Lemon   Pennsylvania, United States
I'm the former Director of Help Desk and Computer Hosting for North
and South Americas for a leading third party supply chain provider.
Now I do this.

I was helped immensely by the Steam community when I started playing,
so I have done my best to reciprocate by helping others when I can...if I
know how.

Be forewarned that I have a very low tolerance for people who lack common
sense. During those encounters, my tongue can be sharp and sarcastic,
but know I do have a kind heart....I keep it in my pocket. Also, if I'm going to
take my time to help you, I expect you have already done everything possible
to resolve it yourself and actively help me to help you.

I've decided to start my own brand, so you can find me several places now.
I'm self-taught, so it may take awhile to get everything off the ground, but I'm persistent.

You can find me here:
- My YouTube Channel
- My Twitter Profile
- My GitHub Profile [github.com]
- My Reddit Profile
- My Simtropolis Profile [community.simtropolis.com]
- Find me on Discord: LemonsterOG
- Find me on Skylines Wiki: LemonsterOG

Games I play on a regular basis (MacOS and single player only):
Cities:Skylines (intermediate)
Plague Inc.: Evolved (novice)
Prison Architect (novice)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (novice to intermediate)

Username background: My nickname is Lemon, created by my best friend
when we were kids. Sometimes they call me Lemonster. Since the username
Lemon was always taken on sites by the time I got there, I started using
Lemonster. Then...when I started to seriously play online games, someone
was using Lemonster! Can you believe that?!? The nerve! LOL. That's when
I added the OG, because let's be honest, I'm the original damnit. LOL. :lemonade:
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LemonsterOG Jun 15 @ 5:59pm 
@michalrogl -- It also may be a mod issue. There have been a LOT of mod changes recently.

If you'd like me to review your subscribed mods, you can find instructions on how to share your mod compatibility report https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2275436848 in the "Sharing Your Mod Compatibility Report" section. Please follow ALL the directions.
LemonsterOG Jun 15 @ 5:53pm 
Here's a rough guide from @Avanya:

- - -
The average rule of thumb for the base game is:
4GB: 0-10 assets
8GB: 100-400 assets
12GB: 400-800 assets
16GB: 800-1200 assets
24GB: 1200-2000 assets
32GB: 2000-2800 assets
64GB: 2800-6000 assets

If you have any of the major DLC's or content creator packs, reduce the asset count by another 400 each. Each DLC adds about 250-400 assets to the game.
- - -

Remember: The game also needs a lot of RAM to actually function, not just for DLCs and workshop content. That's even more needed RAM.
michalrogl Jun 15 @ 12:44pm 
Hey, I see you many times find resolves for cities skylines crahses. I would like to ask you can you help me with this game.
Month ago I havent had problem, I could play with big 30000 city with a lot of props, buildings etc.. and after short time of break I couldnt load my city.. Ater that I cant even load a game with a new map. I canceled almost 200 items in workshop and yesterday I loaded a new map and start building.. Today once again I cant load my map.. It looks like a problem with memory but Im suprised because right now I have 1700 items and I have problem.. when I had almost 2400 month ago I havent had problem.. Im so angry that I cant play that game like other games without stress it will load or no...
LemonsterOG Jun 9 @ 6:17am 
@EnderFox -- Aw...thank you so much. I love this game and when I first started playing there were several folks who really helped me along the way. I only hope I can do the same.
EnderFox Jun 9 @ 2:46am 
Just like to show my appreciation for your dedication to the CSL mods community! *applauds*
LemonsterOG Jun 3 @ 7:38am 
@NDM -- You're very welcome. :smileyflag: