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Old World Blues - Music
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Feb 16, 2018 @ 10:58am
Sep 1, 2019 @ 3:13pm
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Old World Blues - Music

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1.1 Update:
-Music options now done via decisions
-10 new peacetime ambient songs
-7 new wartime ambient songs

1.1.1 Update:
-Added dependencies in order to allow language translation mods to work properly

1.2 Update:
- Version updates to 1.6.*
- Added all ambient songs from FO1, FO2, and FO:NV
- Set up triggers for all ambient songs; songs are now more exclusive to specific countries, country types, and/or tech level.
- All songs are now named with their origin game in the title for easy reference.
- Theme changed to 'Khans of New California'.
1.3 Update:
- Added new songs from in-house by Skip
1.3.1 Update:
- Added missing songs
- Removed annoying violin music that nobody likes

2.0 Update:
- Revamped all systems to the 1.7 Hydra update
- Added the following new stations:
- Fallout 1 OST
- Fallout 2 OST
- Fallout 3 OST
- Fallout New Vegas OST
-Fallout 3 Radio
- Fallout NV Radio
- Fallout 4 Radio
- Enclave Radio
- Removed outdated decisions for music

2.1 Update:
- Added 12 new original songs for Mexico, including a new main theme!
This is the music portion of the Old World Blues mod. It adds a radio which allows you to change your music settings on the fly for each country to enable/disable certain categories.

Much of the original extraction and localisation of songs was done originally by Xylozi in his EU4 mod, while he was on the team. Link to their workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103580940&searchtext=fallout

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ecnahc Oct 24 @ 8:25pm 
The new mod does not have the Fallout Radio music. Only the ambient sounds. Nobody wants to hear the ambient sounds.
dexter Oct 23 @ 3:24am 
The developers made a new music mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2051348857 go download it instead
IrateJames Jul 2 @ 8:22am 
QBall Jun 15 @ 5:54pm 
This is obsolete now
MepShleplDeRp May 16 @ 5:08pm 
can you update the mod to make compatible 1.9.2 as i use this in vanilla
RPS Apr 29 @ 9:20am 
@fro Well, you can extract the songs from the sound files.
fro Apr 21 @ 9:03pm 
Your songs on YT were deleted, is there another way I can listen to your custom tracks outside of the game?
北海沧龍 Apr 21 @ 4:18am 
Can i get caps by input coed?
the witch  [author] Apr 11 @ 3:18am 
@the_levy - The new mod has tracks from the games Old World Blues currently covers and will expand as the base mod does.

The Symphonic tracks are now in the *base* Old World Blues mod instead.
the_jevry Apr 10 @ 3:54pm 
Why is this music mod abandoned though. the new mod has different songs and is missing the tracks made by symphonic. 😣