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Energy Shields
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Jul 19, 2015 @ 11:55am
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Energy Shields

Now works on both branches!


This mod adds fully functional shield generators to the game that protect the whole grid from incoming damage! You can also upgrade them with special modules to boost their stats, or change their stats through the config file to your taste.

The mod now offers two seperate recharge modes:

The default mechanics are similar to Eve Online, they have their recharge rate peak at 25%, and below or above that it is slowly reduced.

The alternative mode, activatable through the config file, works like in many popular games like Halo. The shields will recharge quite fast after taking no damage for a certain amount of time (four seconds / 240 ticks by default).

Following are the default values for all blocks, you can change most of them in the config file:

Small Shield Generator (large ship):

Size: 1x2x1
Power: 4.5MW
Base Shield Strength: 10,000 points
Base Recharge Rate: 1 points per tick

Small Shield Generator (small ship):

Size: 1x1x1
Power: 200kW
Base Shield Strength: 350 points
Base Recharge Rate: 0.1 points per tick

Large Shield Generator (large ship):

Size: 2x4x2
Power: 85MW
Base Shield Strength: 200,000 points
Base Recharge Rate: 100 points per tick
Upgrade Slots: 16

Large Shield Generator (small ship):

Size: 3x3x3
Power: 4.5MW
Base Shield Strength: 10,000 points
Base Recharge Rate: 3 points per tick

Shield Capacitor (large ship):

Size: 1x1x1
Power: +100% of base power consumption
Shield Strength Increase: +100% of base points

Shield Flux Coil (large ship):

Size: 1x1x1
Power: +100% of base power consumption
Shield Recharge Increase: +500% of base recharge

To read out the current shield strength of the grid, write ":" behind the name of a Shield Generator, the shield strength will be updated automatically from there.

You can also write "/shield ShowOnHud add" into the chat while sitting in a cockpit to show the ships shield status on your HUD. To remove the output type "/shield ShowOnHud remove".

Config File

In your AppData/Roaming/SpaceEngineers/Storage/EnergyShields_EnergyShields/ folder you can find the configuration file EnergyShieldsRelease.cfg that is generated if you have started the mod once. There you can change the values of the generators and upgrade modules to your taste.

All config values are explained below. Each time value is measured in ticks, and the game runs with 60 ticks per second. If you don't find some of the options in your config file, remove it and let it regenerate automatically with the next mod startup.

For shield generators:

"basePoints": The number of shield points one generator of that type adds to the grid. It accepts floating point numbers.
"baseRechargePeak": The number of shield points per tick that the shield regenerates at 25% strength. For the alternative mode, it is this value flat. It accepts floating point numbers.
"basePowerConsumption": (Currently out of use, might change in the future again) Regulates the power consumption of the generator in MegaWatts. It accepts floating point numbers.

For upgrade modules:

"basePointsPercentage:" Defines how much shield points a Capacitor adds to the shield generator. By default, it adds worth an additional shield generator of that type. It accepts floating point numbers.
"baseRechargePeakPercentage": Defines how much the shield generation is boosted by one modules. By default the generators current recharge is multiplied by five and added to the generator. It accepts floating point numbers.
"basepowerConsumption": (Currently out of use, might change in the future again) Regulates the power consumption of the upgrade module in relation to the generator it is attached to. It accepts floating point numbers.

Alternative recharge mode:

"AlternativeRechargeMode": Enables or disables the alternative recharge mode that behave like described above. Accepts "true" or "false".
"AlternativeRechargeDelay": Defines the delay in ticks until the shield starts regenerating again after taking damage. By default it is 240 ticks, or 4 seconds. Accepts integers.
"AlternativeRechargeMultiplier": Defines how much the baseRechargePeak value is being multiplied when regenerating, to make the shields feel different and load faster then in default mode. It accepts floating point numbers.


"BlockGrinding": Defines if it is possible to grind blocks, even though they are protected by a shield. Accepts "true" or "false".
"collisionAndGrindDamageModifier": Multiplies the amount of damage the shield takes from collisions and grinders/drills. It accepts floating point numbers.
"directDamageModifier": Multiplies the amount of damage the shields take from explosives and weapon projectiles. It accepts floating point numbers.
"StatusUpdateInterval": The interval in ticks it takes for a shield generator to update its strength status :(XXXXX/YYYYY) in its name. By default it is set to 100 ticks. A ChangeNameMessage is send to ALL clients when it happens, so don't go overboard with it. I personally prefer 10 ticks. Accepts integers.


- The new decal system disrespects the damage system


- Shield scanner to read enemy shield status

- Personal shields for astronauts

- New modules

- New models

(In that order.)

Please report any bug you may find in the discussion section!

Recommended Addons:

(THYA) Shield HUD Script: An advanced script to easily display your shield status on an LCD with all sorts of fancy graphics!
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Dimon-NIK-Fotton Feb 13 @ 3:05pm 
класная штука
DJL66 Feb 12 @ 6:15am 
im currently having problems thwere like the first 5-10 shots to hit my ship damage my ship and the sheilds dont kick in and when the first 5-10 shots recently always seem to be missles it is kind of annoying when im there with my sheilded fighter (17kpt sheild energy) and i get a intire side of it ripped off put i go look and my energy and its still on like 15.7kpt know why this might be happning?
Abisius Feb 7 @ 10:10pm 
@Designated Bottomfragger
i have atm a ds for me and my friends and for us are the shields working besides of the shield ignoring warheads, so i woudl say there is a good chance that you have encountered a modconflict
Designated Bottomfragger Feb 7 @ 3:51pm 
Shields in our server are not working, they have power, turned on, connected to the grid, but does not show shield charge, and does not block any damage. im not sure if its the mods we are using or its just something with the update.
[XpL] Cython  [author] Feb 6 @ 10:36am 
While projectiles and missiles seem fine, something really weird is going on with the warheads. First two destroyed blocks seem to belong to a different grid ID-wise and therefore no shields are found on that grid. Another thing is that the while the damage that would cause the deformation of blocks is stopped, the actual damage the explosion is doing to the block is not reported to the damage handler of the ModAPI. That's why it can not be blocked by shields. I'm going to report this as a bug, I think that is the only thing I can do.
Sir Tronco Feb 6 @ 9:36am 
I'm on multiplayer. A friend and me were trying to get the "I'v got present for you" achieve :steamhappy:
brandon Feb 6 @ 8:49am 
Agreed. I completely forgot that I was using it.
Alex Alcala Ortiz Feb 6 @ 8:47am 
the shrapnel damage mod makes explosives VERY powerful
brandon Feb 6 @ 8:46am 
Ah, yeah, forgot that. Shrapnel damage. As I said, my results my be wildly skewed or completely meaningless due to all the mods I use. The mods most likely related to this are:

Eezo Upgrade Module
Shrapnel Damage
Real Steel

I'm realizing now that I'm basically just cluttering this thread. My setup is too abnormal to be of use.
Alex Alcala Ortiz Feb 6 @ 8:40am 
are you using any damage mods?