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Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) - NAVY
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Aug 24, 2017 @ 6:45am
Aug 31, 2017 @ 9:11am
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Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) - NAVY

This is the Naval part of my mod (HAFM) and is consisted by 7 fully playble and armed ships for ArmA 3 Stable Branch.

In this version (1.5x) there are many weapon options plus the ability for ships with attached boats on them, to detach the boats and crew them by players or AI. This option has not been tested on a dedi server but I believe that it works fine.

All ships have PhysX and made from scratch by (except one - Anzac Frigate - which is BI property and import from ArmA 2) me using 3DS MAX (please don't ask me to share my 3D files - I'll never do this). Also most of these ships can be found under BLUFOR - OPFOR and AAF functions.

This mod has been tested only in vanilla game, using CBA_A3 (which is required), so I'm not responsible for any conflicts that might occur using other mods.

NOTE that these ships are NOT walkable and helicopters cannot land on them for the moment. I'm working on that.

Classnames.txt file is also provided for mission makers use.

Special Thanks to Bohemia Interactive for the ArmA 3 game.

HAFM Blog :
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Aplion  [author] Sep 8 @ 3:24am 
SpikiestMass15 Sep 5 @ 8:22am 
Not to be a pain, but is there an ETA on the big update?
Aplion  [author] Sep 5 @ 3:35am 
ArmA 3 has no Ships ... USS Freedom is not a Ship ... it is a static structure like building so can't be transformed to Ship ... especially without source files. On any case you are talking for some other type of mod ... WMO can work only to small size vehicles as there is 50 meters limitation in ArmA about vehicles geometry. In order to have bigger vehicles like this you have to split any model to pieces under 50 meters size each and bond them together as proxies ... thats all ...
You could take the model from arma 3 encore update and make it drivable?
Just add the cannon and vsl as guns and boom you have drivable ship with interiour (then I add to WMO and you can walk while it is driving)
Aplion  [author] Aug 16 @ 6:55am 
This mod is close on a big update which in fact will change everything. There is no reason for anyone to ask permission to use it on any non-monetizing server as for this reason mods are, but keep in mind that soon all current content will be totally replaced which also means that all classnames will be changed.
LeeYeonHee Aug 2 @ 2:48pm 
@any author of this mod. Can we please have a permission to use this on our public server? Not monetize. Thanks for any kind of reply.
Old Man Serson Jul 26 @ 12:42pm 
I cant find the naval units in the editor, all i see are the air force and land forces
Devastator Jul 13 @ 6:49am 
ACE3 in which aspect?
Just a few questions.
Will the new updated mod contain more textures for boats? Like more faction neutral boats. "Eg black,csat,aaf,grey and other stuff?
Also would be cool if you added some of the turrets as statics or land naval guns (Like anti ship cannons for land)
Will there be ace3 support?
And will they be walkable when not moving and if so you should intergrate the WMO script.

Anyways I'm looking forward to the update.

Lt. HardStrike Jul 9 @ 6:58pm 
Either way i really like this mod, arma was really lacking in naval warfare, thank you for making this. And sorry if my question was stupid, i didn't get myself informed of any kind of patch note/info regarding the future updates.