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Visual and CG Artist.....and PC gamer too.
Acepalm Jun 27, 2023 @ 7:38am 
Hi Maison!

Just sending a thumbs up and a big thank you from Sweden for your excellent Cities: Skylines work :)
Stxners Music Jun 16, 2023 @ 9:05am 
Thanks for your amazing work for CS!
A1ixi May 6, 2023 @ 2:19am 
Hello! I have been using these models since i even started! Its good to see progress is going well.
and would love to see more sales going out in the future!
kestrile Apr 25, 2023 @ 2:57pm 
Hello sir! Any chance you have Elderberry on your list of trees? I've seen some nice 3D models, but don't have the skills to make them C:S trees. My city is based on the ogham and it's the one tree I'm missing.
ryan.hudson Apr 10, 2023 @ 5:38am 
Morning. Just wanted to say that your trees and shrubbery are outstanding. Would it be possible to make a 'Monstera' (cheese plant) shrub? The leaves are beautiful and you could even include some variegation.
User12892 Apr 2, 2023 @ 9:41pm 
Amazing work the best cs trees