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HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons part
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Sep 26, 2018 @ 9:01am
Mar 13 @ 6:29am
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HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons part

In 1 collection by Aplion
HAFM NAVY (Ships & Submarines) Collection
4 items
A requirement for HAFM submarines and Ships mods (not to be downloaded individually).

Current version 2.0

Main MOD (Ships) :

Operations manual (also included) external link:

HAFM NAVY Collection :

Copyright 2018 [Aplion, Devastator_cm] This item is not authorized for re-uploading on Steam, except by its own authors.
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Feb 21 @ 3:02pm
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Cornac Mar 24 @ 3:35am 
Outstanding work on this mod. Congrats to you guys. You did an amazing job and you keep it afloat ;-) I'am really eager to see it being upgraded. It's adding a very nice naval dimension to the armaverse. Keep up the good work !
Bach Yachmoo Mar 23 @ 6:03am 
Hey I noticed yesterday that if you disembark the DDG with the RHIB the ship turns into a skeleton. Has anyone else seen this?
Aplion  [author] Mar 13 @ 10:13am 
Both Ships and Submarines MODs updated today.


- Added: Chinese - Type 052C Destroyer ship under OPFOR side.
- Added: Chinese - Type 052D Destroyer ship under OPFOR side.
- Added: All relative weapons, missile models and Chinese flag for new Type 052C and 052D ships.
- Added: For all big ships the render distance from object to terrain parameter named "featureType".
- Fixed: Submarines Re-arming now works as expected.
- Fixed: A-190 reload time fixed. It has RPM of 80 rounds now as it supposed to have.
- Fixed: All ships are now react against aircrafts - helicopters automatically when "Weapons Officer" position is controlled by an AI unit.
- Fixed: Ships and submarines optics will have proper rotations and will not stuck while performing 360 turns.
- Tweaked: MK-45 Mod 2 RPM reduced to 16 rounds.
- Tweaked: Some ships textures.
- Tweaked: Ships and submarines radar footprints adjusted.
- Tweaked: Ships and submarines sensors and panels are improved.
- Updated: MOD Manual.
ZERO COOL Mar 3 @ 4:10pm 
its the errors in INFISTAR that poped up when players tried to use your sub menu or boat menu GUI.
i added those codes to the infistar WHITE LIST and they worked no problem. only happened to regular players on my server which is why i didnt notice it, as admin with infistar they show up anyway.

infistar thinks the SONAR menu and others are hacks, so it stops them.

add it to your page, tons of people use infistar. it be nice if i organized them for you so you knew exactly what code was for what page. for now just add them all jumbled till someone uppity organizes them
Devastator  [author] Mar 2 @ 10:24am 
is this fix will work by all infistar users? Should I add this to steam page as information?
ZERO COOL Mar 2 @ 10:10am 
Didnt really split them up, just grabbed all the errors i got from infistar when a player tried to use a menu from HAFM. added to infistar and it worked for EVERYONE just fine. not JUST admins

my infistar fix for it in my file is;

1202,91919,9000,26260,1206,9005,9049,9072,99049,20000,9500,9700,9999, //ZERO COOL HAFM keys

i left the end comma because its not the last line of code in my keys list in infistar. remove it if need be
Devastator  [author] Feb 21 @ 1:09pm 
check the submarina mod's comment section very last messages
DICE Feb 21 @ 12:54pm 
can anyone help my player base can not use the ships menus ? its blocked by infistar can i fix or bypass this (still new)
Aplion  [author] Feb 13 @ 4:25am 
Fix released


- Tweaked: Accuracy for high speed anti-ship missiles improved
- Fixed: Wrong file for attachments replaced with new one
- Tweaked: User manual updated
- Added: New MK-50 Torpedo for Arleigh Burke
- Tweaked: Sonar range by Arleigh Burke increased
Aplion  [author] Feb 12 @ 4:50am 
New update released today ...


- Added: Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.
- Added: New RIM-66 and RIM-174 missiles for Arleigh Burke.
- Modified: Cruise missiles control panel now shows Altitude and Distance between Waypoints, plus each ship has its own number of missiles (new config value) showing also Quantity and ETA to target (it shows the ETA at firing time and not getting updated while missile flies).
- Tweaked: Colors and graphics to all GUIs.
- Tweaked: Boats numbers on ships and submarines changed to reflect more real life logic ...