and grass areas are specifically created not just the gaps around every building.
UKFA May 12 @ 8:20am 
Can I make a request? I'd love an additional version of the alleyway which is exactly the same as the current one but has zero zoning. I fill gaps between houses with pedestrian walkways or bike pathways but it would be good to have a similar one but for vehicles too. If you zone high density zones the buildings look too close together, it would be nice to have the sort of little back alleys you get in New York behind or around buildings etc. And also when they emerge onto main roads they don't create a junction, traffic just has to merge onto the road as it would from any side alley without automatically creating three or four crossings etc. I'm aware much the same effect can be done using the surface painter and filling gaps with concrete, but an alleyway could be used by pedestrians or have occasional vehicles parked like you might see in a back street.
LemonsterOG May 11 @ 3:48am 
@@J Λ L Ξ N Gaming -- If you haven't played in months, lots of mods have changed and some no longer work. This one should work, but it's now incompatible with some other mods.

First, you should simply try unsubscribing and resubscribing to this mod. That may fix it.

If you'd like me to review your subscribed mods, you can find instructions on how to share your mod compatibility report here in the "Sharing Your Mod Compatibility Report" section. Please follow ALL the directions.
J Λ L Ξ N Gaming May 11 @ 3:38am 
Hello, so this mod didnt work? Because i havent play the game in likw months, nad when i play the game today, i found all my road created using this mod is gone
asterisk11231 May 8 @ 8:06am 
@Christian Maoudis - several new mods are incompatible, including newer harmony 2 mods like Zoning Adjuster. I have a collection of roads that can replace them (nearly) 1:1 and I'm aware of some others as well as a recreation project
Sir SheikhsPears May 7 @ 2:02pm 
@Christian Maoudis This mod has not been updated for a very long time. The fact that it works at all is a miracle. Nobody knows what may happen in the future. You can use it with your own responsibility, but now with a lot of mods, especially depended from Harmony you can suppose that NExt2 have some big issues.
Christian Maoudis May 7 @ 1:40pm 
Dose this work with out dlc?
Sir SheikhsPears May 7 @ 1:38pm 
@LemonsterOG That is why I am still thinking about my first map, at all times. I will probably release it in two versions: One with all fireworks, the other - simple.
Certainly without MOM, maybe without PO (although I do not see any potential problems here). The absence of IMT(especially) and NC will not break the map, so I don't care about this two mod.
LemonsterOG May 7 @ 12:31pm 
@Sir SheikhsPears -- It's no big deal. Everyone has their own preference. That's what so great about this game and all the workshop mods and assets. For me, I wouldn't do it, as it's highly likely that in the future the map I created using a mod or two wouldn't work. I wouldn't want to do that to players that enjoy playing on my map. Again, it's all personal choice.