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Kaiserlinde tree
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Kaiserlinde tree

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The "Kaiserlinde" (Tilia Intermedia 'Pallida') tree is a crossbreed between the Littleleaf Linden (Tilia cordata) and the Bigleaf Linden (Tilia Platyphyllos). It is called the "Common Lime," "European Linden," or "Dutch Linden," and the species is often written as "Tilia × europaea."

Fittingly, this model is also a crossbreed between its parents, the two beautiful Linden trees created by MrMaison. Not only did MrMaison provide source materials, but he coached me along the way with constructive criticism and encouragement. I've badgered him for so many trees for the Berlin project over the years, I'm happy to give one back! Glückwunsche, Professor!

Three unique tree models are included in this pack:
  1. Kaiserlinde 7m, a young tree, ~30 years old (748 tris)
  2. Kaiserlinde 16m, an average aged tree, ~70 years, still appropriate for streets (2,246 tris)
  3. Kaiserlinde 25m, an old and wise tree, ~100+ years, best in parks & fields (2,706 tris)

Each version has a degree of height variation and has been color-balanced to go well with MrMaison's Lindens. This pack shares one texture set at 2048x1024p (d,n,a).

Trees from real world data
Out of the over 400,000 trees that have been scraped from the Berlin city database for my Berlin map, over 100,000 of them are Lindens. The Tilia Cordata is the most common, represented around 50,000 times, with the Tilia Platyphyllos and Tilia Intermedia close behind, with ~30,000 and ~20,000 representations, respectively. Last year, the city updated their trees data on Feb.10th. I'm hoping a new update will be published soon so that I can refresh my trees layer, this time featuring many more trees from the workshop, including this one!

If you would like to see 400,000 trees-from-data in Cities Skylines, follow these simple steps:

  1. sub to my Berlin 2021 Modded map
  2. sub to the Berlin Trees collection
  3. sub and enable Tree Anarchy mod
  4. download the latest set of move-it xml's for the 3 trees layers; street top, street bot, and field at allbuilds[]
  5. go in-game and delete all of the trees
  6. Import "Restore" the 3 trees layers with MoveIt!
  7. Fly around and marvel at the glorious representation of a diverse city tree set

Big thanks to Quboid for continuing to improve MoveIt! to support exporting and importing!

I hope you like my first tree <3
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AmiPolizeiFunk  [author] Feb 9 @ 9:34am 
@Boris B. Coyote thanks! This might interest you:
Boris B. Coyote Feb 9 @ 6:14am 
Also, if you built that Berlin in the pics, holy moly! Great job there too!
Boris B. Coyote Feb 9 @ 6:13am 
Danke shoen! Looks fantastic!
ilcicci1983 Feb 5 @ 4:32am 
Make a cluster version too. I'd love to use them also for forest
Chamëleon TBN Feb 5 @ 3:15am 
Thanks a lot. Really nice trees!
MrMaison  [author] Feb 4 @ 9:49am 
Well done! My first tree looked nothing like this. And welcome to the Tree Factory :steamthumbsup:
Endoraan Feb 4 @ 8:53am 
Here too I would like to welcome you to the tree makers :budsmile:
That's a fantastic tree asset! Hope we will see more from you in the future :D
ilcicci1983 Feb 4 @ 8:52am