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Random Tree Rotation for Natural Disasters
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Random Tree Rotation for Natural Disasters

Hey all,

many of you may have noticed that ever since the release of Natural Disasters (C:SL version 1.6) Boformer's Random Tree Rotation mod no longer worked properly: trees disappeared when viewed from certain angles, and textures were flickering wildly. And as we all know, when trees disappear and textures flicker, you're gonna have a bad time!
So I decided to take a peek in the mod's source code, and it turned out that the fix was a very simple one: one of the methods called by the mod was renamed by CO, which lead to the erratic behavior described above. After fixing the method call, the mod seems to be working as new again.

Full credit for the mod obviously goes to Boformer: all I did was renaming one method, a 'feat' a Chimp with a laptop and Visual Studio probably could have pulled off just as well :P

So if rotating trees is your thing, sub now and enjoy!!!

NOTE 1: I initially fixed the code solely for my own amusement, but since this is such a popular (and for many players vital) mod, I felt I had to share the fun with you guys. I haven't tested the mod on anything but my own computer with my own mod collection, so I cannot guarantee the fix will work for everyone. This means that usage is at your own risk.

NOTE 2: this mod is as-is. Feel free to try it out, but I am not offering support except for the most critical of errors. Nor am I going to add or change any functionality - after all, this is and will always remain Boformer's work.

NOTE 3: probably needless to say, but if you're going to use this mod, un-sub from the original version, or in the very least disable it in-game (if you haven't done so already).

NOTE 4: unfortunately, for various players this mod is still causing vanilla trees to flicker wildly when zooming out. I'm not actively trying to fix this issue, because this mod doesn't really have my priority, but any bit of info is still welcome, as it may bring me closer to a solution. In other words, this mod is currently put on ice, but it's not completely abandoned!

If you want to use this mod and get rid of the tree flickering, I suggest having a look at Prop it Up!
This mod is not solving the flickering itself, but it allows you to replace every vanilla tree in your city with Workshop trees in just a few clicks. Unlike vanilla trees, Workshop trees don't suffer from the flickering problem, so see this as a work-around for the flickering issue. As an additional bonus, replacing all vanilla trees with Workshop trees makes your city look infinitely better!

Another mod that lets you replace vanilla trees is TPB's Vanilla Trees Remover.
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John Wayne Aug 8 @ 4:21pm 
I just had the exact same problem that martin_raccoon experienced. I use Loading Screen Mod too.
martin_raccoon Jul 1 @ 2:44pm 
OK, so I just resubscribed to this AND loading screen mod. It seems to work for now.
martin_raccoon Jul 1 @ 2:20pm 
For some reason every prop and tree started flickering to me. All of the cars are gone. I looked it up on Alphabets search engine and found it was most likely this mod (like the old one especially, but also this), so I unsubbed but the problem still persists. I know that you don't download mods without risks, so i just thought I'd let you know about these problems for _potential_ work, and yes, I read the notes ;)
Judazzz  [author] Jun 17 @ 8:38am 
It's a problem the the trees switch from main model to LOD (low detail model) when the camera moves away from the trees. Unfortunately there's not much that can be done about it as far as fixing the mod itself (I can't find the bit of code that is responsible for this), but I did mention a few work-arounds in the mod description you may want to try.
Vaporz__ Jun 3 @ 5:31pm 
I have the same problem.
DaMuncha May 29 @ 12:54pm 
Why all the flickering? its very distracting.
Judazzz  [author] May 26 @ 4:11pm 
@::::Ghost:: - nice to hear that the mod is working well!
Kermit May 26 @ 3:08pm 
Also bei mir funktioniert alles, habe gerade eine Map mit vielen Vanilla Tannen & Bäumen .. und viel gezoommt .. kein flackern.. - all fine for me, works with mass transit
Judazzz  [author] May 23 @ 9:55am 
@ R@ - please read the description (notes 1, 2 and 4, and the tip posted at the end :)
R@ May 23 @ 5:28am 
We need this updated for MT.