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[WOTC] Advent Psi Ops
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[WOTC] Advent Psi Ops

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-- Advent Psi Ops --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Nekoworkshop --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 --
-- Reveal Animations : Robojumper --

This mod offers a new Advent unit called the Advent Psi Ops. There will be multiple classes when all is said and done.

The Advent Psi Ops is an Elite Psi Commando team put together to not only hunt XCom but to try and counter other units such as the Reapers, Templars and Skirmishers.

Wraith Commando: This unit was designed to be an Advent "Templar-like" unit. While not as strong as a true Templar unit, the Elders have granted limited Psi power to a small handful of these Advent.

WraithM1: Bladestorm, Rend, Lightning Reflexes, WallPhasing, Sustain and Immune to Fire and Melee.

WraithM2: Bladestorm, Rend, Lightning Reflexes, WallPhasing, Sustain, Deflect, Return Fire and Immune to Fire and Melee.

WraithM3: Bladestorm, Rend, Lightning Reflexes, Wall Phasing, Sustain, Deflect, Reflect, Wraith Invert, Return Fire and Immune to Fire and Melee.

The Wraith Commando has its own Templar Invert that the M3(late game unit) gets. And will use this to pull soldiers out of cover and switch positions with, to get closer to other soldiers for a rend attack. While pulling that soldier out into a more vulnerable position for other enemy units to flank.

Some Wraiths might try to shoot and or rush right for you on Reveal so be ready!!

At time of death, the Elders will take back their Psi gifts, leaving nothing but a dead Advent Trooper corpse for XCom to recover.

The Wraith M1 and M2 have a small % chance to drop Wraith Vests when killed. The Wraith Vest grants Lightning Reflexes, Wall Phasing, +1 HP and immunity to Panic.

The Wraith M3 has a small chance to drop Wraith Suits.

CHANGE TO WALL PHASING for both the Wraith Vest and base game Wraith Suits. The Wraith ability (Wall Phasing) no longer gives 2 charges for use. The ability is now on a cooldown. When used it is active for 2 turns and has a 4 turn cooldown.

However, our info on these units is limited at this time. We will update you as the info is decoded.

Raptor Commando: No Info at this time.

Destroyer Commando: No info at this time.

Unknown unit: No name nor info at this time.


Some contents of this mod are the intellectual property of EA and Bioware from the Mass Effect Universe. This is just a fan mod made out of pure love and passion. No copyright infringement intended!

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Feb 22 @ 3:05pm
Template for the opponent.
Feb 21 @ 11:36pm
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Starknight'Renegade Mar 12 @ 7:15am 
I...want this armor! Can you make it availbe for Custom Creation? I want to make my Cerberus Commando!
david.lin330 Mar 4 @ 10:59pm 
Yes I'm in the middle of game and sub to this mod. I'll go for try it again.
shadow79  [author] Mar 4 @ 5:19pm 
Did you sub to this mod mid game? If so, that could be why it's not working. Also go and clear you config folder then change to true to false.
david.lin330 Mar 4 @ 3:32pm 
Well here's my list :

I used word file to open the uc code.

CharTemplate.bCanBeTerrorist = true;
CharTemplate.bCanBeCriticallyWounded = false;
CharTemplate.bIsAfraidOfFire = false;
CharTemplate.bHideInShadowChamber = false;
CharTemplate.strScamperBT = "ScamperRoot_Wraith";

It dont have any changes above so I try another way :

CharTemplate = X2CharacterTemplate(DifficultyTemplate);
if ( CharTemplate != none )
CharTemplate.bHideInShadowChamber = false;

Still didnt work fine with it.
Also I download others mod which related to shadow chamber but do not have any changes.
shadow79  [author] Mar 4 @ 9:09am 
It is that simple. You're not doing something right. I have you all the info need to change it. And it really is that simple to just change it from True to False
david.lin330 Mar 4 @ 6:00am 
Sorry I test on whole day but he still didnt show up on my shadow chamber lmao
Haha it's not that simple.
david.lin330 Mar 2 @ 5:08pm 
Nice:D Finally I can find them out and take good care of them like my baby hehe. Very thankful^^
shadow79  [author] Mar 2 @ 4:53pm 
go to X2Character_Commandos.uc and look for this line under the Wraith M1, M2 and M3.....
CharTemplate.bHideInShadowChamber = true; Change true to false
david.lin330 Mar 2 @ 4:40pm 
Not really :D The reason I wanna predict to know them on shadow chamber just cuz I subscribed lots of new enemy type. Although I increase the spawn rate still have get low chances to see them in battle. I remember I rate one of ur mod named "Celatid" but they always spawn several units tho :D very different from Advent Psi. So I wanna make sure how could I make them showing up on shadow's chamber.
shadow79  [author] Mar 2 @ 4:18pm 
if you changed it to true and changed the encounterlists to a larger spawn rate,than you shouls be good