Chris   New Zealand
Casual mod'er, life long gamer.

Former Clan Leader of SS-Clan, & its founder, a 200+ strong community in New Zealand.

Also founder of NZ's first airsoft club & founder & first President of the National Airsoft Society in New Zealand.

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God bless that Jagd.Tiger! It held the line!
ADLER Oct 9 @ 5:08pm 
Not my mod
TheClosetMonster Oct 9 @ 1:55pm 
hey whatever happened to that mod you made called "Die Wehrmacht"? Was it taken down?
V4Victrix Sep 27 @ 9:42am 
Thank you very much Adler, I will email you then at the end of the month.
ADLER Sep 27 @ 8:51am 
I am taking a good holiday from work st the end of the month, so should be open for some recreational modding around then. Email me at & we can flesh out the details before then.
V4Victrix Sep 26 @ 8:12pm 
Hello Adler, are you taking request (and of course Payment) for Custom Civs at the moment? If so, please contact me at your convenience so we can work out the details and payment. Thank you, V4Victrix
ADLER Sep 26 @ 1:30pm 
Civ6? No I don’t sorry.