Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Ami's Berlin Trees
Berlin trees, nine of which were made specially for this project (thx MrMaison and pdelmo)!
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Linden Trees
Created by MrMaison
Linden Trees by MrMaison

Introducing a set of Linden Trees. Kinda generic but inspired by those found in Europe particularly Germany. The Linden is part of the Tilia family which have 30 species in Europe where they are called "Linden", North America wh...
Pin Oak
Created by MrMaison
Pin Oak by MrMaison

Introducing a young Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) tree. It's native to North America mainly from the Midwest to Eastern United States. It's also known as "Swamp Tree" as it originally grows in swampy areas. This tree is introduced in ...
Horse Chestnut
Created by MrMaison
Horse Chestnut by MrMaison

When I was in Stockholm for PDXCon 2018, I saw this big beautiful tree with large white flowers while walking in a park. I had no idea what it was but always wanted to make it. Recently I discovered it's a Horse Chestnut tree....
Cherry Blossom
Created by MrMaison
Cherry Blossom by MrMaison

Introducing a Cherry Blossom to celebrate this spring season! This flowering tree type is very popular in Japan and around the world.
There are many species and I do plan on making more in the future. I could not choose which...
Eastern Red Cedar
Created by MrMaison
Eastern Red Cedar by MrMaison

Introducing Juniperus viriniana AKA the Eastern Red Cedar tree. This is a 2 piece set with Mature and young versions.It is a native of Eastern North America from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The berries on these trees a...
Live Oak Tree
Created by MrMaison
Live Oak Tree by MrMaison

Introducing a basic version of a Live Oak tree. There are many variations of "Live Oak" trees and I do plan on releasing more types including a "Southern Live Oak" with moss which is already in development. This tree is tall, t...
Lombardy Poplar
Created by MrMaison
Lombardy Poplar by MrMaison

Introducing a 2 piece set of Lombardy Poplar trees AKA Black Poplar or Italian Poplar (Poplus nigra 'Italica'). One is dense and the other is less dense and fluffy. This tree is native to Europe, southwest and central Asia an...
London Planetree
Created by MrMaison
London Planetree by MrMaison

Introducing the London Planetree by request of my friend snibble007. It's great for tree lined neighborhoods and parks in urban areas. They are very common here in NYC and in many places around the world.
There will be more...
London Planetree 2
Created by MrMaison
London Planetree 2 by MrMaison

Introducing a 2 piece set of new and improved London Planetrees. One big fluffy one and a younger version. The young version is great for street decoration and smaller yards. I plan to make more variations in the future.
Created by MrMaison
Magnolia by MrMaison

Introducing Magnolia soulangeana also known as "Saucer Magnolia" or "Chinese Magnolia". This is actually a hybrid species bred in France from the denudata and liliifora species (both from China).
This particular small tree is of th...
Norfolk Island Pine
Created by MrMaison
Norfolk Island Pine by MrMaison

The Norfolk Island Pine is a forest giant originally from a small Island in the south Pacific (Norfolk Island) between New Zealand and New Caladonia. It is very symetrical more as a young tree than when it becomes an adul...
Norway Spruce 2
Created by MrMaison
Norway Spruce 2 by MrMaison

Introducing 2 more Norway Spruce variations. The 2 trees in this set are taller than the original to capture some of that Northern European forest look. The tallest one is "Norway Spruce Tall" made to look older. They are gre...
Created by MrMaison
OakTree by MrMaison

Featuring an Oak Tree to add variety to our landscapes. This tree is great when plopped in groups giving you fluffy realistic foliage with realistic color. I plan to make a large more fuller one in the future. All the foliage was cra...
Ornamental Pear Tree
Created by MrMaison
Ornamental Pear Tree by MrMaison

Introducing a 3 piece set of Spring bloom Ornamental Pear trees based on the "Callery Pear" species. A mature version and 2 young versions. The 2nd young version have less flowers with darker leaves.
These particular t...
Pine Tree
Created by MrMaison
Pine Tree by MrMaison

This is a generic pine tree that I had in my stash for well over a year as of this release date. If you look closely at some of my screenshots over the past year, you may see it lurking in the background. At first I thought it didn...
Shady Tree Red
Created by MrMaison
Shady Tree Red by MrMaison

Add more color to your landscapes with this version of the Shady Tree with red leaves. Great for decoration.

2,241 Tris....same as The Shady Tree
1024 Texture

I strongly suggest getting Boformer's Random Tree ...
Silver Birch 2
Created by MrMaison
Silver Birch 2 by MrMaison

Knowing that I was going on a trip to Europe, I knew this tree was coming. Introducing Silver Birch 2.0 made with authentic textures straight from the countryside right outside Tampere, Finland.
This is my second attempt at t...
Stone Pine Set
Created by MrMaison
Stone Pine Set by MrMaison

Introducing the Stone AKA Umbrella Pine Tree for Cities Skylines. This tree is native to the Mediterranian region and also found in many places around the world.
This is a 3 piece set with tall, medium and a more "bendy" vers...
Sugar Maple Fall Set
Created by MrMaison
Sugar Maple by MrMaison

Introducing a 4 piece set of Sugar Maple trees with Fall colors.
Even though this set is made primarily for Fall colors, the flagship version "Sugar Maple"
is a green Summer variation and can be used in both Fall and Summer s...
Tree of Heaven
Created by MrMaison
Tree of Heaven by MrMaison

As I played on a dirty mattress in Brooklyn as a kid, I once stared at this tree and thought how it actually look like some kind of palm and imagined it as one.....until the wind blew and I got a wiff of the odor and the reali...
Weeping Silver Birch
Created by MrMaison
Weeping Silver Birch by MrMaison

Introducing the Weeping Silver Birch. This beautiful tree is great for decoration. It have some characteristics of a Weeping Willow but on a slightly smaller scale.
It is used a lot in gardens and yards.

Weeping Willow 3
Created by MrMaison
Weeping Willow 3 by MrMaison

Introducing my 3rd new and improved Weeping Willow tree! The colors are richer for better support across LUTs. Great for parks, yards and on the shores of ponds, rivers and lakes. I just learned this tree is actually a nativ...
White Birch Tree
Created by MrMaison
White Birch Tree by MrMaison

UPDATE 3/12/2016
This tree was affected by After Dark shadows. I fixed vertex normals for better shadows and improved texture map.
New screenshots coming soon.

A white Birch tree for your cities. This is also a firs...
White Willow
Created by MrMaison
White Willow by MrMaison

Introducing Salix alba (White Willow) tree. This is a European and Western and Central Asia native in the family of willow trees. This is a 2 piece set with medium and large versions.
It's great for natural wild scenes and any ...
Canada Red Cherry Tree
Created by Smilies
Based on the Schubert cherry, also known as Canada Red cherry or Purple-leaved Chokecherry, known for being a hardy ornamental tree with early green leaves becoming dark red-purple in late spring
Very common in the Pacific Northwest

Built to be low pol...
Silver Maple Street Tree
Created by Smilies
One of the most common trees in North America
Designed particularly for detailing streets and manmade landscapes, tried to make the leaves and bark detailed while keeping texture size and poly count small
768x768 diffuse, normal, color, illumination
Fruits - Apple tree
Created by Ston3D
Apple tree by Ston3D - Fruits collection

623 Tris
512 px

Apple tree with fresh, red apples ready for picking. Small sized tree mostly suitable for making your own orchard assets, decorating backyards or just randomly planting in your suburban ...
Poplar tree
Created by Ston3D
Poplar tree (Populus nigra var.italica) by Ston3D

561 tris
1024 px texture
17-25m high

It 's a tree I started to work long time ago but was never satisfied with the results. And these weekend muses finally strikes so here it is in a d...
Green Ginkgo Tree
Created by Leo Mystic Magic
Green Ginkgo Tree by Shroomblaze

310 Tri's / 48 Polys

I also removed the dirt patch at the bottom of the tree, I took the screenshots before I edited the .crp file. You will see in game that the dirt patch is no more! Enjoy

Please be sure to rate...
Summer Tree #1 (by Breeze)
Created by Breeze
I have updated more beautiful. I renewed.
I like this tree.


File name : Summer Tree #1 (by Breeze)
Ui priority : -8001
Height : 10m ~ 17m
Minimum bright...
Summer Tree #2 (by Breeze)
Created by Breeze
File name : Summer Tree #2 (by Breeze)
Ui priority : -8000
Height : 8m ~ 16m
Minimum brightness : 0.3
Maximum brightness : 0.8
Tris : 850
Using texture : _a,_c,_d,_n .jpg (1024 size)

Summer Tree #2.1 (by Breeze)
Created by Breeze
This is a new version of the summer Tree #2.
This tree is more beautiful ☺


Summer Tree #2_1 (by Breeze)
Ui priority : -7999
Height : 12m ~ 20m
brightness : 0.6 ~ 1 .1
Summer Tree #6.1 (by Breeze)
Created by Breeze

Summer Tree #6.1 (by Breeze)
Ui priority : -7991
Height : 8m ~ 17m
brightness : 0.7 ~ 1.1
Tris : 1190
Using texture : _a,_c,_d,_n .jpg ( 512 )

Summer Tree #7 (by Breeze)
Created by Breeze
Summer Trees 6 and 7 are different colors and sizes and angles. So you use a combination of both.

This tree is a little high quality. So the tris is 2700. Anyway, I spent the day to make this tree.
This tree is not perfect, but I am satisfied. (lod afr...
Summer Tree #8 (by Breeze)
Created by Breeze
I need a lot of trees. Much more good. But a new trees comes late. So I am making the trees.
But you have to understand me. The important thing going for the day-to-day life. If my new trees were introduced late please understand me.
Everyone should work...
Summer Tree-Maple #3 (by Breeze)
Created by Breeze
File name : Summer Tree-Maple #3 (by Breeze)
Ui priority : -7998
Height : 8m ~ 16m
Minimum brightness : 0.5
Maximum brightness : 1.0
Tris : 950
Using texture : _a,_c,_d,_n .jpg (1024 size)

small oak
Created by pdelmo
Alder Tree Pack
Created by Greyflame

The Tree

Alders are a common member of the birch family found extensively across the northern hemisphere. I modeled a rel...
Ash Tree
Created by pdelmo
Ash Tree by pdelmo

Made this one more of a vibrant green. enjoy

tri 768
texture 512x512 D/A/C

Created by pdelmo
Beech_Tree by pdelmo

Updated 14 nov 2020, to better suit new assets in the game. model is the same just improved the textures.
and is a tad smaller. Thanks to AmiPolizeiFunk for the request
Tris- 764
Texture D,A,C,N 1024x10...
Common Tree Set
Created by pdelmo
A set of 4 generic trees to suit most environments. Each Tree has its own unique form.
Designed the trees to be placed in the city parks and suburbs. added a lot more branches and better bark textures to hopefully make them more natural looking I work ha...
EverGreen Trees
Created by pdelmo
3 Highish Detail Trees

Generic to suit most environments.


If you want to donate to the pdelmo plant factory
Fir Tree
Created by pdelmo
Generic fir tree.
Not really heavy at 829tri and 512x512 texture.
Nice balance of detail for the game.
Will suit most builds like dark themes and temperate

But made with these mods. If you don't use them tree will look thin due to the way the ga...
Italian Cypress
Created by pdelmo
Italian Cypress by pdelmo ( Mediterranean cypress )

1024x512 textures
923 Tris

If you want to donate to the pdelmo plant factory
Liquid Amber (American sweetgum)
Created by pdelmo
Liquid Amber yellow early fall tree by pdelmo
We have a lot of these trees in Australia and we call them Liquid Ambers so thats what i named it :D
Game Stats
Tris 774
Texture D&A at 512x512
Nice size and perfect LOD

Oak Tree Lowpoly
Created by pdelmo
Oak Tree Very Low Poly by pdelmo DON'T FORGET to rate if you like my low poly trees

Features and Stats
Works for snowfall
High Detail
Realistic design
Plane Street Tree Medium
Created by pdelmo
Plane Street Tree Medium by pdelmo

1100tri 1024x512 texture

If you want to donate to the pdelmo plant factory
Spruce Tree
Created by pdelmo
Generic Spruce by pdelmo

1515 tri

1024x512 texture...
Street Plane Trees
Created by pdelmo
Street Plane Tree Set

3 Models one small and 2 large trees. Made for lining streets to fit between the road and buildings

Textures 1024x512. Higher Poly Models not for forest. made for detailed streets.

1073tris Small
1958tris Tall
3259tris ...
Generic Tree pack
Created by Lost Gecko
Pack of 6 generic filler trees for all sorts of rural areas, highway sides or anywhere some random trees are needed.

Map Theme: New Caledonia - LUTs: Cleyra/Colorful Summer Day
main models
tris: 332
Norway Maple
Created by MrMaison
Norway Maple by MrMaison

Introducing a Norway Maple tree. The Norway Maple (Acer platanoides) is a large dedicious tree native to eastern and central Europe and western Asia. It was brought to north America in the 1700s.
This tree is found in many plac...
Hazel Trees
Created by pdelmo
Turkish Hazel(Corylus colurna,)

Set of 4 trees and 2 Bushes (all same texture)

Made for AmiPolizeiFunk and His new map. Big thanks


If you want to donate to the pdelmo plant factory h...
Crimson King
Created by MrMaison
Crimson King by MrMaison

Crimson King is a red-leaved cultivar of the Norway Maple family. It is used in many landscaping situations that call for a splash of color. Enjoy planting these in your special areas of your cities.
This is the second tree spe...
Hornbeam Trees
Created by pdelmo
European Hornbeam (𝐶𝑎𝑟𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑢𝑠 𝑏𝑒𝑡𝑢𝑙𝑢𝑠) by pdelmo


All same texture about 1.5mb

Made for upcoming AmiPolizeiFunk Berlin map. big thanks


If you want to donate to...
Rowan Tree
Created by MrMaison
Rowan by MrMaison

Introducing a European Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) AKA European Mountain Ash tree. This deciduous tree or shrub is in the rose family. It is native to Europe and parts of Asia and northern Africa.
It's a very undemanding tree able to tol...
Bigleaf Linden Set
Created by MrMaison
Bigleaf Linden Set by MrMaison

Introducing a BigLeaf Linden tree set AKA Bigleaf Lime (Tilia platyphyllos ). A young version was added as an update 2/22/2021. It is native to Europe and Asia. It is used as an ornametal tree in parks and city streets. Wi...
European White Elm
Created by MrMaison
European White Elm by MrMaison

Introducing a large European White Elm (Ulmus laevis) AKA Fluttering Elm, Spreading Elm, Stately Elm and the Russian Elm in the U.S. It is native to Europe and can be found from France to Finland and east into Kazakhstan. ...
Weeping Silver Birch 2
Created by MrMaison
Weeping Silver Birch 2 by MrMaison

Introducing my second Weeping Silver Birch tree (Weeping Silver Birch 2). This one follows the more traditional gnarly, short ones found in gardens, parks and lawns. Enjoy adding these as ornamental trees in your citie...