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In 2 collections by Lemon Drops
Lemon Drops' Mods
55 items
Server Pack: Soot Moon (Maple32 Official)
147 items
Adds The Following and More:
  • 2 playable species, 'Glutt' and 'Nuu'.
  • 300+ new dungeons, microdungeons, and encounters (some of which are space dungeons and encounters) to discover/steal/explode.
  • 7 planet types and one moon.
  • 30+ new biomes, under and above ground.
  • Multiple crops, many of which grow slightly differently than vanilla plants, making farming different for different crops.
  • 5 unique tenants, and a bunch of other npcs too.
  • 3 tenant furniture sets, and a bunch of furniture not in a tenant set.
  • A bunch of unique weapons, armors, and even a few augments to spice things up.


Join the M32 discord server[] for more information or just to say hi.


Highly Reccommended Mods for Use With Maple 32:

Hide In The Dark (no player Glow)
The Antialbedo set will not work probperly without this or another mod that removes player glow, for obvious reasons.

Allow Parallax Transition
Allows you to see the parallax for some added subbiomes.

Nuu Descriptions
Adds Nuu commentary when scanning some vanilla objects. Also allows crewmembers to comment as well.

S.T. Stumpy for Nuu
Replaces Nuu ship with one you can build and break.

Useful to spedily travel through underground oceans.

Enhanced Tech
Techs are fun now.

Species +4
A species slot extender is required to play the added species.

Also check out the server modpack for the "intended" experience.


  • reimelselhoi#8686 made a wind sound effect that is no longer used, but still exists in the mod.
  • My brother made "Cold Shard Sea", one of the songs in this mod.


Compatibility and Stuff:

More Planet Info Patch

Truespace Compatibility

Frackin Universe Patches
(May not be 100% functional. I do not keep up with this stuff.)
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Lemon Drops  [author] Feb 25 @ 1:03am 
there are, my favorite is the stomper augment for use with hammers
Marbled Divinity (TITAN) Feb 25 @ 12:54am 
Ah, I see. I wonder if there's any more neat augments!
Lemon Drops  [author] Feb 25 @ 12:43am 
it might be 3 seconds too I just forget
Lemon Drops  [author] Feb 25 @ 12:42am 
as in damage dealt by you not by foes
Lemon Drops  [author] Feb 25 @ 12:42am 
that one decreases damage a bit when standing, but when you crouch continuously for at least 2 seconds (if memory is correct) it increases the damage dealt. It's intended for use with ranged weapons.
Marbled Divinity (TITAN) Feb 25 @ 12:30am 
I got one that says 'Stability'
Lemon Drops  [author] Feb 24 @ 11:36pm 
The augments will tell you in the item description in your inventory, unless you mean the junk augments (the ones that look like the case was taken off) in which case it can't be known until you put it in your epp, so it's a risk.
Marbled Divinity (TITAN) Feb 24 @ 10:48pm 
What the heck do the Augments do?
Nephirus90 Jan 17 @ 4:17am 
if you add new containers in your future updates feel free to write on my mod page so I can add them. Btw nice mod, it was one of the first I added to my cumulative patch :)
Lemon Drops  [author] Jan 17 @ 4:11am