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Immersive Music Mod - Allies
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Immersive Music Mod - Allies

Immersive Music Mod

Featuring over 1,000 songs from the WWII era, the Immersive Music Mod offers the most comprehensive musical overhaul for the base Hearts of Iron IV. These are the same songs soldiers and citizens made have heard - either at home, on parade, or in the trenches. Each song was researched and confirmed to have existed in the time period (except for a few Communist China songs), which extends to accuracy in lyrics as well. Generally, songs with specific artists are featured in their original versions whereas choral and instrumental pieces focus on quality. Each song is set to tag or ideology, among other conditions, though you may switch to unweighted shuffle for the full WWII musical experience.

Vanilla songs have been weighted more heavily so they can still actually be heard. Owners of Together for Victory or Death for Dishonor DLC may actually want to nerf the factor weights for those songs, because apparently some developer thought we might want to hear "London is Burning" three times in a row. Simply go to the DLC music folders and tweak the numbers there.

Additional Compilations

Originally conceived as a single mod, the enormous file size forced me to split into three for the Steam workshop. You can find the links just below! (Note: Many historical Allies, as well as Axis co-belligerents, have been moved to Comintern+ for balance.)



Comintern & Others:


The Allied Powers

-United Kingdom
-United States
-New Zealand
-South Africa

Songs List

(Too many to list here!)
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Cheblavsky Jul 3 @ 11:42pm 
need update
Some Low-Key Slav Weeb Jun 30 @ 2:09pm 
Is there a seperate list of what songs are included?
clarinet_king Jun 20 @ 11:28pm 
I just got this mod and hope that I will love it. I really only listen to this type of music anyway. Thank you for posting this, the vanilla songs get kind of boring after the 100th time.
Sivor May 30 @ 4:36pm 
Microsoft Paint 1997 May 30 @ 11:11am 
Joke's on you I made Greece Fascist. Actually fun fact if you make Greece Fascist Italy becomes Super Italy and seems to kick France's ass while Germany is still participating in the "Phony War." Against France.
Arthur Percival  [author] Apr 7 @ 7:54pm 
I like the vanilla theme but after hearing it 10,000 times - you know. I can consider removing it but my mod won't likely be compatible with the standalone version of it since I tweak vanilla song weights.

One small benefit is it tells me if I forget to enable the mod right at loading screen. And the theme itself fits the fact that you're likely murdering millions of enemy soldiers, heh.
Bex Apr 7 @ 5:55pm 
Yeah, I've seen the documentary a few times, I love the intro but I just don't think it's suited to Hearts of Iron. I'm playing Modern Day 4 mod right now and I love the theme that they have for it and there's just something about the vanilla theme, it's one of the best themes i've ever heard imo
Arthur Percival  [author] Apr 7 @ 2:45pm 
I can understand someone not wanting the main theme to change. However short me uploading three separate mods just for that, you'll have to extract all three mods to mod folder and modify them. Easiest thing then is just to delete the music.asset and song.tx files for all three mods while leaving the specially named ones intact. Of course this means it'll be separate from the workshop so if you ever want updates you'd have to extract it whenever an update is made.

Personally I'd normally never change the main menu music but the World at War theme is too good and based on the greatest WW2 documentary series.
Bex Apr 6 @ 5:36pm 
Great music mod, I'm surprised that the series you have is not much higher up the list. I have a question though. So I love the default themes in vanilla and mods, I don't like the main theme to be changed or altered with, is there any way I can use this music mod pack without having the default intro theme changed?
Arthur Percival  [author] Mar 25 @ 9:52pm 
All of them work together. And yes, I've watched that documentary. Just all about the American experience though. World at War is good for the British.