Chirumiru ShiRoz
Peerawat   Thailand
The wes once a man named ShiRoz, he was the guardian of the white cat and overseer of the world itself, seeking to destroy his nemesis KuRoz, he plans to unleash the secret Superweapon, a highly artificial intelligent android codename TEMA, trusting this command to Admiral Tum the Angry Beast. Unfortunately, the Admiral was having dinner and ordered his minions the *Taiz to engineer TEMA, they accidently inserts code Jockey 12-XE. and the TEMA went awry, destroying both KuRoz and ShiRoz's world alike. The White and The Black Cats must now unite to stop this abomination....

KuRozCraft III : The TEMA's Throne
Two nations joined together on the Dead Center Campaign, while ShiRoz's men will hold the line against the might of TEMA, KuRoz's spies will attempt to shut down the control center of TEMA. ShiRoz soon finds out that TEMA is too เกรียน that his troops are powerless to stop him, he commands Angry Beast to order a retreat, however Angry Beast was still watching 20+ rated anime and again have his 'Taiz minion to order, mistake by the word. they order every soldier to surrender themselves and use their suicide-taunt.

As for the KuRoz's spy, they reaches the entrance door and attempt to unweld the lock, however the door is actually another spy and he destroy another door that is right behind KuRoz's spy team, ultimately annihilate the plan.

Without hope from both their armies. TEMA soon reaches ShiRoz'n KuRoz room, both ready to fight the abomination hand-to-hand.....
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Skeleton Knight Sep 21 @ 3:58am 
This dude is a gift for Stellaris community by the God himself .
Chirumiru ShiRoz Aug 24 @ 3:19am 
Thanks everyone for your supports and comments!
jackrichardson508 Aug 24 @ 3:09am 
One of the best modders i've ever seen, makes stuff look OP but it really hard to get! Rep+100
TsuTsu Tsunami ♥ Aug 18 @ 5:04pm 
portling Jul 14 @ 5:09am 
Chirumiru ShiRoz Jul 14 @ 2:29am 
@portling If you meant the UI, it's Dark UI Mod