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[WOTC] Advent Psi Ops
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[WOTC] Advent Psi Ops

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CreativeXenos WOTC mod collection.
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-- Advent Psi Ops --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Nekoworkshop --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 --
-- Reveal Animations : Robojumper --

This mod offers a new Advent unit called the Advent Psi Ops. There will be multiple classes when all is said and done.

The Advent Psi Ops is an Elite Psi Commando team put together to not only hunt XCom but to try and counter other units such as the Reapers, Templars and Skirmishers.

Wraith Commando: This unit was designed to be an Advent "Templar-like" unit. While not as strong as a true Templar unit, the Elders have granted limited Psi power to a small handful of these Advent.

WraithM1: Bladestorm, Rend, Shadowstep, WallPhasing, Melee Resistance (-2) and Immune to Fire.

WraithM2: Bladestorm, Rend, Shadowstep, WallPhasing, Deflect, Return Fire, Melee Resistance (-2) and Immune to Fire.

WraithM3: Bladestorm, Rend, Shadowstep, Wall Phasing, Deflect, Reflect, Wraith Invert, Return Fire, Melee Resistance (-2) and Immune to Fire.

The Wraith Commando has its own Templar Invert that the M3(late game unit) gets. And will use this to pull soldiers out of cover and switch positions with, to get closer to other soldiers for a rend attack. While pulling that soldier out into a more vulnerable position for other enemy units to flank.

Some Wraiths might try to shoot and or rush right for you on Reveal so be ready!!

At time of death, the Elders will take back their Psi gifts, leaving nothing but a dead Advent Trooper corpse for XCom to recover.

The Wraith M1 and M2 have a small % chance to drop Wraith Vests when killed. The Wraith Vest grants Lightning Reflexes, Wall Phasing, +1 HP and immunity to Panic.

The Wraith M3 has a small chance to drop Wraith Suits.

CHANGE TO WALL PHASING for both the Wraith Vest and base game Wraith Suits. The Wraith ability (Wall Phasing) no longer gives 2 charges for use. The ability is now on a cooldown. When used it is active for 2 turns and has a 4 turn cooldown.

Raptor Commando: This unit is the weaker of the Adv Psi Ops units but is also the Sniper of the unit. He will stand off and or use his jump pack to get to spots where he can try and hit you from the best vantage point.

Raptor CommandoM1: SquadSight, Longwatch, Sustain, Jump(jetpack), Demolition Shot, 12 tile detection radius (Raptors have keen eye sight) and immune to Fire

Raptor CommandoM2: SquadSight, Longwatch, Sustain, Jump(jetpack), Demolition Shot, Soul Harvest, 14 tile detection radius (Raptors have keen eye sight) and immune to Fire

Raptor CommandoM3: SquadSight, Longwatch, Sustain, Jump(jetpack), Demolition Shot, Soul Harvest, Banish, 16 tile detection radius (Raptors have keen eye sight) and immune to Fire

Phase Drone: The Phase dron is not strong on HP but it is quick, agile and has a much larger detection radius. Perfect for spotting hidden soldier and more so, your Reapers. The Phase Drone has a Beam weapon and a Micro Missile Launcher as well as can Mark Targets. And it gets its name from the ability to hunt for you while phasing through walls.

Phase DroneM1/M2/M3: Mark Target, Beam weapon, Micro Missile, Wall Phasing and detection of 15 tiles.

There is a small 25% chance that when destroyed, the Phase Drone might have a wreck that can be salvaged. If so and collected, you can rebuild it and use it for yourself. (CORPSE PICTURE IS A TEMP PIC FOR NOW)

Destroyer Commando: The Destroyer Commando is the power house of the unit. Has the most HP, can cast his own form of shield much like a Shieldbearer. Unlike the Shieldbearer's shield, the Destroyer's reashes out farther and generats 2/4/6 shields (based on tier 1-3) on all allies in the target area. The Destroyer also has kinetic plating that generats more shilding on himself if you shoot at and miss him. This is 1/2/3 (based on tier). He also has a Psi pull ability that allows him to pull you out of cover and slash you with his psi blades, much like a Skirmisher can.

DestroyerM1: Commando Energy Shield, Commando Kinetic Plating, Destroyer Pull and immune to Fire

DestroyerM2: Commando Energy ShieldMk2, Commando Kinetic PlatingMk2, Destroyer Pull and immune to Fire

DestroyerM3: Commando Energy ShieldMk3, Commando Kinetic PlatingMk3, Destroyer Pull and immune to Fire


Some contents of this mod are the intellectual property of EA and Bioware from the Mass Effect Universe. This is just a fan mod made out of pure love and passion. No copyright infringement intended!

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Sorry Charlie 23 hours ago 
Would commenting out all related entries in the XComEncounterLists.ini excise a particular enemy from this (or any other similar) pack? Or would that cause crashes?
Piranha Nov 13 @ 11:23am 
Pretty badass looking enemies, provide a nice tough challenge. The commander looks especially sick. Much of their scary nature comes from the number of aces up their sleeves they seem to have. Though, they are WAY overtuned for how early you start meeting them. The rest of the aliens are trash compared to them, which I wouldn't mind if it weren't considering WHEN you started meeting them. Imo, there should be some turning down the sheer number of abilities they have or adjusting their power level (pistols that deal more damage than player primary weapons? wut). Maybe pushing them to a bit later in the game so that they can provide a challenge when the player has plasma weapons instead.
lightly fried fish fillets Nov 10 @ 11:59pm 
Alright, but it a cool looking mods, looking forward to your other mods man!
MrShadowCX  [author] Nov 10 @ 6:36pm 
Weapons probably not. As they use Chosen style weapons. Which the layer can get in other mods. Cosmetic looks, maybe but not on the current to do list. Many other mods in the works.
lightly fried fish fillets Nov 10 @ 6:29pm 
That's a shame, but are you planning to say, create weapons and allow for us to have the cosmetics of the enemies later on then?
MrShadowCX  [author] Nov 10 @ 3:59pm 
as of right now, this mod allowes you to build your own Psi Drones if you get the wreck "corpse". The Psi Ops Wraith can drop Wraith Vests and later Wraith Suits. Thats it as of right now.
Kell the Hobo Nov 10 @ 1:45pm 
i don't believe so, but if it did it would be awesome
lightly fried fish fillets Nov 7 @ 9:30pm 
So does this mod gives you any gears or weapons from the enemies, and cosmetics too even?
Hohen Oct 31 @ 6:52am 
Is it possible to give the Destroyer shield some sort of graphic like the Shieldbreaker's?
MrShadowCX  [author] Oct 24 @ 4:26pm 
i guess it could have but dont see how. Try to unsub and resub, clean your config folder as well...Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\XComGame\Config and delete the whole config folder. On game start up, the game will rebuild a new clean folder. Some times, old mods, introductions to new mod and so on, leave old files or add files that can mess with other mods.