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Plop the Growables
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May 13, 2017 @ 6:58am
Oct 12, 2019 @ 2:22am
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Plop the Growables

Allows you to manually plop growable buildings with Find It! and having them remain where you put them.

In essence this mod removes the "Demolish me" signal growables normally send to the game when they are not in a zoned area or not in the correct district for their specialization.

In order for your plopping growables to make sense, we need to make them remain as they are when you plop them.

This mod provides 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. Make All Historical This option is ON by default. It makes all the growables in the game historical. This means they can level up but will not change appearance.
  2. Disable Automatic Level-Up This options if OFF by default. It prevents buildings from leveling up on their own. This means you can disable "Make Historical" and the buildings will still not change appearance on their own. But they will also not level up.

Using a combination of these options you can get different results:

  • Make Historical ON + Disable Level Up OFF Growables will retain their appearance but will level up.
  • Make Historical ON + Disable Level Up ON Growables will retain their appearance AND their level.
  • Make Historical OFF + Disable Level Up ON Growables will retain their appearance AND their level (note this is the same result as previous combo).
  • Make Historical OFF + Disable Level Up OFF Growables will level up and change their appearance accordingly.

To make the "plopping" effect more in line with the way other assets are plopped, by default the mod sets the construction time of growables to 0, thus disabling the "growing/scaffolding" animation.

You can toggle these options in the Options Menu.

Keep in mind you need to keep at least one of the "Disable Automatic Level-Up" and "Make Historical" options enabled in order for your plopped growables not to change apperance.

Required/Recommended Mods

You need Find It! in order to be able to manually plop buildings.


Force Level Up can be useful if you want a certain building to advance in level, so you can do it manually.

Move It

No Abandonment

No Fires

No Problem

This mod uses the amazing Harmony Framework[] by Pardeike for method-patching. The unique Harmony ID used for this mod is "com.tpb.plopthegrowables".

If you like this mod, please take a moment to rate+, it really helps me stay motivated to continue creating mods for the community. Also, if you're feeling generous and want to show some appreciation, consider making a small donation or becoming a Patron. While not required, it is always a great incentive. Thank you.


Control Building Level Up seems to be incompatible according to some reports
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Nov 21, 2020 @ 11:29pm
The placed growable is disapearing
Sep 4, 2020 @ 11:22pm
This mod prevent building from being auto bulldoze
Mar 2 @ 10:06pm
Cims won't move into residential buildings manually placed with Plop the Growables
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mattieandjoey Jun 10 @ 5:18pm 
every time I spawn a building it won't show up its just concrete on the ground like they won't spawn before it was fine it had construction and then it started it wouldn't spawn
www.787650583 May 22 @ 11:29pm 

可以让你手动扑通通过找到它成长的建筑!本质上,这个模块消除了“拆掉我”的信号,通常发送到游戏当他们不在一个划分区域或不在正确的区域为他们的 命令为了你的扑通成长有意义,我们需要让他们保持他们是当你扑通成长。这让游戏里所有成长的东西都成了历史。这意味着他们可以升级,但不会改变外观。禁用自动升级这个选项如果默认关闭。它可以防止建筑物自己升高。这意味着你可以禁用“使历史”和建筑仍然不会改变自己的外观。但它们也不会升级
nwrdcore May 22 @ 6:15pm 
I had the same issue where plopped buildings would quickly get demolished. I realized that while I had the right zone (high density commercial), it was in a tourism district so it wasn't exactly the right type of zone.
briantoddje May 15 @ 3:41am 
mine still grow
GLORIA VINCIT May 12 @ 11:25pm 
I couldn't place down a building inside a building cuz the zone check is still on... isn't this mod supposed to disable it on auto? Is there another mod I need to install for this to work?
LOLCL Apr 18 @ 4:22am 
I can't get certain buildings to not spawn when I set zones, even if I don't include them and set their spawn probability to 0 they still spawn, which means I can't set zones at all if I want to have a town that looks semi-ok.

I could un-subscribe, but i'd like to keep the assets and there's far too many for a collection. Is there any work around for this?
Alpine Womble Apr 5 @ 2:00pm 
Am I being a dimwit or do I have a mod/setting conflict.

Do you have to plop next to a road and then move because that seems to be all I can do.
I have seen others plop'Em anywhere. What am I missing ?

LemonsterOG Apr 1 @ 8:39am 
@JKS10 -- It is compatible with Find 2. The old Ploppable RICO was replaced with RICO Revisited, so that's the one you should be using. If you're going to use RICO Revisited, you don't need this mod, as RICO Revisited incorporated this mods functionality, with one exception for which you'll need to add the Advanced Building Level Control mod.
JKS10 Apr 1 @ 2:52am 
is it compatible with find it 2.0, rico or rico revisited?
MiikeH Mar 14 @ 6:21am 
@Nuggets.pop You might have the real time mod (or similar) installed. These time altering mods sometimes change the way construction work. For example Real time changes the speed of construction using a slider in the settings menu. If you set that to 100%, your buildings will plop instantly .