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Great croatian song - Evo zore, evo dana
Extorsionz Apr 9 @ 3:43am 
+rep he let me eat his ass for $2
:GERMANREICH: I swear by almighty God that I will be loyal, brave and obedient to my superiors, that I will stand in common struggle with the German armed forces, which stand under the command of the leader of Greater Germany, SS troops and police against bandits and communists and their allies, this duty I will carry out conscientiously for my Slovenian homeland as part of a free Europe. For this struggle I am also ready to sacrifice my life. So help me God! - Promise from members who joined Slovene Home Guard (Slovenia) :GERMANREICH:
:csgostar: +rep really looks very nice croatian friend and well cool amazing talkstive person, im glad about that, i hope we can be great friends! glory for croatia and brazil! :csgostar: :v:
Party of ancient egyptians's ideology:
Ancient Egyptian's policy
Ultra Nationalism Egyptian
Clerical fascism
Old Religion of egyptian paganism (Kemetism)
Monarchism (Pharaoh)
Helghan empire is right now allied with Ustaše in 2048 when they make war with communists and isis etc