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Ancient Cache of Technologies
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Ancient Cache of Technologies


Ancient Cache of Technology reimagines the entire infrastructure of Fallen Empires and their technologies. No longer shall the precursors be stuck with primitive weapons and technologies used by primitives. Their empires span for millennium, their technologies are awe-inspiring, their armies are legion. Many have tried to challenge them...all have and forever...

Or is it? What if an empire manages to rise and learn their secrets, can this newcomer succeed where others have failed. Will the galaxy be engulfed in war once again?

This mod introduces a large varieties of new technologies based on the enigmatic dark matter/dark energies. From ship weapons, to buildings, to armies or planetary decisions. Technologies are categorized into tiers, and there are event chains that each empire has to go through to acquire them...or steal them from the others.

Furthermore, the mod buffs the existing Fallen Empire worlds to be much harder to invade, with their home citadels now fully protected by five towers, their outlying planets now have proper FE-tier buildings and their armies now much harder to beat.

ACOT Override Function - Get this if you want FE/Crisises to also be buffed.

This mod works fine alongside Zenith of the Fallen Empire


  • Four new tiers of technology. Two can be obtained as you progress further into utilizing Dark Matter and Dark Energy, another is a rare technology only a few can possess. And one final tier that is forbidden, only to reemerged at times of great crisis.

    Dark Energy Reactor (AE-Tier) is obtainable by having at leat level 6+ scientist with either curator/genius/erudite/psionic/synthetic/particle expertise. This is the gateway tech to unlock many other techs including AE-Tier buildings.

  • Dark Energy as a new strategic resource. Dark Matter also becomes much more important, as various components now require both to build.

  • New Fanatic Ethic-based researches availiable at late game, including Authoritarian commissars, Pacifist civilian ship hull upgrades or Hive Mind/Machine Empire techs to negate their opinion penalties towards others!

  • New FE-Tier Armies. Drown your enemies with armies equipped with enigmatic technologies, SPM-Droids that are designed to counter clones, or field heroic armies that can solo entire planets by themselves.

  • New Building technologies based on enigmatic Dark Matter. Some of which offers unique planetary decisions.

  • New types of Planetary Bombardment Stances such as Punishment and Exterminatus. Each with increasing degree of destruction.

Detailed List of Features here.[]

Weapon Stats here (Including new Fallen Weapon Statchanges.[]

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Using this mod alongside mods that already buffs FEs may hilariously turn their power to over 9000. So be warned.

  • You cannot remake Heroic Armies if they die atm. I may make them re-trainable later once I understand the codes to do that properly.

    Weapon stats shouldn't be that OP as they are based around vanilla stats. (Until it reaches Stellarite Tier+ that is)

    Save and Mod Compatibility

    • Works on existing saves, but the FE will not be improved and will still have normal buildings and defenses used by primitives.

    • Overwrites has_upgraded_capital_building and all of its upgraded variation to accept the new capital tier.

    • Overwrites resource_table in the interface, but this mod's override function has accounted for
      1. Gigastructure's
      2. ESC
      3. Guille's
      4. Arcane Heritage
      5. Unknown's Component.
      6. Twink's Playable Fallen Empire.

      If your mod has unique SRs and wish to add them, feel free to poke me.

    • Overwrites fallen_empire_initializers and many of it's associated scripts so that FE will spawn with new FE buildings.

      All in all, a conflict shouldn't cause a crash...hopefully.


    Q: I cannot upgrade my capital!
    A: You have to do it via planetary decision. This is also explained in the tech description.

    Q: I cannot get Alpha (Dark Energy) Reactor
    A: The reactor requires you to know Dark Matter Reactor for at least 10 years. And must know most basic DM-tier technologies. You also are much less likely to get it if you don't have Dark Matter Deflector nor level 6 scientists in physics without any good traits.

    Q: What's with the memes?
    A: Memes, the DNA of the souls!

    Credits and Special Thanks to

    - Many of the artwork icons are from the following games, I do not claim ownerships of those arts. I will take them down if the companies have issues with them.
    • Command & Conquer 3 and Tiberium Alliance - EA Games
    • Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm - Blizzard
    • Dawn of War 2 - Relic/Games Workshop
    • Heroes of Might and Magic: V - Ubisoft

    - Kolyn for the ZOTFE series, this mod is inspired by it.

    - Wymorlon for many useful insights and intense debate whether xenophobes should have gene points.

    - NHunter, I studied the codes for mod menu and certain components from his mod.

    - Stellaris Modding Den Community, learned many useful stuffs there.

    - All supporters. Your sacrifice against the FE will be honored in the Shroud.

    I have a section on Discord for my mods here


    You can also support me on Patreon here [] atm since my family is having a little bit of financial difficulties.
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HighKings_Ruin 3 hours ago 
Oh for the love off... Thanks for clarifying this nonsense to me guys, and you're right Chiru, I've only ever once reached the mid-year in this game :/
Chirumiru ShiRoz  [author] 3 hours ago 
FE Titan unfortunately has no aura slot which kinda turn it into just a mobile Ion Cannon.
Chirumiru ShiRoz  [author] 3 hours ago 
I expanded the models a bit further in my Original Empire Shipset

Corvettes being Large Fighters
Destroyers being Escorts
Cruisers being Cross-Shaped Escort
Battleships being Battlecruisers
and Titan being FE Titan

For ZOFE's other GC however.

Corvettes and Destroyers use Escort Model
Cruiser uses Battlecruiser Model
Battleship, Titans use FE Titan Model
H11DN-D4NG3R 3 hours ago 
@Highkings_Ruin Titan is the ''primitive'' version of the FE titan. Fallen titans are just FE Titans. so FT are stronger then PT.
Chirumiru ShiRoz  [author] 3 hours ago 
@HighKings_Ruin I do not understand what's the issue here. That is exactly how ZOFE mod worked

Kolyn made the Battleship has Titan model (Don't ask me why)

When you become AE, you don't lose the option to continue building old non-FE ships, hence you have both normal Titan and FE Titan.

You must be new to ZOFE :lunar2019grinningpig:
HighKings_Ruin 3 hours ago 
Huh, I wasn't aware of that. That doesn't explain why the Shipyard has given me the option to build 2 separate Titan ship classes *Titan and Fallen Titan*

Or am I missing something here too?
H11DN-D4NG3R 3 hours ago 
@Highking_Ruin. hmm, Normal FE only got like a few models. .(escort. battlecruiser. and Titan) Ascending/using ''FE ship start'' will change your set into FE models. incidently. All 5 basic ships will appear as ''Escort, battlecruiser, and titan'' with corvette and destroyer showing escort, and cruiser>battlecruiser. and battleship. Titan.>FE Titan.
while yes. this is somewhat confusing. it haves been here for a while...mabye you missed it :?
HighKings_Ruin 3 hours ago 
In the first pic, the Battleship has the same appearance as the Titan, and in the second pic I've got the option to build both "Titan" and "Fallen Titan"

The "Titan" is set as "Type Zeta-class" and the "Fallen Titan" is a "Type XI-class" (Not sure how important that is)

I admit I'm curious how you thought the food upkeep was the odd thing from those pics. Anyway this just started happening sometime last month and it's still going on, I was hoping anyone might have an idea what the cause was.
H11DN-D4NG3R 4 hours ago 
Clarification would be nice. i dont know the exact problem (except that some of your stuff cost food...:?)
Azkor 4 hours ago 
Odd, my end game year start is 2400 and its 2430, but never had an option around stellerite yet. Just a MTTH thing?