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Kanga Mods Official
The Kanga Mods are a series of mods that are designed to bring you an immersive primitive Ark experience. The Kanga Mods collection creates a player-driven economy, an interesting food system, new ways for your farming and breeding activities, an in-depth system for deaths, wounds and illnesses, RP elements and lots of new items and structures to craft.

Although the mods can be used in any combination you like, we strongly recommend to use them all together. The mods are attuned to each other in such a way that many items from one Kanga mod are used in one or more other Kanga mods. Use all the mods together for the ultimate Kanga experience!

For more information, you can join the Discord[] or visit the Official Kanga Mods Website[].
Items (10)
Kanga Culinary (Beta)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 2086739334

Kanga Culinary mod adds new food items to the game.

Note: for those that have used this mod in the past, this no longer remaps vanilla resources.

Eating with this mod will now provide a more challenging environment, Simpl...
Kanga Economy (BETA)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 2028324463

Kanga Economy mod is a functioning trading mod built to add trade and economy to your ARK world. This mod has market style stalls that you can place to sell almost any type of item - from weapons, food or even animals through t...
Kanga Husbandry (Beta)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 2221108402

Kanga Husbandry is about all things farming, from crop cultivation through to animal breeding and slaughtering.

This mod introduces 16 new crops that will allow for a more varied and interesting farming and crafting system....
Kanga PrimitiveRP (Beta)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 2175184336

Kanga PrimitiveRP is a mod that will contain a large number of items that don\'t specifically fit one of the other Kanga mods, however still add to the primitive feel and allow for a better and more inclusive play style....
Kanga Storage (Beta)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 2184166304

Kanga Storage mod adds primitive style, visual RP storage to your game.

The storage will be set in tiers, the lower variants limited in space while the larger tiers will have more space for your expanding collection of resou...
Kanga Structures (BETA)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 1902351418

Welcome to Kanga Structures.

This Mod has been developed to work with the Kanga Survival Plus server and is a stable work in progress mod.

Kanga Structures has been carefully designed to work with both normal ark as well as tho...
Kanga Blacksmith (Beta)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 2512749286

Kanga Blacksmith brings new ways of crafting metal items and new game mechanics to weapons and tools in a primitive style.

This mod introduces new metals that are harvested from there own unique metal nodes, new primitive and advan...
Kanga Medical (Beta)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID: 2758121577

The Kanga Medical mod aims to give more meaning to Ark’s death mechanics. It also adds wounds, diseases and surgery into your game.

With this mod death will be something you’ll want to avoid!

Wound and illnesses will not be cure...
Kanga Core Library
Created by Beardo
MOD ID - 2853798291...
Kanga Professions (Beta)
Created by Beardo
MOD ID - 2847814839

Kanga Professions is a small mod that allows you to set up a professions system.

This mod is in its early release, although it’s safe to use on servers there will be a number of updates to come and it currently has limited in-game...
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