Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Network Extensions 2
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Dec 4, 2016 @ 5:22am
Jun 19 @ 11:01pm
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Network Extensions 2

Attention 8/24/2018
I have been monitoring your responses to the Future of New Roads for Network Extensions 2[] poll over the past 2 months (6/23/2018 - 8/24/2018) and based on your overall responses I have chosen to roll in that mod's roads into this mod. There is a lot of work to do to get these roads up to snuff (many are broken or incomplete). I am about 50% complete with the integration process but have been recently diverted. I will try to have it done and out ASAP. I do appreciate your patience and feedback.

This is a place for development to continue. You must unsubscribe from Network Extensions Project before subscribing here (do not just disable it). This mod has all the goodies from Network Extensions Project with some additional fixes and enhancements. Until further notice, I plan to put all future upgrades here.

Troubleshooting Steps
1. If you have a mod called 'New Roads For Network Extensions 2', you must first remove these roads from your map. I would suggest using Road Removal Tool.
2. Unsubscribe from mods called 'New Roads For Network Extensions 2', 'Traffic++' and 'Network Extensions V1' (they are unsupported mods)
3. Unsubscribe from this mod;
4. Resubscribe to this mod;
5. Verify game cache;
6. Fire up CSL and activate the mod in content manager.
Instructions contributed by @Feare

What's new
-Fixed Mod Menu
-Added back missing roads One Way Road with Bicycle Lanes and Cul De Sac (disabled for now)

-Fixed zoning issue
-Fixed elevated/bridge misalignment for 2L 2 way national road
-Fixed stretching textures on certain elevated roads

-Fixed highway streetlights not showing up

-6L Avenue with median
-1+2 Asymmetrical National Road
-2+2 National Road

-Fixed asymmetrical road direction switching

-Performance update (Reduce load times)

-Fixed Mod
-Added Small road with median (striped, concrete, grass, trees)
-Added trees back to promenade

For a full listing of updates, click on the Change Notes tab toward the top.

Current Stuff
Listed Here

Future Stuff
-Rework and integrate New Roads For Network Extensions (that mod is now broken)
-Road customizations menu and bridge selection
-Fix Ped Road vehicle restrictions (longer term...lots of work)
-4+3 and 5+3 asymmetrical avenues
-Cul De Sacs (?)
-Divided highways (?)
-More tram road options I have decided to make a new mod for this as eventually it is going to copy a lot of the same roads...but with tram. This mod is huge and there is much more to add. Stay tuned ;)

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15 hours ago
Network Extensions 2 not working :(
< >
jeremymuise 16 hours ago 
tmaekler Oct 20 @ 11:18am 
Is it possible to "add" roads from the workshop into the new categories from NE2? Is there some ini-file which defines, what road goes into what category? Would love to move some of the workshop roads...
Hal.Leopern Oct 20 @ 8:25am 
How long do you think it will take for the mod to be updated for the industries dlc?
グスタボ | Reddard Oct 18 @ 3:12pm 
Heya, does the tunnels are normally with a 'black wall' when i pass using a first person camera mod with a vehicle? When i enter the tunnels is always this black wall and beneath it does only exists the 'limbo' above the map
Lazarus*Man  [author] Oct 18 @ 10:06am 
@Gaymer1986MN: I wasn't planning to do it but perhaps I could if/when I revisit the bus roads. Is this road not in the workshop?
@747519276: To answer your questions in order: No. Probably not as it appears to work with the update as is. Most likely it will but if it doesn't I would love to get your output_log and investigate asap. Just keep in mind if you ever wanna bail on this mod I won't let you. just kidding. If you want to bail on this mod then you can use the road removal tool from the workshop to remove the roads for you.
Gaymer1986MN Oct 18 @ 5:09am 
Small road with outer 2 lanes as bus lanes?
747519276 Oct 17 @ 10:27am 
Thank for your work.
Will the game integrate the NE2 (or some roads of NE2) into the game itself in the future?
Will the NE2 update this time following the upcoming DLC? Hope that my save can survive this update:steamhappy:, I use NE2 road heavily in my save and there are too much work to do to replace or demolish if necessary:steambored:.
|_ミSAカ_| Oct 16 @ 6:16pm 
Thank you for replying, I'm just having trouble with TM:PE and NE2 because my save just won't load for some reason, after I disabled NE2 then it starts to work.
Lazarus*Man  [author] Oct 16 @ 2:11pm 
Thank you! That puts my mind at ease lol. I'm glad you are enjoying the mod.
wetsidewalkcafe Oct 16 @ 12:01pm 
random disasters Do work with this mode. (Great mod, thank you!)