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This is the official ALiVEmod team release of ALiVE on Steam

ALiVE is the next generation dynamic persistent battlefield for ArmA3. Developed by the Multi Session Operations team, the easy to use modular mission framework provides everything that players and mission makers need to set up and run realistic military operations in almost any scenario up to Company level, including command, combat support, service support and logistics.

AI Commanders automatically plan and direct missions for all AI forces across the Area of Operations, identifying strategic objectives and reacting to changes in the tactical situation. The revolutionary Virtual Profile System can support thousands of units operating simultaneously across the map with minimal impact on performance. The result is a realistic and constantly changing battlefield which truly brings ArmA3 ALiVE.

Please visit our Wiki here for more information:

Our support forum is at

Join us on Discord:

If you intend to run a dedicated persistent ALiVE server via our War Room service, you will need to run @aliveServer on your Server as well as @ALiVE. ALiVEServer is not needed by clients. There are also some optional pbo files to auto enable War Room data. Full details can be found in the server setup pages at
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May 19 @ 3:26am
Can't get ORBAT faction working
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yorozuya-Ace 14 hours ago 
The creator gave an award for the award based on my "STEAM point".
Dr. Death Jul 8 @ 10:00am 
well, its very strange that its an issue caused by conflicting mods when sometimes all i have running is Alive without ACE and i still have it. Is there no cache that i could delete or some edit to help alleviate the issue?
friznit  [author] Jul 8 @ 3:28am 
Low performance is not a universal issue. In my own experience running large mutiplayer ALiVE campaigns on modded dedicated servers for 30+ players, performance rarely drops below acceptable levels. Some people have reported better results if you play ALiVE on a local server and join that, whereas playing a SP the game tanks. YMMV.

Script lag (e.g. UI button presses taking 30 seconds to respond) is not caused by ALiVE on its own but will be a conflicting mod that is handling scheduled/unscheduled space differently. We put a lot of effort into avoiding wait loops and using best practice script scheduling to prevent just this sort of behaviour.

You are correct that the experimental AI pathfinding can be a performance hog, especially on maps with a lot of islands. Always a good one to turn off first if you're having problems.
Dr. Death Jul 7 @ 12:57pm 
C2Star is a task creator and designator, i suppose in between that and any AI outpost they make for the most performance drop.
iStrong Jul 7 @ 12:41pm 
I also noticed that c2istar makes the performance worse, but deleting it only solves a bit of the stutters, the fps is still in single digits or teens.
Dr. Death Jul 7 @ 11:18am 
in my similar experience make sure advanced AI pathfinding in the AI module is off, and keep as few modules as possible. C2 for example starts spazzing out once Alive decides all scripts should take 30 seconds to respond because C2 is all scripting that gets delayed by alive.
iStrong Jul 7 @ 11:05am 
i am running a lot of mods for your information but still no other scenario lags this much.
iStrong Jul 7 @ 11:02am 
I love the premise of this mod but after i create a campaign with all the correct modules and stuff and only spawn like 30 groups for two commanders, one on blufor one on opfor, the game tanks to 1-10fps and stutters like crazy. Without alive i get 100fps easily on takistan map without any modules placed. Most other scenarios and stuff can drop to 20s and 15s fps wise but mostly i get 30-60fps. But with alive even right at spawn i get crazy stutters and unplayable fps. Any clues? Spawn distance is like 1500-2000m, persistence off, even did virtual ai limiter with 60. Unplayable. Tried modded maps, tried vanilla maps, modded factions, vanilla factions, same story.
cbfirefighter Jun 30 @ 10:43am 
player combat logistics is back to only using the uh80 ghosthawk, and not the helo's from the faction being used.
friznit  [author] Jun 26 @ 3:20am 
It's likely it needs a re-index if the map's been updated. There's a very lively discussion on our discord channel about factions and maps where you'll be able to get some answers!