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Kanga Core Library
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Aug 25, 2022 @ 4:44am
Jan 8 @ 3:01am
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Kanga Core Library

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Kanga Core Library is a requirement for all Kanga Mods.

This small mod is used by all the Kanga Mods and will need to be installed higher up the mod list than any other Kanga Mod. This does not need to be installed at the top, but make sure it’s higher than any other Kanga mod.

This Kanga Core Library mod allows the other Kanga Mods to communicate with each other and improves performance.

This mod has no point by itself, it does not add any new engrams or structures.

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Beardo  [author] Jan 8 @ 2:21pm 
Jump in our discord.
AngelDeath Jan 8 @ 11:23am 
Hi, sorry to disturb you but i play with your mod and i would like to answer some questions for a cluster ?
Is it possible to know when i can speak with you about it ?
martinigirl  [author] Sep 6, 2022 @ 12:52pm 
@leslietyler88 That discussion was between discord users only. None of the discord moderators/admins took any part in the discussion.
Cadence Sep 4, 2022 @ 1:27pm 
I've been to powwows where they brought out the sacred animal skin headdresses and there's more to them that makes them sacred than them just being animal skins. They are typically adorned with sacred markings and symbols. And as I mentioned in the discord, the Native American people are not the only culture that wear animal skin headdresses. Many barbarian tribes used them for warfare as well as for hunting. Not all animal skin headdresses were used for ceremonial purposes.

I have nothing but respect for the Native American people. It kills me to read recent stories of sacred and private powwows being raided by the feds and robbing tribes of their most sacred of headdresses. It pains me to hear these people now have to use donated chicken and parrot feathers in place of their sacred eagle and hawk feathers. We give them casinos, but if you asked the tribal elders, I'm sure they would tell you they'd rather have the rights to practice their culture back.
Cadence Sep 4, 2022 @ 1:26pm 
I didn't appreciate getting put down by not one but two moderators on the discord server for my suggestion for clothing based on Native American animal skin headdresses. Both moderators completely ignored the fact that we already have an official Native American Chief's headdress, made from turkey feathers in the game and completely ignored the fact that there are several official masks already similar to animal skin headdresses. Obviously Wildcard found a way to incorporate it in without offending anyone.
Mawrast Sep 2, 2022 @ 4:28am 
müq :steamhappy: