Chris   New Zealand
Casual mod'er, life long gamer.

Former Clan Leader of Sharp-Shooters-Clan, & its founder, a 200+ strong community in New Zealand.

Also founder of NZ's first airsoft club & founder & first President of the National Airsoft Society in New Zealand.

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Mods taken the wrong way....
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RodentDung Jul 7 @ 12:25am 
I made a mistake. My workshop content for HOI4 total d/l was 188MB which is almost all your mod stuff.
ADLER Jul 6 @ 11:49pm 
Don't run them all at the same time, you will get conflicts.

Do enjoy!
RodentDung Jul 6 @ 11:38pm 
Thank you ADLER for mods. I like Germany.
Fun fact: I just discovered your goods and am d/l all of them at once and they are 2.4GB which is the same size as the base game.

How do you like NZ?
Amita Jun 29 @ 11:36pm 
I need your help
carmine69 Jun 27 @ 5:19am 
oh ok, lol i am familiar with that kind of luck doing or going somewhere the same time as something significant happens, well I hope you enjoyed your trip
ADLER Jun 26 @ 12:25pm 
Yes, I have been in a camper van trip around NZ for a month, I left the day they updated. I will update when I return in early July.