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Mexican Residential Buildings 01
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Sep 27 @ 3:52pm
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Mexican Residential Buildings 01

Mexican Residential Buildings 01 by Beardmonkey

This is a pack containing 16 low density residential buildings inspired by Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. They are custom made for Youtube series Bordertown by two dollars twenty.

Watch the Bordertown episode where these assets are featured here:

These assets are growable but were designed to be placed by hand using the mod Plop the Growables by TPB:

All assets in this pack has custom LOD:s.

There are no props needed for these assets. I might release a pack of building using props later on.

Texture size is 1024x512 px and 128x128 px for LOD:s. I've use a lot of textures from as well as my own.

If you use the Find It! mod by SamsamTS search for MXR for easy access. Get Find It! here:

Mexican Residential 001 MXR
Tris: 376
Tris LOD: 82

Mexican Residential 002 MXR
Tris: 322
Tris LOD: 82

Mexican Residential 003 MXR
Tris: 202
Tris LOD: 88

Mexican Residential 004 MXR
Tris: 952
Tris LOD: 46

Mexican Residential 005 MXR
Tris: 302
Tris LOD: 50

Mexican Residential 006 MXR
Tris: 360
Tris LOD: 64

Mexican Residential 007 MXR
Tris: 858
Tris LOD: 78

Mexican Residential 008 MXR
Tris: 326
Tris LOD: 42

Mexican Residential 009 MXR
Tris: 924
Tris LOD: 119

Mexican Residential 010 MXR
Tris: 260
Tris LOD: 62

Mexican Residential 011 MXR
Tris: 256
Tris LOD: 64

Mexican Residential 012 MXR
Tris: 430
Tris LOD: 78

Mexican Residential 013 MXR
Tris: 388
Tris LOD: 35

Mexican Residential 014 MXR
Tris: 430
Tris LOD: 87

Mexican Residential 015 MXR
Tris: 469
Tris LOD: 79

Mexican Residential 016 MXR
Tris: 447
Tris LOD: 87

Screenshots taken with Daylight Classic mod by BloodyPenguin:
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cesa210 Oct 13 @ 9:18am 
AS a a person from Guadalajara i will agree with the others, tis mostly low to mid income houses in semi urbanized zones i n any part of Mexico. But for what you can do in game these are pretty much accurate.

I just hope that you make more of this, more variation, i would lobe to help but i am awful at making buldings i tried with a really simple Russian ghetto/soviet-era apartment and it was awful :steamsad:, otherwise i will be doing these.
ElRash-Tuki Oct 7 @ 9:15am 
Aithemed Oct 3 @ 7:11pm 
As an Mexican Architect , from Mexico City , I reconized that some parts of the country has this type of "architecture" the oficial name is called "Autoconstruction" , the low levels of income cant or dont want to spend on an architect so they choose build by themselves or by master Mason and by steps. I understand the project , of Ciudad Juarez and cities from the boarder between Mexico and USA. But the name of this assets are to global for a "Mexican building"
Yerolay Oct 3 @ 3:27pm 
Numa ahi esta mi casa krnal :v

Bienecho we <[:{v b
CHECO MX Oct 3 @ 7:06am 
Great job!. I expected something like this for my new series, for the name do not worry, we have a bad culture of laughing or saying bad things about other countries, but we do not like to be told to us, explaining that I am not like that. hahaha, I really like these buildings, I hope you do more of our country and Latin America, a greeting from Mexico.
Beardmonkey  [author] Oct 1 @ 1:10am 
@JX3D97 Yes, I have a few commercial buildings planned.
JX3D97 Oct 1 @ 12:05am 
lovely! will there be commercial to match posibly?
joeymozzer Sep 30 @ 7:42pm 
You did a great job, I don’t think you should apologize. It’s like Lableling assets American ghetto homes. Doubt Americans would be offended. I’m American and my parents are Mexican, again I didn’t find this title offensive
djkaled Sep 30 @ 7:19pm 
So you wanna be a sicario?
ralexissl Sep 30 @ 2:29pm 
Im mexican but im not offended, i found it really funny but those kind of houses are most common in northem cities like Juarez, Laredo,Tijuana, Mexicali or in the poor zones of Mexico city or Guadalajara.