Lemon   Pennsylvania, United States
I'm the former Director of Help Desk and Computer Hosting for North and
South Americas for a leading third party supply chain provider.

I was helped immensely by the Steam community when I started playing,
so I have done my best to reciprocate by helping others when I can...if I
know how.

I've decided to start my own brand, so you can find me several places now.
I'm self-taught, so it may take awhile to get everything off the ground, but I'm

You can find me here:
- My YouTube Channel
- My Twitter Profile
- My GitHub Profile [github.com]
- My Reddit Profile
- My Simtropolis Profile [community.simtropolis.com]
- Find me on Discord: LemonsterOG#5688
- Find me on Skylines Wiki: LemonsterOG

I'm still relatively new to Steam, so please be patient with me.
Although i have a lot of games, these are the ones I play on a regular basis (mac os x only) + (single player only):
Cities:Skylines (intermediate);
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (novice to intermediate);
Plague Inc.: Evolved (novice)
Telling Lies (novice)

Username background: My nickname is Lemon, created by my best friend
when we were kids. Sometimes they call me Lemonster. Since the username
Lemon was always taken on sites by the time I got there, I started using
Lemonster. Then...when I started to seriously play online games, someone
was using Lemonster! Can you believe that?!? The nerve! LOL. That's when
I added the OG, because let's be honest, I'm the original damnit. LOL.
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If you enjoy any of the following, then this game is for you:
- City Building
- Being Creative (and great for those who enjoy detailing)
- Problem Solving
- Playing at Your Own Pace
- Playing with the Option for Unlimited Money (sandbox-ish)
- Having an Extensive Workshop Collection of Mods and Assets
- Having a Huge, Friendly Support Community

For those using Mac Catalina, this game works perfectly. Cities Skylines has always been 64-bit. You need to make sure you're using the 64-bit version of the Steam client.

The system requirements for this game can be confusing. Playing with the "recommended" requirements will allow you to play the base, vanilla game just fine. If you're interested on using any workshop mods/assets, you'll "need a bigger boat". Do some research to find out what's best for you.

I enjoy this game immensely and play about 50 hours per week. It's addicting and rewarding and I highly recommend it.


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LemonsterOG Jun 19 @ 8:39am 
@Bonovision -- Wow! Thank you for such kind words. Mods can be overwhelming and frustrating at times I know. I'm glad to be able to provide guidance for other players. Thanks again. It really means a lot to me. :anylandsmiley:
Bonovision Jun 17 @ 2:51am 
Hi! Just wanted to say as I'm troubleshooting my way through several mod/asset errors since the recent update that I've seen you posting almost EVERYWHERE to assist people. TRULY, you are a great human being!
proof28h Apr 15 @ 10:48am 
If you have ideas/images for those geothermal thingies, link or tell me. Mainly turbine hall and a separate building between that and a transformer. I just made a better wellhead and a walkway - next going to update a transformer. I'll keep the compressor, almost everything else will be remade.
LemonsterOG Mar 29 @ 10:49am 
@curtissaylors -- You're very welcome. All these interactions is what makes the Cities Skylines community so great.
SAYLORSPOPS Mar 29 @ 10:40am 
Thanks for keeping us up to date with the changes, Also shout out to Avanya for her updates.
Applause !!!
LemonsterOG Mar 27 @ 1:10pm 
@pygargue 1v1 PSL -- Anytime. :chirp: