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Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) - NAVY
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Aug 24, 2017 @ 6:45am
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Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) - NAVY

In 1 collection by Aplion
HAFM NAVY (Ships & Submarines) Collection
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After long period of efforts finally HAFM Naval mod came to a point that I and my friend Devastator_cm dreamed.

Version 2.0 practically is a totally new mod replacing the previous 1.5 version (in case both versions will be used at same time there will be incompatibility issue).

Bringing new ships, weapons, actions and capabilities, as much as possible like in the real life without breaking the game fun was our goal. We believe that we approached it by the best possible way so far.

This mod is coming after the successful Submarines mod, in order to complete another aspect of Naval warfare in ArmA 3.

For compatibility reasons we decided and split these two mods using another one as Common part/mod for Core and Weapon parts.
Due to this, the Common part/mod together with CBA are required for Submarines and Ships mods as base, without a direct dependency between Submarines and Ships
(Ships does not need Submarines to work neither Submarines need Ships).

Ships mod consists by six new Ships plus two from the old mod and are fully workable (not static).

New Ships are:

Turkish NAVY - Barbaros class MEKO200TN Frigate -
Greek NAVY - Hydra class MEKO200HN Frigate -
French NAVY - FREMM class Frigate -
Russian NAVY - Admiral Grigorovich class Frigate -
Russian NAVY - BUYAN-M class Corvette -
A replenishment ship for each BLUFOR and OPFOR sides.
Greek NAVY - Roussen-class fast attack craft -
US NAVY - Arleigh Burke-class destroyer -

Also a variety of weapons - missiles - torpedoes - cruise missiles - countermeasures, together with defense systems, are included in order to make things more realistic.

So these Ships will also include:

- Active Radar Console (same as submarines but for shorter distances)
- Anti Ship Weapons Console (Torpedoes - CIWS - Missiles)
- Anti Missile Defense Console (CIWS - Missiles)
- Torpedoes Console (for Ships and Submarines)
- Countermeasures for incoming torpedoes (same as Submarines have)
- Cruise Missile Console (for deep strikes)
- Artillery Weapon (Artillery Cannon)
- Boats for leaving/entering the Ships (mainly for missions)
- Helicopter Landing (half-scripted - almost all helicopters can be land - unload cargo into Ship - load cargo from Ship - leave landing deck - etc)
- AI logic (in case ships are controlled solely by AIs, will perform evasive maneuvers and auto-defend or fire against targets)
- TFAR compatibility
- Replenishment Ship, with options to rearm - refuel - repair any same side Ship will be close to it (by the meaning of some minimum distance)
- Flags on ships (user can choose default flag texture or add his own through eden attributes)

Finally, in order to support mission makers and ensure compatibility for missions that have been build using the old mod version, there is an Optional part/addon
which mission makers can use in order to be able to rework their missions in ArmA 3 editor, updating with new ships
(with this addon any old mission can be loaded in editor and old ships will auto-replaced by new ones).

Ofcourse, a detailed operations manual is coming with that mod, explaining the most parts of it as well as a text file with classnames.

Special Thanks to Bohemia Interactive for the ArmA 3 game.

Required addons/mods for either Submarines or Ships:


HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons -

Optional (for missions build using older ships version):

Helper addon for mission makers for missions made with older version - optional:

Operations manual (also included) external link:

BIS forum release thread:

HAFM NAVY Collection :

HAFM Blog :

Copyright 2018 [Aplion, Devastator_cm] This item is not authorized for re-uploading on Steam, except by its own authors.
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More Ships Ideas
Christopher 天ノ弱
< >
emmemd12 Oct 28 @ 1:02pm 
i have a question regarding the aaf gunboat (which i presume is one of the old ships) it seems to refuse to even target anything with its cannons that also appear to lock there rotation.
either way this mod is amazing and thankyou for your hard work
stewfly92 Oct 25 @ 10:51pm 
may I use this for a youtube video if credit is given?
Aplion  [author] Oct 20 @ 3:13pm 
@Gdad ... it is a matter of geometry. Game engine limits geometry on everything at 50m and everything above that is facing issues. All those ships are triple size of this limit and in fact I have to remake them from scratch splitting them to pieces (less 50m each) in order their geometry acts better with game engine limitations. Too hard to even think about to be honest. The only I can do is to check individually each ship for possible improvements on helicopter deck part only and figure out something different for solution from bumping issues as you reported.
Gdad Oct 20 @ 2:34pm 
@Aplion, i was wondering if you had done anything different to the supply ship's heli pad compared to the warships pads, since i managed to spool down before securing the heli, granted it did start to pop through the deck but reset itself onto it without damage, i only ask as i read one of your comments about the engine will stay at the state it was in when securing. i'm guessing because of game limitations, and was wondering if there was a way of making the warships pads for lack of better words "more solid" like the supply ship ???
Any clue how to spawn them in Zeus! Please I need help
aj2017 Oct 15 @ 5:19am 
Nice mod, but it would be nice to see some Royal Navy ships. Such as the Type 45 Destroyer or the Type 23 Frigate.
RevampedGrunt Sep 14 @ 12:56pm 
Am I the only who doesn't have AI working properly? The ships won't use Anti-Ship missiles anymore. They would shoot down missiles and launch torpedoes but nothing regarding the anti ship missiles.
Shaftoe Sep 10 @ 12:45pm 
I wonder if the ships in this mod could (would) get some more texture/model work to improve their visuals?... Especially Russian frigate and American destroyer.
ahappyteddybear Sep 4 @ 1:02pm 
why doesnt the burke have the realistic 1. payload 2. defence system 3. radar 4. cruise missle's able to launch while moving. please buff these ships they are so underpowerd in this game. ships are one of my favorate things but this mod needs to improve these ships. they cant compete VS arma planes and even other ships. anti ship missles dont even work. i would like to see major buffs like at least a 32km radar. like20-40 cruise missles (even tho the real arlirghe burk could hold way more) longer range missles defense (3200 meters doesnt cut it at all) and more RIM 174s) again the real one could hole WAY more. and make the ciws fire more ammo quicker please. this would make boats so much more fun. please add this i ( and more people) may find this way better
Spartan Aug 29 @ 9:15pm 
Any chane you can make add the ships from FFAA mods and make them driveable again?