Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod
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Jul 7, 2016 @ 4:44am
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Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod

Useful Links

Discord: https://discord.gg/Mks846T
ModDB link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/millennium-dawn-modern-day-mod
Wiki: http://millennium-dawn.wikia.com/wiki/Millennium_Dawn_Wiki


Play the mod in English. Other languages are not natively supported.



Thanks to the invaluable assistance provided by all the great people out there!
Ducky, Mathias, Walcanarus, Chricri3112, Jakob, Arvidus, Nadamas, Skjold, Stuffi3000, Kaiser1871, Grymic, Pvt_Larry, RickyZhangCA, Lord Tanner, FireEXe, Ozge Katip, TarmSpräckarn, StringStorm, Devillris, LittleHana, Austin, Derek, Gre, Pablaunz, Korw, JohnC14, UnnecessaryEnemy17, Chairman Meow, Gebbeth, PFiuza


Friends of the Project:

Modern Day 4
By the amazing team around Killerrabbit, Nico92 and Hiddengearz, this is a modern day mod that actually takes itself seriously! Unfathomable!

Frederick's Nightmare
My AltHistory side project. Cause why not. 10+ Focus Trees and lots of crazy stuff. Enjoy.

Project Wilson:
By my good friend Wilf, this is a 1936-based alternate history mod built upon an alternate Treaty of Versailles. It's quite fun, check it out!

Red World:
By my good friend Kaiser1871, this 2010-based spinoff of Millennium Dawn shows a Cold War won by the USSR. Very interesting concept, you gotta play it!
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Ted52  [author] 1 hour ago 
There is no update. The mod is up to date. Check your game's status.
2 hours ago 
When will the update be released?
How can I put the names of the countries?
|-PaF-| H4ml3t 13 hours ago 
"It doesn't allow me to pick field marshals and generals. It just says something along the lines of NOT_ENOUGH_CP_TO_PROMOTE with the dog picture."

Same for me.
Lord of Death 22 hours ago 
Ok so whenever I go to load the game, the vanilla loading screen, and wallpaper are on. Then I go to load the game and parts of Iran, Palestine and Poland are missing. I have no other mods on, and I have unsubed and resubed. PLEASE HELP!
Xherdos Mar 20 @ 11:16am 
@Joansen because its not 1.5.1v
Joansen munsberg Mar 20 @ 10:40am 
Why is the mod not working with 1.5v of Hoi4 ?

Ronald_Spears Mar 20 @ 10:17am 
A little advice: you should fix italian nationalist parties Alleanza Nazionale and Fratelli d'Italia by making them allowing elections (i'm italian). These party believe in free elections and support it.
SebDerDepp Mar 20 @ 9:15am 
Still wating for the German version :C