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Acacia Tree
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May 22, 2016 @ 6:51am
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Acacia Tree

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Acacia Tree by MrMaison

This is a generic Acacia tree, a first of my acacia series. I actually arived at this trying to make a Monkeypod tree.
There are many species in the acacia species family from Africa to Australia mainly in tropical to subtropical climates. Many have thorns and there are species that do not.
Keep an eye out for more acacia species in the future.

This tree is great for gardens, lawns and open landscaping. Looks good in any rural or virgin bush sutuation too. I do not recommend placing these close to buildings or the broad canopy will clip into them.
But they look great in groups and as decorative pieces within any foliage.

2603 tris
1024 texture

As usual, I strongly suggest Boformer's Random Tree Rotation mod updated by Judazz
And his LOD Toggler mod

Also BloodyPenguin's No Radioactive Mod
And Prop and Tree Anarchy

Sharp Textures mod really makes a difference in how the foliage looks in game

Please Rate if you like it. Thank you and Enjoy!
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carpet Sep 21 @ 1:17pm 
Is this the Minecraft tree? I love minecraft its epic

btw i love your trees im subscibed to almost all of them
MrMaison  [author] Sep 3 @ 10:55am 
@Empoeror Palpatine- Yes, it is on my to do list. In fact I plan to make it really soon. :)
Emperor Palpatine Sep 3 @ 12:27am 
Can you make a baobab tree?
[MY] H4F1Z Aug 9 @ 11:13pm 
@MrMaison I have the same issue as carbon. I don't know why, but whenever I load the savegame the tree was replaced to your Live Oak Tree.
timbuck2 Apr 12 @ 5:37am 
@MrMaison - Google my nursery, "Slightly Different Nursery", and you'll see at least some of what I do... and please contact me through the site, as once I learn what this game is capable of, I'd definitely like to help you!
MrMaison  [author] Apr 11 @ 6:20pm 
@timbuck2- Thank you! I would love to have some discussions with you sometime. I'm always willing to learn from real botanists. I would love to make a landscaping tutorial soon one day.
timbuck2 Apr 11 @ 3:16pm 
I'm a botanist, and play this game as much as I can. Just HAVE to tell you... you do GREAT work!!! You've made my game SO much more fun, and interesting!!! THANKS SO MUCH!
carbon Jan 30 @ 8:51pm 
@MrMaison- Maybe? I used this to replace some trees of a different kind in a vanilla park asset. I'll investigate further. I had free-placed a bunch of the Acacia trees nearby. It was those free-placed ones that turned into Palm trees. Maybe that Palm has a weird filename issue?
MrMaison  [author] Jan 30 @ 4:59pm 
@carbon- I hqave no idea why such a thing would happen. Only thing that comes close is if you use Prop it Up mod and replaced some trees by mistake.
carbon Jan 29 @ 4:15pm 
A weird thing happened when I placed a WHOLE BUNCH of these. They were all replaced by a palm tree (in my collection) the next time I loaded my city save. Any ideas on how that happened?