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Improved Division Designer
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Dec 23, 2017 @ 1:34am
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Improved Division Designer

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Improved Division Designer

Version 2.1.0 "Lolipop"
Released: 14/03/2018

What does this mod do?

This mod removes limits on your eyes and your gameplay in Hearts of Iron IV.
What does that mean? It means that this mod changes the "look" and "feel" of the division designer as well as its' functionality.
Now, like in some large mods like BICE, you can take advantage of up to 10 Support Battalions / Companies (instead of the Vanilla 5).

So why would I want this mod? (AKA: I don't play modded HOI4)

3 Reasons:
  1. You want to make divisions that are more historically accurate without ruining your gameplay (by using additional frontline / combat units).
  2. You want more flexibility when you're playing HOI4 and hate limitations that the game devs placed on your division designs by default.
  3. You want a division designer that looks and feels better (more of a subjective reason, I know, but you know it looks pretty nice VS default HOI4).

Why did you not add more space for combat / frontline units?

Units with over 40 Combat Width in HOI4 are usually quite impractical. That's pretty much it.
On the contrary, having over 5 Support Battalions / Companies can actually be quite useful (especially in late game).


This mod should work with any other mod that does not edit the division designer.
Also, see Known Issues.

Known Issues
    None to date.

Having trouble using MPU Division Icons? Use this.
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CRO-TGN  [author] Sep 16 @ 12:08pm 
not really sure to what extent you can mod hoi4 anymore, been busy with other things!
Trooper 1139 Sep 16 @ 10:59am 
in the mod can you make forgin units? like adding a flag to a unit and calling it a deanish ss division for example? just a thought i had
Ellis Sep 14 @ 10:55am 
Ok, found the problem. IDD seems to have a problem with MPU Theatre Icons (L) - NATO like counters. I tried the smaller size version and now IDD works just fine without any problems. Not sure why the larger Theatre Icons cause the template tab to break..
Ellis Sep 14 @ 10:25am 
The Unit Details window is bugged. The Template tab doesn't resize or scale correctly, so the ORBAT ends up getting completely overlapped by the equipment list on the right hand side.
Pzschtz Andersen.23PzD Sep 14 @ 5:23am 
too bad I can't see the right screen to see what is being added, improved or reduced.
JacenHawk Sep 4 @ 9:03am 
Is this compatible with Road to 56?(I am unsure if ti messes with the division designer)
Comrade Stalin Sep 4 @ 6:22am 
Does this work with Kaiserreich?
CRO-TGN  [author] Aug 30 @ 11:59am 
That's odd, at this current point in time, if I update any of my mods I'm probably just going to completely redo them to work with the next major version of HOI4 so that crashes are not possible.
Lopus Aug 30 @ 9:34am 
LOL @Recent Rabbit, my bad, it seems I modded my version of this mod to update it to avoid crashing. I sent that to CRO-TGN already but it seems he never updated the version here.
nordstern Aug 30 @ 3:06am 
Can you make a mod which bigger divisions? not only more supportunits? I tried to make 80er divisions. I want to play without the battleplans. Its aweful to use them. With 80-divisions its more easy to play manual.

But when i change it, to 6x6 instead of 5x5 it is out of the window. Maybe you can make such a mod.