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Reavers (Updated Behavior)
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Sep 26, 2015 @ 7:37pm
Jul 24 @ 11:03am
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Reavers (Updated Behavior)

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This mod adds new Hostile NPC Drones and Ships that will pursue nearby targets. As of the recent large update, the behavior of these ships has changed quite a bit.

A New Type Of Enemy

Using functionality provided by the NPC Programming Extender mod, these enemies will no longer be able to arbitrarily see nearby players and chase them down. Instead, these enemies will now search for beacon and antenna signals from a distance, and grid movement while nearby. If a target is detected, it will travel to where it idenified the activity. If the target is detected at close proximity, it will begin a relentless pursuit until the target is neutralized.

These ships will not only target player grids, but also other near-by NPCs as well.


The special targeting behavior in this mod requires the use of the NPC Programming Extender Mod. If the mod is not detected on world load, a message will be displayed prompting the user to load the mod.
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Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Aug 7 @ 6:03am 
You don't need to have a signal active for them to spawn. As long as Cargo Ships are enabled in your world settings, they'll eventually appear on their own.

If you have multiple encounter mods running, it may take longer for them to appear, since the spawner is drawing from a larger pool of spawngroups
FormalBovine Aug 6 @ 10:03pm 
so we have to have a powered antenna in order for the reavers to spawn? I've got every mod enabled, trash removal disabled, and reavers are showing in the faction screen but not spawning
HATE|DeathKnight Aug 3 @ 12:00pm 
Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Aug 3 @ 11:59am 
I've got no plans to change anything with the distances in this mod.

However, I am currently working on a newer spawning system to replace the cargo ship spawner for space, since it causes so many issues (this being a good example). That's my current focus for the next little while - although I've got no ETA for release yet.
HATE|DeathKnight Aug 3 @ 11:57am 
HATE|DeathKnight Aug 3 @ 11:57am 
ore they spawn to rear so thet the posibilety so spawn within the range are beaing pritty smal
HATE|DeathKnight Aug 3 @ 11:56am 
every reaver that spawnd in my world ware too far away so they wouldnt atack
Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Aug 3 @ 11:54am 
cargoship spawns can typically fly by as close as 4-5km, so that should be within acceptable parameters.
HATE|DeathKnight Aug 3 @ 11:46am 
ok can you change that because they spawn out of range then and will fly by every time
Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Aug 3 @ 11:44am 
Ahh ok, I think I know why then. It's only looking within 8000m, so anything beyond that is ignored.