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Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.0-f3 (Park Life)

Find your assets in game (very) quickly.

Basically a better Search Box mod with instantaneous results as you type.

NEW IN 1.5.0
- Ability to search Net Structures such as roads
- Ability to add and search for Custom Tags

- Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen or press Ctrl + F to open the search window
- Type some keywords
- Selected the desired item
- Profit

How it works
The mod scans all the assets and generate a database of tags based on the title, the description, the service and the author of the asset. During the search, a score is evaluated based on a comparison with the keywords typed and the asset tags. All assets with a score greater than zero are sorted and displayed into the list.

The mod also generate the missing thumbnails icons by rendering the main mesh of the asset. Big thanks to FrF for sharing his code generating all the icons variants (hovered, pressed, etc..).

The mod also replace the part of the UI that displays the items with a more efficient version. This can lead to incompatibilities with other mods.

Known incompatible/conflicting mods
- Search Box mod (I don't think you will need it anymore)
- More Flags: it puts German flag on some icons

Planned features
- Custom tags: set your own tags (local)
- Custom creator tags: words starting with # in the asset description will be considered as creator tags and therefor have a higher search score

Source code
This mod uses detours C# library[] by cope.

Thank you for:
★ rating this mod
✍ leaving your impressions below
☞ supporting me with a donation[]
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Apr 18 @ 1:18am
Searching box is missing
Jun 11 @ 12:16pm
Pressing 'B' opens Find It!'s UI, overrides bulldoze keymap.
Silk Boxer Wedgie
May 9 @ 7:07pm
the building disappears when putting it
< >
asterisk11231 Jul 2 @ 1:12am 
@TurtleShroom you don't need the mod, it has functionally the same purpose. Filter to "props" and Find It! / Find It! Fix [Test] cover all the functionality of More Beautification, it is not a hard requirement for any workshop mod (incorrectly described), anywhere it is required, or this mod is required (except for a bug with Watch It! + 81 Tiles w/o Find It! or Find It! Fix [Test]) is simply a flat-out lie that is a stand in for "you need a mod that lets you search for things" since they won't be in a standard menu. Personally More Beautification is largely useless if you're using Find It!, and it's largely under-maintained
TurtleShroom Jul 1 @ 7:06pm 
Does this Mod conflict with the Beautification Mod? I have that one and really don't want it gone.
Future Jun 29 @ 5:05pm 
Looks like setting the construction speed in Real Time to 100% allows me to place growables!
asterisk11231 Jun 29 @ 3:24pm 
@Dannycak / @._All
If you have an issue with thumbnail caching, be sure you have Loading Screen Mod to optimize them, and your asset load can just be too large (slowing down your game overall). Additionally, the original issue with thumbnails and panel speed resulting from low RAM & VRAM will not be fixed by this mod or the improved one. There is also a setting that will make the panel open slower, but use less RAM overall.
asterisk11231 Jun 29 @ 3:24pm 
@zemphereis - did you enable it?

@Dannycak - the issues reported are with growables, assets that have a different name you may expect internally (e.g., Workshop != Editor != in-game tooltip), and others. Props you should not have an issue with, but you may need to get Move It! and it's dependency tree to place them more

Growables aren't normally placeable (there are mods like "Place the Growables" which goes with "Ploppable RICO Revisited" FWIW) and isn't the point of this mod

@._both - consider a look at[Find It! Fix Test[/url
zemphereis Jun 29 @ 12:57pm 
Please help
zemphereis Jun 29 @ 6:40am 
I subscribed to the mod, but it wont show up in game.
Dannycak Jun 29 @ 6:29am 
Hello everyone ,
According to "Performance Tuning Guide - Cities Skylines" by aubergine18

Section Laggy mods
More Beautification - causes 10fps drop, and lag when opening panels; unsubscribe. Use Find It instead.


we shall unsub to "More Beautification" mod and just keep "Find it" mod.
but i have few questions because of the comments i have read so far.

Having find it mod will let me have an access to entire selection of in game units(assets probs etc) or not?
if it is so.
then we dont really need More Beautification mod at all.

But according to comments on this mod , i see some users cant find or see some probs assets and etc in find it mod.

So please someone confirm and clarify this argument
"unsub to More Beautification mod and just keep Find it mod "
ApollonDriver Jun 26 @ 1:03pm 
I don't get it, I can't find vanilla high density residential, commercial and offices. There are only the ones that are European and high tech offices. I used to be able to do that, today I can't. Help?
ApollonDriver Jun 26 @ 1:00pm 
@Future you don't need to zone to place