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Good stuff Jul 11 @ 12:41am 

You are part of the best modders (personal opinion), as xxx, if you have the desire, the time and the energy, I propose you a challenge. In the game it lacks a medium density class, and especially with the eco-residential and valley computing policies. So I ask you, and the other modders if you could make a medium eco-residential pack growable and / or computer valley (level 1 to 3) in several sizes (1x1, 1x2, 2x1, ...) .
It's just a proposal there is no problem if you do not have the time, or the desire.


Request sent to:
Lost Gecko
ninjanoobslayer (I know you only make vehicles, but hey, I try anyway :))
Alois_(Teravia_Rx) Apr 26 @ 11:02pm 
Hey, have you ever done 3d tree model design for other games? You are quite good, and I have tried getting into 3d tree models, but its super tough.
MrMaison Apr 15 @ 6:42pm 
Tankurtle- Sure! Just make them required items when you publish.

Jyrskis- great idea!

Thanks for the kind words everyone :)
Quailozine Apr 15 @ 6:09pm 
MrMaison, can I use your trees to create a map that I can post on the steam workshop, and I’ll give you credit for the trees too?
Jyrskis Feb 17 @ 6:52am 
Hey mrMaison, I'm a huge fan of your tree creations! Could I suggest something for you to make? If you want to ofcourse. I live in a forest area, with huge pine trees. But they are cutting a lot of them to make place for "different nature". When they cut the trees, you can see some semi-bare trees that once were in the middle of the forest, so they did not get very much sunlight. It could be a nice addition to CS. A cut out tall and thin pine tree.
Got a link for you ;) Keep on going man, love the content!
Paxseko Dec 13, 2017 @ 1:24pm 
Thank you for everything you do! :8bitheart: