Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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1.1.0 Test Map
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May 6 @ 9:54pm
Jun 10 @ 10:18pm
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1.1.0 Test Map

Hey Everyone!

If you experience a crash, it would be very helpful if I could get a copy of your last save via discord or email.

You can e-mail me at:


Here is a sub-reddit where you can post commentary and suggestions if you'd like:


Here is a Discord where you can get ahold of me too:


Just a little about the project to clarify:

This is my personal project, it's just me, Elderbark, although i've had plenty of input from friends on what they think of my progress and where I should go with it that has informed it's current state, and without them encouraging me it wouldn't be where it is now.

What I'd like to do is continue to work on the algorithms and processes that built the current map and upload new maps regularly on a schedule of perhaps one every 2 or 3 weeks. These maps might be similar to the current one or drastically different depending on what I want to show off or test. I don't want to flood steam with dozens of mods, so it will be this current link that gets updated, so keep subscribed if you want to see where this goes!
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Development assistance
May 25 @ 7:07pm
If a country guarantes another country and u declare war on it , the game crashes
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Elderbark  [author] 16 hours ago 
VladimirPro27 18 hours ago 
Hello,the link to the discord server seems to invalid,i think it's expired.Could it pls be renewed?
Trini_Gamer10 Jul 16 @ 12:39pm 
So is this a randomly generated map?
erik balens Jul 6 @ 4:19pm 
How was this done? I'm really into cartography so a link to a guide or something would be greatly appreciated!
tyresekirk20 Jul 1 @ 5:40pm 
it could be avater the last airbender style map or ad two scenarios one in aang time and the other in korra time
Th3R4zgriz115 Jun 29 @ 10:15pm 
Hey m8 maybe should be great to do the strangreal map FROM ace comabt 5 and series
diemertrey Jun 25 @ 11:51am 
Great mod!
znorrt Jun 23 @ 5:15am 
Very good mod !! I really enjoy it, thanks for the job !
Is it allowed to make a total conversion mod (Kaiserreich, In the name of the Tsar, Millenium Dawn, etc.) for this map?
Love to know :)

Great map, you've done a great job, love all the little details :)
Holy Doggo Jun 17 @ 9:28am 
this is all so very interesting, continueing to keep an eye on this project, very well done so far.