Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Reforged Eden 1.8
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Jul 17, 2021 @ 11:21pm
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Reforged Eden 1.8

Information on the 1.7 update to the scenario:

This scenario combines the configuration modifications of the Reforged Galaxy mod with the custom content of the Project Eden scenario.
Please see the respective workshop pages for details on what each one adds to the game.
I will keep this scenario updated with changes from both Reforged Galaxy and Project Eden (Reforged updates may lag behind by a day).

This scenario uses highly custom configuration files and content:
Read through the details of both Reforged Galaxy and Project Eden before starting a new game so you know what to expect. Together they greatly change the pacing of the game.
Some starting planets may be much harder than normal with Reforged Eden.
Blueprints created and saved under Reforged Eden might not function as expected in normal games.

The hardware requirements to run the scenario may be higher than the vanilla game and hardware or software compatibility is not guaranteed.
As with all custom configurations, there may be bugs and some might even break save games.

Singleplayer setup instructions:
To play using Reforged Eden, simply press the subscribe button on this page, then start Empyrion. If you already had the game open, close it and reopen it. You may need to allow Steam time to download the scenario files to your PC.
Go to New Game, choose Single Player or Co-op, and then select Scenarios. Select Reforged Eden from the list of available scenarios. Set up your game difficulty settings and choose your starting planet then press start game. You will know you're playing the scenario because it has custom loading screens and you will have a Project Eden Guide item in your inventory.
For more details on single player setup or troubleshooting co-op:

Ask questions, get help, and leave feedback in the dedicated reforged-eden channel in the Empyrion Discord.
You must first go to the #welcome channel and select "I'm Human" before the reforged-eden channel is viewable. Please do not ask the Discord mods for assistance.

Announcements, troubleshooting, and dedicated servers:
See the discussions for troubleshooting and dedicated server setup:
See the change notes for update info:
Project Eden Configuration Guide:

This scenario is built for the current public version of Empyrion and will not run on any experimental, beta, or older version of the game.
Read the full disclaimer here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/2464519802/3129415222166206866/

Reforged Galaxy by Vermillion:
Reforged Galaxy is a difficulty and gameplay amplifying mod for the game intended for improved PvE performance and gameplay. It's still undergoing improvements regularly and i'll try to keep the scenario up-to-date with each major update.
This mod aims to slow down the late game and give meaning to everything you do, whether that be choosing what to stuff in your inventory or what crop to grow.
Some of these changes have made their way to the vanilla game in A12, so there won't be as much of an increase in difficulty in some aspects.
Please see this workshop link for complete details on Reforged Galaxy: Link.
Or check out the Reforged Eden post[empyriononline.com] on the official forums.

NOTE: Reforged Galaxy greatly changes the way CPU works. There are no longer any CPU tiers, instead each and every extender you add to your ship allows additional CPU. You can have up to 7 extenders for maximum CPU. (one T2, two T3, and four T4)
It is STRONGLY recommended that you look over the detailed CPU explanation in the above links for Reforged Galaxy when playing with CPU enabled.

Project Eden by ravien_ff:
Project Eden is a lore friendly, PvE exploration scenario currently in development intended for single player or small group play. It is compatible with public online play but you will want to configure your game options for it.
This scenario aims at slowing down the mid and end game progression for those who want a longer play through with more of a focus on open ended exploration instead of linear progression.
Please see this workshop link for complete details on Project Eden: Link.
All deposits in Reforged Eden are Voxel instead of SSOR nugget. Some planets might be missing their ore textures but it's just a visual glitch.

This workshop upload contains materials copyrighted or licensed for use by by ravien_ff and Vermillion. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam or elsewhere, except under the Steam accounts named ravien_ff or Vermillion.
Permission is required to upload a modified version of this workshop item or use the copyrighted materials within (Unity asset bundles, images, video, audio, etc).
Game configuration files such as .yaml, .ecf, or .epb are free to use without permission, but a link back for credit is greatly appreciated.
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ravien_ff  [author] Aug 5 @ 12:35pm 
Thank you all so much for the kind words! It means a lot to me.

Nothing in the next update should require a new save, except possibly if you want the updated missions from PE. It's possible some of the existing PE missions will break in existing saves however, this can't be avoided if I update them like I plan to sadly. Worth starting a new game over? Not sure.
Merina Aug 5 @ 10:21am 
Hey team,

Thank you for this scenario. I've been playing empyrion and this mod on and off for 3 years. Time and time again it has been a fantastic experience. Your efforts have really made Empyrion my all time favorite game!

Thanks for what you do! Looking forward to the next update and jumping back in to start playing again.
Tompkins Aug 3 @ 7:52am 
Appreciate the communication on status Ravien, it shows you truly care for the community that enjoys yours and vermilions work. Excited to see what the future brings!
0Samuel Aug 3 @ 7:21am 
New... caves? Is that for the rogue start planets? Are we getting new spelunking mechanics?

More pertinently, how much of the new content do you anticipate will require a new save? Or will the August update require a new save period?
Adran010 Aug 3 @ 3:41am 
Thanks Ravien and Vermillion :)
I'm looking forward to playing many more hours of RE :)
Luna3009_CN Aug 3 @ 12:55am 
Thanx for the info, ravien. Take the time you need, we will wait patiently until it's done :happy_cats:
ravien_ff  [author] Aug 2 @ 11:03pm 
The next update to the scenario will most likely be sometime the second week of August. I don't know what will ultimately end up in the update, and hopefully most of these game issues will be fixed by then and I can focus on adding cool stuff to the scenario. My plan was to start overhauling the existing main PE missions to utilize all the new mission mechanics that have been added to the game, add new caves, and do more on the bounty and exploration systems. But I will have to see how it all goes.

Thank you everyone for your patience. I know it sucks not being able to fully enjoy the scenario but the devs should have these bugs fixed soon.
ravien_ff  [author] Aug 2 @ 11:03pm 
Known issues so far :
(not a comprehensive list)
- Coloring, rendering, lighting, and texturing issues.
- Decal control units not functioning or decals not positioned correctly.
- Difficulty opening loot containers.
- Low FPS (try turning down Screen Space Reflections in the video settings, mine defaulted to high and dropped my FPS by over 30).
- CV weapons not firing in 1st person view (not a new issue, you need to reposition the weapons or move further away from the target).
- CoQ errors when fighting Tianlong ships (reported on 2 servers so far, no idea what causes it, please reproduce it in a vanilla MP server).
- Motion sensor issues.
ravien_ff  [author] Aug 2 @ 11:03pm 
1.8.5 introduced several game bugs that will affect both the scenario and vanilla. The game devs are aware of them and some are already marked as fixed next update.
In the meantime I ask that anyone that has new issues in 1.8.5 when playing the scenario that you first test it in vanilla with the same setup (sp or mp, etc) and see if it happens there.

Unfortunately there's not much we can do for now besides provide bug reports in vanilla and wait for the issues to be fixed.
Vermillion  [author] Aug 2 @ 8:48pm 
It's working as intended.
The drill inflicts a cone of damage to the ore voxel until it reaches 0 HP then it's destroyed and gives you ore; unlike vanilla's sphere model that just grinds at nothing, then deletes a sphere. Ore return per area mined is higher in RE than vanilla.
It is slower specifically to encourage players to make a mining ship as soon as possible instead of digging out every ore deposit in the game with a hand drill, like vanilla.