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Cities: Skylines

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Network Skins (Mass Transit compatible)
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Oct 28, 2015 @ 6:07pm
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Network Skins (Mass Transit compatible)

The first 2 modules of a network skinning mod:
  • Select the pillars of your bridges
  • Select the street lights of your roads
  • Select roadside trees
The mod supports roads, train tracks and pedestrian paths. All features can be selected per segment.

Planned Features (Module 3 and 4):
  • Set the distance between street lights/trees
  • Custom road textures (e.g. cobblestone roads, brick roads)
  • Remove power wires of train tracks
  • Custom power lines (e.g. wooden poles)
  • Custom bridge meshes (SC4-like bridge selection)

How it works:
  • Movable customizer window that only pops up when you use the network tool
  • This mod will only apply visual changes and can be disabled at any time without breaking saves

The mod supports custom street lights created by modellers:

To create your own, look at this tutorial[].

The mod also supports custom pillars created by modellers:

More can be found in the forum thread below the description!

Supported Mods:
  • Network Extensions
  • Fine Road Heights (It is important that you subscribed to the official workshop item. Outdated versions for offline use are not supported!)
  • Precision Engineering
  • Sharp Junction Angles
  • No Pillars (though it sometimes messes up the pillar selection)
Known Incompatibilities: None

Source Code[]

Using the C# detours code[] created by Sebastian Schöner, released under the MIT license.

Also using the CimTools library[] created by PropaneDragon, the creator of Road Namer.
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Brasse 7 hours ago 
@Kenneth Okay then.
Kenneth 7 hours ago 
The issues people are having have zero relation to performance.
Brasse 7 hours ago 
Had a lot of problems with this mod, but got a new computer and now it works flawlessly. Worth noting is that it was a massive hw upgrade (went from 12 to 64 gig ram). So maybe the issues you guys are having are performance based.
Kenneth 11 hours ago 
This mod is still broken
imabusybee Jun 18 @ 12:55pm 
@HoxBox I unsubscribed from every mod, removed everything from my city that NExt uses so I could load it without NExt. Then I resubscribed to (only) this mod and it still stutters. So I can confirm it's not a conflict with another mod.

And after doing an actual count, it's closer to every 5 seconds, not 10 seconds as I originally estimated.

I too had to disable it :( It was just too much with the entire simulation coming to a complete stop for a second, every 5 seconds.
HoxBox Jun 18 @ 9:35am 
My game strutters every 3 second with this mod, so i hade to turn it off. I also use Network Extension, so can't say if that causes it. So same issue as @imabusybee.
Trollsama Jun 16 @ 8:41pm 
also having issues with asset edior not having this mod window pop up.
imabusybee Jun 14 @ 10:23am 
I wonder why is this mod so taxing on my (Alienware X51 R3) system? Just curious what it is doing in the background when it's not even visible as it consumes 10 FPS and stutters periodically (frame lock about every 10 seconds).

I tested this repeatedly and unsubscribed from all other mods (save Network Extensions) loading each one seperately trying to find the culprit and as soon as I enable this mod the FPS drops by 10 and it stutters (the frame lock is quite long @ 1-2 seconds). I'm even working from a fairly clean install :/

I couldn't test it without Network Extensions because my map won't load without it, so I don't know if it's an issue between the 2 mods or just this mod itself.

It's not a show stopper issue but it is a bit distracting and takes away from the flow of the game. But stutter or not, I couldn't imagine playing this game without this mod now.
Would it be possible to force street lights on one side of the street same for trees? This might be in it and I am just oblivious to the fact it exists
ACF1 Jun 9 @ 5:25pm 
I unsubscribed to all mods, with this only enabled on Map Editor. there were 2 problems for me:
1- Menu doesn't pop up when selecting roads. Tried several times, exiting, reloading, etc.
2 - it adds dead spots in the map, meaning the cursor (with its selected prop/road/asset)disappears on certain areas of the map. It seems to be spots on coordinates of the screen itself, not the map. This problem occurred before MT DLC update. I believe it was introduced with ND dlc update.