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Visual and CG Artist.....and PC gamer too.
Sea Land Air Mar 7 @ 12:36am 
Hi MrMaison, any chance you could make the tree from the Netflix show Squid Game? It's quite unique and would look amazing in CS:
7th_CAV_Trooper Feb 26 @ 4:43pm 
I'm loving your Tarpon Springs map and Central Florida theme. Is it possible to commission a few trees?
noulapat Feb 16 @ 6:39pm 
Sorry to bother you but how do I activatye the farming mods, I subscribed but notjing new is showing up in my menus for field types
MauiNoodle Jan 31 @ 11:28pm 
Hey, great work on all the cities skyline assets. I play with them regularl. I was wondering if you had any plans on making a "southern pine" such as slash pine or sand pine. There are a good amount of mods adding in the western pines but I have yet to see any pine that would fit a Floridian map. W
ould be cool to see :)
Sidai Jan 26 @ 12:39am 
Thank you very much for your work on the new vanilla trees. I adore them and use them the heck out on my upcoming vanilla map. :2015holly: :steamhappy: :steamthumbsup:
CassiBerlin Jan 25 @ 8:39am 
Congratulations for making it to the latest patch - love and admire your work.

If you find the time, please check my comment at your "Victorian Palm House"